cooper tires review

Cooper Tires Review

18* Factory OEM Alloy Wheels Rims Fit Dodge Ram 2500/3500 275/70/18 Cooper Tires

18″ Factory Oem Alloy Wheels Rims Fit Dodge Ram 2500/3500 275/70/18 Cooper Tires


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4 Tires Cooper Discoverer SRX 265/65R17 112T AS A/S All Season

4 Tires Cooper Discoverer Srx 265/65R17 112T As A/S All Season

Brand New

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4 Tires Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT LT 31X10.50R15 109R C 6 Ply A/T All Terrain

4 Tires Cooper Discoverer At3 Xlt Lt 31X10.50R15 109R C 6 Ply A/T All Terrain

Brand New

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4 Tires Cooper Discoverer EnduraMax 225/55R19 99V A/S All Season

4 Tires Cooper Discoverer Enduramax 225/55R19 99V A/S All Season

Brand New

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4 Tires Cooper Discoverer SRX 245/60R18 105H A/S All Season

4 Tires Cooper Discoverer Srx 245/60R18 105H A/S All Season

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Cooper Tires Review

Snowy Roads

Cooper says that the Evolution H/T has some usable traction when there is light snow.

But like most all-season tires, its performance on roads covered with light snow or ice is disappointing.

Although it provides some traction, the handling of this tire isn’t as good as that of a winter tire. Its braking distance is also poor on snowy roads.

If you drive frequently on roads that are covered in ice and snow, it is highly recommended to purchase winter tires.

Overall, the Evolution H/T is a dependable all-season tire, which will get the job done efficiently. The performance of the Evolution H/T has improved significantly from the original version.


Despite appearing in 1914, Cooper is still a younger name than some of the leading US brands. However, this brand is undeniably a formidable competitor with names like Bridgestone, Goodyear, or Continental.

Cooper is a highly respected brand in America thanks to its efforts in balancing price, quality and reputation.

With the above information, you probably answer the question: Are Cooper tires any good? And to test for yourself the advantages that have been repeated about this brand that appeared in 1914, the next time you choose tires, consider products from Cooper.

If you have any questions related to this tire, don’t forget to leave a comment in the detailed article below for us to answer promptly.

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Cooper Tires Review

Long Tread Life

Cooper has worked hard to satisfy all its customers. Cooper strives to please all of its customers by making sure their tires last a long time without needing to be replaced.

Cooper tires offer superior tread compound, which are both very useful and cost-effective.

Cooper offers standard or premium warranties that protect buyers from loss.

It also offers a 45-day satisfaction guarantee on most tires. This is to ensure that the customer can make an informed decision about whether the tire is right for them.

Reliable Wet Traction

These ultra-high performance tires were specifically designed for summer use. And as you may expect, most of them will not provide any traction in wet conditions.

The Zeon RS3G1 however, tends to have a slightly different approach. The tread has four large circumferential grooves and 3D Micro-Gauge sipes.

These features combine to deliver dependable traction on wet conditions. These sipes have full depth so the tire can provide traction long after it wears out.

Overall, the Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 will be a great tire choice, if you drive a high-performance sedan or a coupe such as the Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Charger, Audi R8, BMW i8 or AMG GT Coupe, among others.

Cooper Tires Review

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Coupled Silica Compound

Ever wonder how all-season tires are able to provide grip on different roads and maintain a long life span? The rubber compound it uses is a major reason.

Cooper Tires knows the value of using high-grade silica compounds to guarantee satisfaction. Cooper Tires has created a chemically-coupled compound that can give the Cooper CS5 Grand Touring enhanced grip, low rolling resistance and long-lasting tread life.

This particular breakthrough technology reduces the tread block flexes as the tire rolls on the road; it means that the tire is more responsive and could provide the driver with a stable and high-speed cornering ability.

Cooper Tires Review

Discoverer At3 4S

The Discoverer AT3 4S all-terrain tire is named after its four season use.

Winter conditions are where the tire shines, however.

Most all-season tires tend to perform poorly in winter conditions. The Discoverer AT3 4S will ensure that your car has traction even in the winter.

Cooperas exclusive Adaptive-Traction Technology is included on this tire. This technology helps to ensure that the tire grips the ground firmly regardless of terrain and weather conditions.

This tire is capable of handling any terrain, including snowy, rainy, or rocky surfaces.

Cooper has also outfitted this tire with its Secure-Grip 5-rib all-terrain tread pattern, for enhanced traction on sand, mud, rock, dirt, gravel or any other off-road terrain.

