Falken Tires Review

Falken Tires Review

falken tires review

Best Falken Tire Reviews

Japanese brand Falken was created in 1983 and is now a Subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries. This company designs tires for trucks, cars, and SUV’s. Falken tires are available in USA, Japan, and even Europe, and are widely considered as one of the best ultra-high-performance tires that can be fitted on a range of vehicles.

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Because of its experience and participation in motorsports, Falken has created tires with exceptional quality that can be used by the general consumer. Falken tires are crafted with racecar-tire technologies that enable superior grip and enhanced handling.

We have previously reviewed Falken Tires and highlighted the various performance technologies that are included in every Falken Tire. This review also focuses on how they enhance your vehicle’s capabilities.

Falken Tires are a good choice.

Motorsports Experience

Falken Motorsports started in 1985. In 1988 they won the Mirage Cup. Falken has competed in several motorsports events over the years, such as rally racing and even the demanding 24 hours at Nurburgring.

falken tires review

Best Falken Tires?

Falken Ziex Z950 All Season Tire. Designed for sports car, sedan, and crossover drivers who want all-season performance, great mileage, and exceptional handling. Click here to see our complete review.

These are for light trucks, SUVs and drivers who desire a mixture of off-road capability and road pleasure.

The tires have all of the features.

It is weather-stable. To see overall information read our Review of Falken Wildpeak AT3W Falken Sincera SN250 All Season Touring Tire These tires are developed for drivers of sedans, coupes and other passenger cars and are regarded as Falkens longest lasting all season tire and consider looking at our entire Review of Falken Sincera SN250 A/S or a similar Review of Falken Sincera SN828 Falken Azenis RT-615K These tires feature all of the technologies needed to create an extraordinary tire. This tire offers exceptional dry traction and cornering capability with precise steering responses.

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These tires

Are designed to be used by drivers of trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. They enable you to travel on rugged terrain with no restrictions, and without the worry of damaging your vehicle.

falken tires review

Falken: Everything You Need to Know

Who are you?

Falken tires, which are cheap but more popular than other tires, are available at most stores across America and Canada.

Falken makes tires that are durable and offers a selection of models suitable for off-road and on-road usage.

While pricing can vary across the internet, you will find that some models have a price tag of up to 200 dollars for regular retail. These tires are not affordable and produced in mixed-brand warehouses all over the world.

Falken tires are manufactured in multiple facilities, some of which are here in America. It is a Japanese brand, though, and it has been around for many years. Japan is known for Toyota, Mitsubishi Honda, Honda, and other brands. It’s safe to say you can trust Falken’s origins and current manufacturing processes.

Overall, Falken tires are a trustworthy, mid-range brand, standing high above the other “affordable” tires on our site but not quite the premium standard of Michelin’s reputation.

falken tires review

Falken Tires Review

Founded in 1983 as a subsidiary of the Japanese company Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Falken Tire is a brand of passenger…

Falken Tire, a Japanese subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries was established in 1983. The brand is made up of light-truck, medium and passenger cars. Falken Tire was introduced into the North American market two-years after it was founded. The European market was opened two more years later. Falken is a top-rated ultra high performance tire brand that regularly participates in and wins! Motorsport participation. Falken Motorsports was awarded the Mirage Cup in 1988. They have participated in a wide range of motorsports events since, such as the Tudor United Sports Car Championship IMSA, Formula Drift Series or 24 hours of Nurburgring.

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Falken is the right tire brand, but are you sure? We have some good news for you if you are thinking of buying Falken tires. In fact, we reviewed three popular models and created a buyer guide that will help you choose the best Falken tire.

.Falken Tires Review

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