Do You Tip Target Drive Up In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

Target is undoubtedly America’s favorite shopping destination. With thousands of locations, and an even greater number of deals available to avid shoppers, Target is a great place to pick up all your essentials.

However, Target Drive Up is a service that Target offers to help customers with their shopping needs.

How do you tip Target Drive Up? This is what I found out about the subject.

Are You Using Tip Target to Motivate Employees?

Target doesn’t make it clear whether tipping is allowed, however employees at the stores won’t take any additional money to get around any managerial issues.

Target’s tip policy for Drive Up is also non-specific, but customers can ask the employee to accept a tip for their effort.

Target’s Drive Up is an additional step that allows employees to load cars, so it’s nice to tip your assistant.

Particularly during busy times when many curbside orders can be placed in a single day.

Do You Tip Target Drive Up In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

Target Cars: How Much Do You Have to Tip Up?

Tipping is a confusing topic. Experts recommend that curb service or delivery tips be correlated with how big your order.

The tip should average between 10% and 20% or $5 in most instances.

  • If your order contained heavy, bulky, or difficult items, tipping more might be a good idea to show appreciation.
  • What percentage of the tips do Target Drive-Up employees receive?

    Target does not have contingencies regarding customer tips such as percentage or commission splits.

    Therefore, if you choose to tip the employee who assisted you with your Drive Up order, they will keep the entire total.

    To make shopping easier, it is a good idea to tip your assistant with cash.

    Do You Tip Target Drive Up In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

    What’s Target Drive Up?

    Target Drive Up offers curbside pick-up and loading to allow you contactless shopping. Target staff will prepare your Target order for you. Once it is packed, the employee will bring it back to the location.

    Target employees will securely pack the items in your order and then you can go home without needing to visit the Target store or pay shipping fees.

    Target Drive Up:

    Target Drive Up allows you to order on demand and have your orders picked up the next day. It is simple to use. Customers can order products on or through the Target smartphone app, selecting Drive Up as the free method of delivery.

    Your items will typically be ready for pick up within 2 hours, but the busyness of the location may alter that timeframe. The item will be delivered to you via email when it’s ready.

    Do You Tip Target Drive Up In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

    Are there any fees for Target Drive-Up?

    There is no cost. Target’s Drive Up is free to customers.

    This curbside service, which is free to use, does away with shipping fees that can be incurred when you order from Everything you need to order is included in the price.

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  • Conclusion
  • Target Drive Up employees providing this service should be thanked by customers. Target doesn’t enforce any tipping policies for Drive Up employees but employees may refuse.

    Cash tips are generally between 10%-20% of the total amount for your order. If your order is particularly hard to get out or stowaway, you can request more.

    Is it possible for Target Employees to accept tips?

    Shoppers do accept tips! You can rate the shopper and leave a review if you are satisfied with the service. While shoppers get 100 percent of their tips and all feedback other than ratings is anonymous. Visit Target.

    How do you tip your grocery store?

    Curbside Pickup, do you tip? You do not have to. And in fact, MANY stores will not allow their workers to take tips. Only one exception to this rule is when a grocery store uses Instacart for their pickup service – in that case, workers can accept tips. Jan 18, 2022

    .Do You Tip Target Drive Up In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

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