This tire comes with a 65,000 mile treadlife guarantee, so you can be sure you get value for money.

Cooper’S Most Popular Tire Models

TireBuyer lists the following Cooper tires as some of its most highly-rated:

  • Cooper Zeon LTZ: A hybrid SUV and truck with an all-terrain design, the Cooper Zeon LTZ is for normal and off-road driving.
  • Cooper Evolution Tour: An all-season tire built for a comfortable driving feel with a long tread life and innovative safety features
  • Cooper Evolution Winter: A studdable winter tire designed for road noise reduction, low rolling resistance, and optimal braking in ice and snow

The Cooper tires have received an average of at least a 4.0 out of 5 rating from TireBuyer. This is a sign of customer satisfaction and popularity. They are highly regarded in the industry.

Cooper Tires provides a treadwear protection and a limited warranty on its tires. The limited warranty applies to replacement passenger and light truck tires under original ownership and replaces any defective Cooper tires before the tread wears out. Cooper treadwear protection varies based on the model, but its highest limit extends to 80,000 miles.

Cooper Tires Review

Cooper Tires Overview

Although Cooper Tires was started in 1914, it’s still considered one of the newer tire manufacturers in the industry. Although Cooper Tires was founded in 1914 to sell tire repairs and patches, it quickly grew into a major tire producer. Cooper Tires won original equipment (OE), tire contracts with Ford and Volkswagen in recent years.

While Cooper is not considered one of the big three tire brands – Michelin, Goodyear, and Bridgestone – it did account for almost five percent of North American tire sales in 2019. Cooper tires are considered some of the most affordable on the market. While other big-name brands can easily run upwards of $800 for a set of SUV tires, Cooper tires may only cost around $600, according to TireBuyer.

Cooper Tires manufactures products for automobiles, trucks, SUVs and minivans. It’s also an independent manufacturer, meaning that its products are only distributed through independent dealerships, some regional and national retailers, and wholesale websites. Cooper tires can be difficult to find sometimes because of this.

Snow/Ice Performance

The tire you install on your SUV must be safe for driving on ice and snow. So now, how does the Cooper CS5 Grand Touring perform on ice and snow?

This tire promises to provide a good grip on ice or snow. This tire is designed for winter conditions so it should offer good traction. These road conditions are made possible by the tread design and silica compound.

It can handle extreme wintry conditions. Well, this tire is probably not the best option if you frequently drive on extremely icy or snowy roads. The tire can handle light snow and ice, but it cannot deal with extreme winter conditions.

Cooper Tires Review


The best thing about a product is its price. Online discounts can help you save between $100 and $200. Even the initial prices for these tires can be too low compared with the higher quality, more advanced products on the current market.

Cooper Tour Evolution tires are ours and we have driven over 40,000 miles without feeling any discomfort. Our journey with Cooper Tour Evolution tires will continue to be longer in the future.

With Cooper Discoverer A / T3 XLT tires, the most impressive point is the ability to operate smoothly in all-terrain conditions. Especially for the first time driving, We were so surprised that we had to open the window to check the road below because we could barely hear any annoying sounds.

Dry Roads Performance

Like how the Cooper CS5 Grand Touring performs on wet roads, this tire provides exemplary performance on dry roads. The tire manufacturer has managed to balance the tire’s performance on dry and wet roads. This balanced performance makes the tire one of the most reliable budget tires in the market.

Performance is determined by the construction and materials used to make a tire. Cooper Tires is proud to say that Cooper CS5 Grand Touring’s performance has been maintained by using an innovative compound which was molded into an outstanding tread. It also includes additional technological features like the StabilEdge, 3D Micro-Gauge Siping and other advanced compounds.

You might also be curious to know if the tire is noisy when driving on dry roads. Reviews and tests of this tire reveal that it provides a quiet ride. While tire noise might not seem to be an issue for many, this added benefit could make a difference in your decision about which type of tire you should get.

Cooper Tires Review

What Are The Qualities Of The Cooper Discoverer At3 Lt?

Durable tread technology is the most important feature. This allows drivers to handle dirt, mud and gravel on suburban roads, without damaging tires. Silica compound and next-generation tread patterns safeguard tires from damage.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT tire features Even Wear Arc Technology, which balances pressure as the tread contacts the road. Drivers enjoy a smooth ride and handling.

In addition to this, the tire uses whisper grooves technology to ensure quiet rides on highways. Tires can also be fitted with stone ejector platforms that help prevent stone drilling-related blowout.

