titleist tsi2 driver review

Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review

Mint Titleist TSi2 Driver 8° Graphite X-Stiff Right 45.75in

Mint Titleist Tsi2 Driver 8° Graphite X-Stiff Right 45.75In


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Titleist TSi2 Driver 9* S-Flex Graphite Design Tour AD IZ-5 w/ Headcover #85046

Titleist Tsi2 Driver 9* S-Flex Graphite Design Tour Ad Iz-5 W/ Headcover #85046


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Titleist Driver TSi2 9 Stiff Tour AD DI-6

Titleist Driver Tsi2 9 Stiff Tour Ad Di-6


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2021 Titleist TSi2 Driver Brand New

2021 Titleist Tsi2 Driver Brand New

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Titleist TSi2 10° Driver Tensei Blue 55g Graphite Regular Flex - NEW

Titleist Tsi2 10° Driver Tensei Blue 55G Graphite Regular Flex – New

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Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review

Heel Versus Draw

Titleist chose to replace the traditional draw and fade labels with H1, H2 and N instead. Titleist also used T1 (toe), T1 (heel), and T2 for neutral. Although some might find this confusing, Titleist is trying to show that movable weights are more than just shot shape correction.

Titleist thinks there is plenty of potential to solve directional problems at the hosel. While shifting weights can build on that, the company’s focus is on using movable weight to align the center of gravity with the point of impact. For example, if your ball speed is skewed by toes, moving the weight to either the T1-T2 positions will increase it.

Titleist Tsi2 & Tsi3 Driver Review: Combining Speed And Forgiveness

Since its release in the fall of 2018, the Titleist TS Driver line has been one of the most popular drivers on the PGA Tour and beyond. The TS drivers also firmly entrenched Titleist as one of the category leaders and finally shed their reputation of making “slow and spinny” drivers. Not surprisingly, Titleist now looks to ride the wave of success brought by TS as they introduce the TSi (Titleist Speed Impact). I’ve had the opportunity to try out both the TSi2 & TSi3 drivers in several fittings to find which golfers could benefit most from this new technology.

Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review

Tsi Drivers – Size Versus Shape

Both TSi Drivers are 460cc but this is a classic example of size versus shape. The TSi2 is larger and has a more prominently elongated foot. The TSi3 looks much smaller and is considerably more compact than its actual size.

The TSi2 isn’t my favorite, I just love it. But I absolutely love the TSi3 at address.

Titleist says spin differences between the two TSi models should be minimal (though I’d still bet on TSi3 spinning less). The TSi2 offers higher launch and greater forgiveness. With the TSi3, you get flatter trajectory and adjustable center-of-gravity weighting.

Both models feature Titleist’s not entirely intuitive Sure Fit hosel adjustability. There’s a part of me that wishes i was for I finally made a new hosel adapter.

As with any release, the Titleist TSi driver story offers plenty of new or otherwise noteworthy highlights. Here’s your rundown.

Tsi Drivers – Stock Featured Shafts

With Titleist TSi Drivers, there are no stock shafts, only featured shafts. The distinction is entirely semantic but it’s an acknowledgment that continued use of suspect made for designs in some competitor lineups has given stock shafts a dubious reputation.

We can nitpick the distinctions between Tensei and Tensei Pro, for example, but the larger point is that everything in the Titleist Featured Shaft lineup can be found on the manufacturer’s website and purchased at retail. No “OEM exclusives” here.

Kuro Kage Black DC (5th Generation) – The highest-launching shaft in the lineup, the Kuro Kage Black is listed as a mid-launch shaft. It features Straight Flight Weighting.

A quick refresher: That means that there is a little tungsten weight (dammit!) Below the grip. It’s intended to fight the right-side bias of lighter shafts.

Available in 50/55g in R, S and Flex versions of the Kuro Kage Black

Tensei AV Blue Raw – The classic mid-launch profile with mid-spin, and the AV Raw has Straight Flight Weighting.

Tensei AV Blue Raw comes in 55/65g in R, S, and X flex.

HZRDUS Smoke Black Redux RDX. The RDX stands for next-gen or redux. It’s generally well suited to more aggressive swingers.

HZRDUS Smoke Black RDK comes in 60/70g in 6.0 (stiff), and 6.5(x-stiff).

