Tozo Nc9 Review

Tozo Nc9 Review

Tozo Nc9 Review

Review: Tozo nc9 – Amazing Performance and Simplicity

TOZO NC9 earphones, with the silicone tip included

We want to thank TOZO first for providing Headphonesty with the opportunity to test and review their TOZO NC9 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth TWS Stereo earphones. Before I reviewed the NC9, as is my practice, I didn't read reviews.

For the gym, for outside exercise, and at work Bluetooth earphones After doing comparison research I selected the TOZO 10s.

I was surprised at how well they turned out. I am sure that the NC9 will continue this trend with me. Was it surprising, you ask? Let's see… This review is entirely based upon real-world testing and usage, not an in depth technical analysis. Other than TOZO providing little public technical detail, these are not TWS earphones aimed at high budget audiophiles who may believe that higher cost = higher quality. ToZO NC9 I think the TOZO NC9's price is very impressive. It easily rivals TWS earphones that cost 2x as much or more. These are, as of the time of this writing, my new daily 'go-to go-everywhere' TWS earphones.

Tozo Nc9 Review


TOZO T6 Truly Wireless reviewed TOZO NC9 Truly Wireless TOZO T6 Truly Wireless TOZO NC9 Truly Wireless. They have very similar performances. The NC9 has a slightly better ability to block out background noises, such as bus or plane engine engines, thanks to the ANC technology. T6 are slightly more leaky and have longer battery lives.


Tozo Nc9 Review


Review: Tozo Nc9 – Exceptional Performance And Simplicity

">Tozo Nc9 Review

Tozo NC9 Bluetooth headphones is the newest Bluetooth earbuds. TOZO markets the NC9, which is made in the USA.

TOZO sells many electronic products, especially headphones.

Tozo NC9 reviews will review the features to determine whether they're worth it.


Tozo Nc9 Review

Do I Need to Buy These?

Tozo NC9 Bluetooth headphones are a great choice for those who want to save money on Bluetooth earbuds. They have excellent sound quality and noise cancelling, as well as long lasting battery life. They are one of the best products currently available on Amazon with hundreds of positive reviews from happy customers.

Although they are more expensive than many other headphones on the market today, their sound quality is just as great. These headphones are affordable and can be used by people who aren't looking to spend a lot but want great quality sound, comfort, noise cancellation, and excellent sound quality.


Tozo Nc9 Review


The TOZO NC9 headphones are a great choice for those who value sound quality, comfort, and noise cancelling but don't wish to invest too much. They are reasonably priced, and they have hundreds of positive reviews from happy customers, so I recommend you purchase them if you want good wireless earbuds for everyday use.

[(Active Noise Cancellation)] Hybrid 3 layer Active Noise…

Transparent Mode: You hear exactly what you need to hear.

[(Built-in Dual Noise Cancelling Microphone)] Double microphone…

[(One-step Pairing)] Pick up the two headsets from the charging…

Tozo NC9 wireless headphones can be used for more than a decade [Charge on The Go]

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Tozo Nc9 Review

Tozo Nc9 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

TOZO sound equipment manufacturer is well-respected. Their TOZO T12 Wireless Earbuds have been reviewed in the past and they were very impressed. First thing that we saw when the TOZO NC9 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds opened was their ergonomics. The long, narrow stems of the buds fit well into your ear canals and are ergonomically designed. The stems are strong enough to keep the buds in place even while you're physically active. Of course, a secure fit depends on using the correct set of ear tips. Thankfully, the NC9 box includes three extra sets in different sizes, so you're almost guaranteed to be comfortable.

The ergonomics of the NC9 earbuds are further improved by small earbud shells. These earbuds don't get stuck to your ear because they are so compact. This eliminates a major source of discomfort. The bud's back has a button with a soft touch for simple operation. There are buttons on each side that allow you to skip tracks and play or pause your music. Answer or end calls as well as activate the voice assistant. The NC9 buds have an IPX6 water resistance rating. This means that they can tolerate submersion. But they are able to tolerate all other conditions. They'll come out of the shower just fine, even if they are worn in the bath.

The charging case is constructed from a matte black ABS plastic, with an attractive silver ring around the opening. It is made from a sturdy clamshell material and has spring-loaded locks for added security. A small groove under the lid makes it simple to snap open with one thumb. Underneath, you'll find a row of four white LED lights, which display the current battery level. Along with the case, you get a USB Type-C charging cable. This cable connects to the USB Type-C port located in the back.


Tozo Nc9 Review

Final Verdict

You can clearly see that the only thing that distinguishes these earbuds from each other is their physical design. There are some other aspects that should be considered. Let's look back at the information we learned. First, we looked at the TOZO NC9 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds . The buds provide great ergonomics and a deep in-ear fit. The buds also feature a secure design that won't easily fall out of your ears during activity. Considering TOZO's advertisement, the battery life was not satisfactory. However, the audio quality was exceptional and we received better call quality than we anticipated.

Tao. Tronics Sound. Liberty 88 True Wireless Earbuds come in a straightforward Air design. Pod-style design. On the one hand, this offers more comfort for people with sensitive ear canals. On the other hand, the fit by its very nature isn't terribly secure. Battery life was comparable to the TOZO, but performed as advertised. It was almost identical in sound quality. The built-in accelerometers as well as the improved hands-free call were greatly appreciated.