The AT3 LT tires have a 2-ply nylon casing. You get a single-ply above two sturdy steel belts improving durability and handling of tires.

How Is It Over Wet And Slippery Roads?

Like I mentioned above, all-terrain tires provide good traction on different surfaces.

However, they are not suitable for those who drive only on off-roads or highways. It might not suit you if your driving habits are primarily on slippery and wet roads.

Rain tires are essential for drivers who regularly deal with wet roads or aggressive conditions.

Since all-terrain tires have distinct tread compounds and tread voids, they are not as good as high-performing winter tires for wet conditions.

However, it does not mean that Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT tires will not give you traction in wet conditions. At3 LT tires have well-defined, deeper treads that transmit water well and provide a good grip.

My vehicle was driven on a wet roadway with the AT3 LT tires. I had excellent control. Though I was driving in standing water, I did not experience hydroplaning.

What surprised me the most was that the tires did not lose contact with the road. All credit goes to their wet traction.

So I can confidently state that the tire will perform well even in a heavy rainstorm with a lot of standing water.

However, it is not the replacement for tires specially designed for extreme wet conditions. Non-directional tread patterns are available for all-terrain tires. They are suitable for mildly slippery roads. However, a Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S tire is slightly more suitable for wet conditions.

The company claims that the tire will stop at least 10 feet faster on wet roads. And I can say that the company keeps its word.

Wet roads can increase your stopping distance by up to two times. Nevertheless, with AT3 LT tires, the difference would be negligible.

I had remarkable braking experience in wet and slippery conditions. However, due to poor road conditions, my SUVs speed was around 43 mph at the time.

Individuals who drive at high speed may notice a slight increase in stopping distance on wet roads. Maybe when they are at 60 mph or higher.

Cooper Tires Review

Cooper Discoverer True North: Winter Tires For Passenger Cars And Suvs


  • Speed ratings for high T and high H
  • Confortable


  • Not good under wet braking
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Average dry braking

In line with most winter tires, the wet braking aspect is sacrificed for snow traction and ice braking, but that’s what you need in a winter tire. In addition, True North tires handle well and are comfortable, but the i*Cept iZ2 almost matches these pros, but also has excellent rolling resistance, making it better for the planet and your wallet. This would give the i*Cept iZ2 an edge, if not for its poor handling. Your preference for comfort and performance over cost is the final decision.

Best Cooper Winter Tires

Cooper Weather-Master S/T 2

The Cooper Weather-Master S/T2 has a good mix of safety, comfort and performance. This tire is easily studdable, so you can use it on both light trucks and SUVs. This tire has a very good grip in both wet and snowy conditions and it doesn’t produce loud road noise while driving.

Cooper Tires Review

High Quality Ride

The CS5 Ultra Touring offers a smooth, comfortable and refined riding experience. Road noise is minimal, even when you are driving on uneven surfaces.

So, if a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride is a priority, then the CS5 Ultra Touring will be perfectly suited to your driving needs.

Guarantees And Warranties

Cooper backs its tires with several warranties and guarantees. To qualify for these warranties and guarantees, the tires must be purchased new. You must also provide proof of purchase to qualify for the warranty.

Also, they must be used on the vehicle where they were installed originally. Some of the companyas warranties and guarantees include:

Cooper Tires Review

Cooper Discoverer At3 Lt All-Season Lt265/70R17 121/118S

Cooper Discoverer can be used on your light trucks and SUVs. Designed to tackle all kinds of terrains including mud. Can be used all year round without any issues at all. It is durable enough to be used for long hauling.

Specifications about this kind are given below:

  • 3195 Pounds load capacity
  • Tire aspect ratio 70
  • Size: LT265/70R17
  • Rim size 17 inches

Quiet And Comfortable Ride

Comfortable touring tires are essential. Cooper Evolution Tour does not disappoint. The Cooper Evolution Tour is designed for a comfortable, relaxing and smooth ride.

Even when driving on uneven roads, the ride is extremely comfortable and smooth. Furthermore, road noise is perfectly suppressed. Overall, itas one of the best tires when it comes to ride comfort in its class.

Cooper Tires Review

Cooper Evolution H/T

The Cooper Evolution H/T is an all-season highway tire, designed for SUVs, crossovers and light-duty trucks. How does the tire do in various terrains and conditions?

Does it work well for off-roading?

The Discoverer M+S is generally a very poor off-roader. However, there are some instances where it might be useful.

Most roads are fine with shallow mud and dirt roads, but they have limited performance. It won’t disappoint if you don’t ask too much.