Tensei AV White Raw – The low-launch, low-spin offering in the Titleist TSi featured-shaft lineup, the stiff-tipped white is for stronger swingers looking for stability and control.

The Tensei AV White Raw is available in 65/75 grams in S and X flex.

Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review

Course Description


It is noticeably more difficult to fly with the TSi2 than the TSi3. To me it looked it ‘more loopy’ and had a steep descent which meant I got a few mud balls – but testing in October in Manchester is never ideal anyway…

The carry was only a yard or two shorter than the TSi3 but the total roll out was clearly less.

However, the stability and forgiveness were excellent even though I wasn’t hitting it in the face. All of my shots hit within five yards of one another.


My very first tee shot was a Peach. It was over Cleethorpes’ left fairway bunker. To which Dad responded: “What are you doing there?” !”

Two drives I took were about 15 yards longer than the TaylorMade SIM Max that I’ve been using throughout the year. Although I lost a few toes, I was able to strike them out of my toes. This is a sign of how unforgiving SIM Max and the TSi2 are. But I’m still laughing if they can be fixed.

It was very simple to form the ball from left to right in the A1 setting of the hosel. The difference between A3 and C1 was evident when I adjusted the settings to the extremes. It took me approximately 15 more yards to reach the same height. Although I draw naturally, the A3 had a more prominent shape than C1, but it did have an odd left-to-right shape.

Tsi Drivers – Two Models (For Now)

TSii, as was the case for TSi2, will be launched with two models – TSi2 & TSi3. For what it’s worth, the TSi4 is already on the USGA conforming list and the expectation is that it, along with a TSi1, will join the lineup in 2021.

The TSi2 is your meaty part of the market offering. This model is the easier to launch and more flexible of both models. It is safe to assume that Titleist will sell most of its 2021 drivers through TSi2.

The TSi3 is designed for better players. It offers a bit more forgiveness in exchange for a compact form and adjustable weighting. Although the “better player” category is somewhat narrow, I would add that this is also suitable for those who prefer a traditional shape or want to play with a precise trajectory.

I suppose it’s also for the golfer who wants moving parts.

Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review


They are just right for me. The crown is simple and black with TSi letters that act as a subtle alignment device. The face has a pattern that reminds me of the old persimmon woods, which I think does help frame the golf ball. Look closely and you’ll see a diamond pattern which also looks very smart.

Titleist spoke about having a differentiation from black crown to patterned face to help players at address – it will also be good for the camera slow-mo when the guys play on the TV.

Both heads are the same size (460cc) but the TSi2 head looks bigger due to the elongated triangle shape. The TSi3 has a more rounded shape, which I like to see down upon.

On the sole of the club the TSi2 has an adjustable swing weight which is fixed, but the TSi3 has the new Surefit Track.

Both driver heads differ from the previous TS models as the toe is softer. I find the sole very interesting because it contains so much technology. However, it’s all contained in the head and not sticking out as we have seen with other manufacturers this year. This is very Titleist-like and discreet.

The sleek and compact design looks like something you’d see in Bruce Wayne’s Batcave.

The Tech

These things are packed. Titleist has made a few innovations to these products that make them stand out. The TSi drivers have a unique aerodynamic head design that reduces drag by 15% over the crown and increases the club’s efficiency in getting to the ball. 15 percent sounds like too much, so I became hooked immediately.

Every club has been CT-tested and maximized individually to ensure tightness and tolerance. Individually tested. This is impressive stuff as if you do decide to purchase a new TSi driver, you know you’re getting the best it possibly can be. You’d expect it to be worth the cost.

To hit more golf balls, you need to achieve high launch. Titleist has worked to maintain stability and speed throughout the face in order to allow for off-centre hits.

Other points worth mentioning are:

  • TSi2 has low, deep CG for higher launch and stability

For greater launch stability and higher launch rates, TSi2 features a low, deep center of gravity (CG).

  • Head weight can vary in increments of 2g, ranging between -4g and +4g.

Head weight can vary in increments of 2g, ranging between -4g and +4g.

  • The track area for the TSi3 is located at the back of the head. It has a weight that’s heavier than TS3, so it can be moved closer to the track.