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Tozo Nc9 Review

20Decebel/Tozo Nc9 Vs Tronsmart Apollo Bold

Tronsmart Apollo Bold (left), and ZEN 233621 (right). As of July 2020, there is a $90 Tronsmart Apollo Bold. This model is also available in ZEN233621 ANC. But it comes with worse touch controls.

While Ambient Mode and Tozo NC9 are comparable, ANC active cancellation is a bit better than the 20Decebel/ Tozo NC9. Since the earbuds are designed to fit your ears perfectly, they can block out a great deal of noise. The Apollo Bold/63321 is able to hear louder sounds like children and birds. Additionally, there is less white noise in the 20Decebel which helps noise-canceling feel natural. The difference is not significant, but the Tozo NC9/20 Decebel still has an edge.

Both rivals have warm and rich sounds with powerful boosted bass. Tozo NC9/ 20Decebel controls the bass more effectively, while the Apollo/ 233621 is able to be louder in the lows. 20Decebel has more impact. They have a quicker bass, and their upper-mids and vocals sound forward with more detail. Apollo Bold/633621 sounds less laid back, and has more distant vocals.

However, the Apollo Bold and 233621 ZEN provide better call quality than Tozo NC9 or 20Decebel. Tronsmart may not be for you, if that is important.

Tronsmart Apollo Bold/ ZEN 233621 ANC review


Tozo Nc9 Review

Tozo Nc9 Vs Boltune Anc Bt-Bh023

Just like the Tozo the Boltune ANC BH023 receives a lot of rave user reviews right away on Amazon. No wonder. It has a tinier part that goes in your ears, making it more comfortable than the Tozo/ 20 Decebel. You will find a deeper, more engaging sound with the same thumping highs as well as a richer midrange and highers. This newcomer is smoother and more darkened. Noise-canceling on the NC9/ 20Decebel is stronger. It blocks more low-frequency noises and filters more higher-pitched sounds as well. Boltune is also more visible in white noise, so it brings more tranquility to your thoughts than any of its competitors.

Tozo NC9 vs Apple Air. Tozo NC9 for $60 is the best deal, and it's cheaper than the Apple Air at $250. PodsPro. The Pods Pro offers superior passive noise isolation, strong ANC and more quiet than Apple's other alternative. It also reduces background sounds and incidents. Better call quality and multipoint-connection on Apple devices may still be reasons to go with the Air. Pods Pro, but you'll miss out on the more striking bass of the Tozo or 20 Decebel. The Pro's however have more details in the vocals and middles.

Apple Air. 20Decebel Vs Edifier WWS NB Pods PRO vs Cheap Wireless Earphones 20Decebel

The Edifier TWS NB had the title of the best ANC wireless earbuds on before, but sees itself beaten by the 20 Decebel/ Tozo NC9. The newer model is lighter, easier to use, and provides better noise isolation. This improves the ANC: the Edifier emits higher frequencies. However, the Edifier ambient mode proves to be more helpful than Voicetrough for newcomers. TWS NB's battery life is longer. While both earphones have warm, rich bass and sound, the Edifier's mid-tones are more prominent, and the Edifier can produce clearer and more nuanced vocals. Tozo NC9 has 20 Decebel/ Tozo NC9 awards for comfort and fit.

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Edifier TWS NB review


Tozo Nc9 Review

Tozo Nc9 vs MpowX3

Mpow releases ANC earphones. You can bet that it is an innovative model. However, the Mpow X3 noise cancelling is less effective than its rival. The X3 puts through more higher-pitched sounds like wind and brighter traffic noises, and there's a more noticeable white noise instead of a real silent effect. Mpow X3 delivers a highly entertaining listening experience with a booming, controlled bass and much clearer and more pronounced vocals. Call quality is also better than on the 20 Decebel/ Tozo NC9.

All TWS reviews and ratings here


Tozo Nc9 Review

Buy Tozo nc9/ Taotronics Soundliberty-94/ Dyplay Anc shield Pro

Dyplaying ANC Shield Pro for Amazon US Tozo NC9 Amazon US Tozo NC9 Amazon Germany Tozo NC9 Amazon other Amazon Stores 20Decebel. Express TaoTronics SoundLiberty 94 Amazon Germany Dyplay ANC Shield Pro Amazon US TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 Amazon Germany TozoNC9 To test and evaluate the Dyplay ANC Shield Pro, I was sent it by the manufacturer. I am completely independent of any commercial interest and my opinions are always honest. I test and review all audio products equally honest – read about it here Consider buying this earphone? Please use these links. You won't have to pay extra but I can use it as financial support for my continued quest for high-quality, affordable audio. <3 Also read:

Coumi ANC-860 wireless earphones review: Excellent sound and low ANC Mpow Mbits review: These earbuds are very affordable with great bass.


Do Tozo Nc9 Earbuds Have A Mic?

It is okay to use the TOZO NC9 for telephone calls. They are suitable for telephone calls.

Is Tozo A Good Earbud Brand?

Tozo T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds may not be Amazon’s best-selling earbuds. But they are the most well-reviewed. One thousand people gave the headphones five star reviews in 2018. This makes them more popular than the AirPods.

Is it possible to wear Tozo Nc9 in the shower?

Although they come with an IPX6 rating that means they can resist dust particles, sweat, and light rainfall, I do not recommend them for use in heavy rain, swimming, or while taking showers/baths.

How Does Tozo Connect To Nc9?

After removing the 2 earbuds, turn them on and then they'll connect automatically. (Pairing mode) Search for "TOZO NC9" and click on it.

.Tozo Nc9 Review