On the other hand, there is something to keep in mind. Road tires aren’t designed as tough as off-road ones, meaning that sharper rocks may damage the tread, leading to uneven wear.

Cooper Tires Review

Minimal Road Noise

While itas almost impossible to eliminate road noise completely, Cooperas Zeon RS3-G1 does a great job to deliver a quiet ride.

Drivers who have used this tire claim that its levels or road noise are almost comparable to those of touring tires, which is no mean achievement.

So, if you are looking for a sporty tire that will give you a comfortable, smooth and quiet ride, then you should check out the Zeon RS3-G1.


It is an indicator of quality that a company can make a product over 100 years. Many businesses have been destroyed by the passage of time and shifting markets, but one thing is certain: quality is directly correlated with long-term success. You can be sure that the Cooper tire you choose is high quality, regardless of whether it’s for an SUV or a car.

Cooper Tires Review

What are the Maintenance Indicators?

All new tires come with tread wear indicators (TWIs). They show how much of the tire tread has rubbed off and how long it will last. Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT tires have industry-standard TWIs.

The tread on your tires gives your vehicle traction on the road. It also allows for water to escape from underneath tires. The water layer prevents tires from gliding on it.

Good news: You won’t need to change your Cooper Discoverer AT3LT tires anytime soon. This warranty is great for SUVs and trucks, as it covers tread wear up to 6 years.

Cooper Tires Review

cooper tires review

Cooper Author Review By Lauren Fix

Cooper Tires is not as widely known as other tire companies but has a long history of being in the tire industry for over 100 years. Cooper Tires operates over 65 sites around the globe.

Tire navigator. Search by year or make to find tires.

Cooper Tires available through major U.S. tire dealers such as NTB (Big O), Sears, and Sears.

Cooper Tires Warranty: Although there are some limitations to the warranty, it covers replacement for certain conditions and tread wear protection. It also includes a period of 45 days road testing.

Learning center: Cooper Tires has an extensive area of their website dedicated to education including a video library featuring race car driver Johnny Unser.

Tire rewards: Cooper Tires Tires Rewards website offers specials, discounts and rebates on a variety of models.

cooper tires review


– Less expensive than the most prestigious brands

Cooper Tires doesn’t directly compete with American top-selling tire brands. However, they offer quality, reliable tires in various categories. This US company was founded in 1912 and is now a global tire manufacturer with 13 locations. Additionally, it has close ties to the US Military that could help increase its appeal.

Cooper has a variety of truck and car tires that can be used for all seasons, including winter, summer, or all-season all-terrain. Three major brands of tires are Adventurer/Discoverer, Evolution, as well as a range of one-off tires. These tire options will keep customers safe and comfortable in all weather conditions.

We spent hours researching Cooper Tires and then compared them to their competitors in terms of price and performance. So you can find out everything about Cooper Tires and how it ranks in our 2020 best tire brands, we’ve compiled industry reviews and survey data.

cooper tires review

Cooper Discoverer A/T3 Tire Review & Rating

Review of Tires and More It can be hard to find an all-terrain tires for your SUV or truck that will perform as well off-road as on it. The Cooper Discoverer A/T3 is here to help. This tread design provides excellent wet/dry traction and solid performance for those who want to venture off-road.

The tread design is attractive and features a 5-ribbed design that improves stability. The divided center rib increases off-road traction and performance while at the same time producing quality on-road performance.

Aggressive shoulders improve traction on harder surfaces while making tires look better. Also, the deep grooves around its circumference provide extra performance.

The Discoverer AT3 has an unusual siping structure. It is in a ZIGZAZ pattern. Sipes help reduce road noise and provide a smoother tread. Sipes can also be used to remove stones and pebbles from the tread and make it more stable.

The lateral protection that the grooves provide further assist in reducing stone retention on the surface of the tire. The tire’s ability to clean its own tires is quite impressive. It also shows a brand new appearance to the road each cleaning.

Cooper gave the model an elegant and refined appearance with special venting technology. It eliminates any micro-vents within its tread. This tire is quite different from other models in the same category.

The model performs exceptionally well in wet conditions. The advanced silica-based tread design gives the driver more control behind the wheel and provides exceptional wet performance. It is able to hold the car steady in fast lane changing maneuvers and has great wet turn and corner stability.

cooper tires review

Price Range

Cooper Discoverer AT3 Tires cost approximately $114. You may also find occasional rebates, discounts, coupons and special offers on this tire.