The TSi3 has a track weighting area at the rear of the head, with a heavier weight than TS3 so it doesn’t need to be moved as far around the track for better results.

  • Head weight can vary in increments of 2g, ranging between -4g and +4g.

The head weight varies in 2g increments ranging from -4g to +4g

  • Five-setting Surefit CG track and adjustable swing weight

5-setting Surefit track with adjustable swing weight and Surefit CG track

All in all the adjustability of these two clubs is incredible, especially considering the compact head shapes.

Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review

Processing Times

Due to carrier restrictions on package sizes, additional shipping fees may be required for large and bulky items such as bags, carts, or travel cases. The additional shipping charges for oversized items will vary depending on the size and will be combined with the regular shipping fee in the shipping charge box at checkout. *Free shipping offer may not apply to select products. Please see Manufacturers Restrictions. If the total order exceeds $99.00, and the order includes oversized items that require shipping fees for these items, then the extra charges will apply to your order. *Shipping to U.S addresses is only available. To meet minimum order amount, shipping charges and taxes will not be included. The shipping charges can be changed at any moment without prior notice. Expedited shipping may be available. The weight of the shipment and its destination will affect the shipping rates. *Expedited charges apply to Hawaii and Alaska shipments.

Higher Moisture

Typically, when we talk about MOI, we talk about forgiveness in the front-to-back direction. This is the magic that preserves ball speed when off-center strikes occur. With the new drivers, Titleist isn’t trying to max out MOI. Research with the company’s motion capture system found that there is a swing speed penalty that comes with max MOI drives. The company believes that MOI benefits don’t have a linear pattern (there is a point where diminishing returns occur), so it’s better to preserve swing speed rather than reap incrementally lower forgiveness benefits.

That’s not to say Titleist hasn’t done anything. With TSi, there is some front-to-back MOI improvement (five percent over TS) but the most significant gains come top to bottom where MOI is up 13 percent in the TSi2 and 10 percent in the TSi3.

That’s going to give you more consistent spin which, apart from generally providing more consistent ball flight, gives fitters an opportunity to fit to a lower spin number when it makes sense to do so.

Titleist TSi2 Driver

Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review

“I” For…

As it turns out, the i in the TSi driver name stands for impact. Titleist is open to innovation, inertia and integration of materials and mass properties. That last one doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but it’s arguably most in line with the TSi materials and design story.

Titleist claims that the driver is faster than any other i. This is not surprising. There is no way to slow down from one release onward.

We’ll certainly attempt to explain what all of this actually means but it probably makes sense to start with the basics.

Choosing Between The Tsi2 And Tsi3

On Titleist’s website, they make a fairly generic distinction between the TSi2 and TSi3:

“TSi2 driver – Pure distance: This is for players who want to achieve incredible speed and precision across all surfaces of the face.

“TSi3 Driver-Dynamic Distance”: This is for players who have a consistent contact pattern and need more control over their CG placement.

I found it interesting that players who are slower than others and less skilled play “2”, while better players have a higher speed. This is no longer the rule. I made some observations as I dug deeper.

  • Players who are faster hit the ball farther and sometimes further offline. Many of these golfers desire to hit the ball straighter. The TSi2 helps them do that.
  • With shaft companies getting better and better at producing low spin shafts, players aren’t always forced to play low spin heads. The TSi3 may not be the most suitable head for those with a negative attack angle.
  • These numbers are so close that the preference for look may help the player make a decision without losing much, if not all of their performance.
  • The TSi3’s movable mass is a great resource. The weight plus the SureFit hosel allows the fitter to place the center of gravity behind the player’s strike point and help straighten out the shot pattern.

Two years on from their TS (Titleist Speed) drivers, we have the TSi2 and TSi3. There’s a lot more to the new clubs than an extra letter, but that ‘i’ represents the impact, innovation and inertia you’ll find in the new models.

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Titleist is the first brand to use ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium. This material was initially developed for ballistic armor and then used by NASA in its Phoenix Mars Lander. It has a high strength-toweight ratio.

It provides considerably more elasticity and durability than the conventional titaniums normally seen in golf. Titleist engineers have created the fastest face ever, using ATI 425 to produce a quick ball launch at any contact point.

