Target Returns Hours & What To Do Outside These Times (2022)

Target is a great place to shop if you have recently purchased something that you regret.

  • Target’s returns policy is very clear and there are specific times you can return your products. Here’s my research.
  • Target Return Hours In 2022
  • Target offers customers the ability to return items through Target Guest Services from 7am-10pm Monday-Saturday and 8am-9pm Sunday. You can find the Target Store Locator on These hours are subject to change from store-to-store and may also be affected by holiday hours.

  • Continue reading for additional tips and information, such as when to return items.
  • Target Returns Hours & What To Do Outside These Times (2022)

    When is the best time for a return to target

    Target is most likely to accept returns during the off-peak hours or times when it’s less busy.

    As there are fewer customers in the store you will avoid lengthy queues and staff will have less to do to help with your return.

    If the Guest Services Desk is nearing its closing time, you should not attempt to make any return.

    It’s fairer to the staff as they have to adhere to store policy to close on time, and it can save you the stress of being told to come back the next day.

    Can I Return Items Outside Of The Target Guest Services Hours?

    Target Stores prefer that you return all items to their Guest Services Desks. If you’re making an in-store purchase, these personnel will be able to assist with any questions.

    You may still be able ask the cashier at Target for help, depending on where you are located. However, this isn’t recommended because these employees may not have any experience with handling returns (new hires, for instance).

    Target employees can be of assistance if you need them, since they are known for being extremely helpful.

    Target Returns Hours & What To Do Outside These Times (2022)

    Do I Have To Return Products To The Same Target?

    Your purchase does not need to be returned to the Target where you purchased it.

    If you can provide proof of purchase such as receipt, packing slip or invoice (or other documentation that proves the authenticity), then it is possible to return your items at any Target store. Target can accept returns if you provide proof of purchase such as receipts or packing slips.

    What is the best way to return items to Target?

    Target claims that you can return most products within 90 days from the date of purchase.

    All items must be in new condition. Refunds or exchanges will not be granted for opened products.

    This will depend on the item in question; if you are unsure, please contact your local store or ask at Guest Services.

    Target sells some items with a modified return policy. This is indicated on the item’s receipt or packing slip. Be sure to keep your receipts handy.

    Target Own Brand items can be returned within one-year of purchase if you aren’t satisfied with them.

    Target orders of electronics or entertainment must be returned in 30 days.

    You cannot return opened items, such as music, Blu-rays or DVDs or videos. However, you may be eligible to exchange the item in store for the identical title, or the same gaming platform.

    Target Returns Hours & What To Do Outside These Times (2022)

    Conclusion: Target’s Returns Hours

    Target’s returns hours are from 7AM to 10PM Monday through Saturday, and 8:30 to 9PM on Sunday. But, there may be some exceptions.

    To avoid stressful returns and busy times, it’s worth checking out your nearest store locator.

    Though Target may be able to accommodate returns outside of Guest Services, this is not recommended as staff may not be trained to assist you and it can be inconvenient for all parties involved.

    Is it too late to stop returning items at Target?

    Target returns hours range from 7AM to 10PM Monday through Saturday to 8AM to 9PM Sunday. Some stores might have other times.

    Are Targeted Open Returns Possible?

    Is it possible to return items that have been opened at Target? Target accepts opened merchandise. Target will replace or give you a refund if your item arrives within the return period of 90 days.

    What can I do to return something to Target? Guest Services is available at 1-800-591-3869. If you are able to find the item that interests you, Guest Services can place an exchange order and process your return.

    Target will allow me to return my clothes

    Target will accept returns on unused or unworn clothing up to 90-days after the purchase date. Customers must have their original receipt, valid proof of purchase, and any other documentation. Returns of clothes in good condition can also be made by customers without tags.

    .Target Returns Hours & What To Do Outside These Times (2022)

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