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Warranty Cooper covers the Discoverer A/T3 with a 55,000 mile treadlife warrantee. As well, there is a first-ever 2/32inch tire consistency guarantee.

Materials and workmanship are covered for 5 years and include free tire replacement during the first 2/32 inch of wear. Cooper will then calculate the remainder of the time or the last 2/32 inches of tread depth.

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cooper tires review

Cooper Tire Models

Cooper Zeon RS3S – This is the replacement for the Zeon 2XS. The Zeon RS3S was designed to be driven by high-performance sports cars as well as coupes and high-performance luxury sed. The tires has many new features, including a crisp steering response as well as excellent handling on wet surfaces.

This replacement for their GLS is an all year touring tire that is suitable for both coupes and sedans.

Cooper’s most recent technology is contained in the tire.

This tire is known for its quiet ride, excellent stability and all-season traction. Cooper CS3 Touring Review, Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Review, and Cooper GLS Touring Review Cooper Discoverer AT3 are all excellent reviews. This tire is designed to perform in a wide range of conditions and can be used on SUVs, pickups, and other 4x4s. If you enjoy taking your vehicle through its paces on a variety of surfaces, the Discoverer AT3 may be the tire for you . Check out our Cooper Discoverer AT3 Review. Compare it to Cooper Discoverer ATW Review Cooper Discoverer HTP Review Cooper Adventurer Tour. The Cooper A/T3 is an updated version of the Cooper Adventurer Tour. This tire is built for pickups, SUVs and other 4×4’s with the goal of being equally at home on roads and highways as it is in the wilderness. By combining off-roading skills with civilized road behavior, this tire is able to do so. Cooper Adventurer Tour Tire is available for review. Cooper Zeon LTZ sports truck tires are a hybrid that combines street style features and go-anywhere traction. The tire is engineered for trucks and SUVs and features long lasting tread life, excellent traction on a variety of terrains and a comfortable, smooth ride.

Cooper Lifeliner, an all-season touring tire that is budget-friendly, offers ride comfort and longer tire life. It’s suitable for coupes, sedans, and minivans.

Cooper Discoverer ATP tires

These cars are engineered to offer a combination of smooth off-road performance and smooth on-road handling.

cooper tires review

Best Cooper Tire Reviews

Cooper, an American tire company, is headquartered in Ohio. It has been around for more than 100 years. Cooper Tires manufactures tires for SUVs, trucks, and passenger cars.

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The tires they manufacture include specialized tires that function in specific weather conditions such as, all-season, winter, and summer tires. However they also create tires for specific road conditions such as all-terrain, highway, and off-road tires.

Cooper tires come in a number of different options. They have a variety technology, as well as design features, that make them suitable for particular terrains or weather types. Technology such as low noise output, tread life and wet performance are just a few of the design elements.

Cooper Tires will review the manufacturing processes and design features Cooper incorporates into its tires. This report will also discuss how Cooper’s practices have been recognized by industry leaders.

What Sets Them Apart?

Emphasis placed on Durability

cooper tires review

Cooper Cs4 Review

Cooper invested around $200 million to research rubber in the creation of the CS4. And it paid off…

Cooper Lifeliner GLS Review

Lifeliner LGS from Cooper Tires has been M/S Rated and is considered an all-season tire…

Cooper Trendsetter SE Review

Trendsetter SE – All-Season/Entry Level tire These tires are for people who want very low prices.

Cooper Zeon

This tire is very popular with drivers who want a high-performing summer tire…

Is Cooper Tires A Good Brand?

We rated Cooper tires 4.0 out of 5.0 stars and named the manufacturer the Most Affordable tire company in 2021. Cooper tires offer a good value for money, a variety of tire replacement options and focuses on safety, making them a popular choice. Cooper tires might not last as long as other brands.

Are Cooper Tires As Good As Michelin?

Cooper tire is known for producing reliable but affordable tires. However, they aren’t as well-known than Michelin. … In our comparison of Cooper and Michelin, Michelin always wins. Cooper has no tires that match the quality of Michelin’s.

Who Are Cooper Tires Made By?

As a result of the $2.8 billion acquisition, Cooper Tire is now owned by Goodyear. Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. has become a Goodyear subsidiary. Both Ohio tiremakers announced Monday the completion of their merger with Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. in Findlay. This was originally announced Feb. 7, 2021.

Cooper Tyres are Worth the Money

They are engineered to offer more mileage with less loss of grip. Cooper Tires have the most up-to-date tyre technology. With high treadwear ratings as well as excellent traction ratings Cooper Tires are a great choice.

.Cooper Tires Review

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