Aerodynamic engineers have reshaped the crown, managing to reduce drag in the TSi2 and TSi3 drivers by up to 15 per cent over previous generation TS models, boosting clubhead speed for greater ball speed and distance. High inertia helps produce an extremely stable clubhead for more consistent speed and spin.

Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review

New Track Weighting System (Tsi3)

With the TSi3 Driver, Titleist has moved from its flippable SureFit CG weight in favor of a five-position rear-track weighting system. The implementation is most similar to PING in that the track sits on the trailing edge instead of underneath it.

The TSi3’s stock weight is eight grams but additional 4-, 6-, 10- and 12-gram weights are available. The track can hold more than one weight if you wish. Additional weights will boost both head weight and MOI. If you’re doubling up, expect dynamic loft to jump appreciably as well.

Increasing the weight by 4-grams will increase CG movement by 2 mm, while decreasing it by the same amount will reduce movement by 1 mm.

A durable mixture of carbon fiber and polymer makes the weight cover. It’s not necessary to completely remove the cover to move the weight. This makes it easy to change weight positions, which is a benefit for both golfers and fitters who make unauthorized adjustments mid-round.

Titleist TSi3 Driver

Titleist Tsi2/Tsi3

Each market selection is independently selected and curated in-house by the editorial staff. If you buy a link product, GOLF.COM may charge a fee. Pricing may vary. OUR TAKE: The TSi driver faces are amazing. They look amazing and feel great. One club tester said, “It’s quite bubbly, but it flies hot out of the clubface.” This is a great compliment for Titleist considering the difficulties Titleist had to overcome in making a clubface from aerospace-grade titanium. THE DETAILS. This new titanium clubface has Multi-Dimension Stability which gives a narrower range of spins between shots struck on the middle of percussion. Aerodynamic improvements include improved clubhead speed and weight placements that optimize launch conditions. The TSi2 model maximizes distance. While the TSi3 allows you to control weight CG and manipulate the SureFit CG track adjustment bars, it is available in two models. The hosels can be adjusted to fit custom-fit balls flights. Read 150+ ClubTest 2201 reviews. View our Product Titleist TSi3-Driver. OUR TAKE. The TSi3’s perform, look and feel amazing. A club tester exclaimed, “It looks a little bubbly, but it flies hot off of the clubface.” This is a high compliment for Titleist considering how difficult it was to create a driver made out of an aerospace-grade titanium clubface. IN THE DETAILS: This new titanium clubface offers Multi-Dimension Stability which gives the driver a narrower range of spins between shots struck on an off-center of percussion. A better aerodynamic design optimizes launch conditions by including clubhead speed and well-placed weights. There are two versions: The TSi2 is the best for distance and the TSi3 allows you to control weight CG via SureFit CG track adjustability. Each model comes with an adjustable hosel for customized-fit ball flight. See 150+ ClubTest 2021 reviews. View the product. Details: This red-hot ATI 425 (originally developed for military purposes, such as tank armor and body armor), features multi-dimensional stability that allows for a tighter spin between shots. Aerodynamic improvements include a package that minimizes drag and strategically placed weights for optimal launch. Two models are available: The TSi2 to maximize distance, and the TSi3 to increase ball control and weight.

Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review

How Do They Compare On Price?

Both clubs have the most recent Titleist releases, so the prices for them are almost identical. These clubs are not cheap at $549. There are many great clubs that are less expensive. This is an important point.

The Return Address is:

This applies only to orders placed on puetzgolf.com that are shipped within the United States.

Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review

Titleist Tsi3 Vs Titleist Tsi2 Comparison

It is hard to choose between these two as they are both exceptional. It all comes down to your level of forgiveness.

They also have different looks which some will have preference for. The TSi2 is gunmetal grey, while the TSi3 has a more stealthy black finish.

Drivers of Tsi and The Usga Loophole

In converting from the “coefficient of restitution” rule to the “characteristic time” rule, the USGA created a loophole of sorts. These two rules don’t have a linear relationship. This allows for opportunities to increase COR (the energy returned to the ball), above.830, while maintaining CT (the time a pendulum device stays in contact with the driver’s face and flexes) within their guidelines.

If I lost you there, just know that there’s still a little bit of wiggle room within the rules for more speed.

Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review

Taylormade Sim 2

TaylorMade has been leading the development of multi-material driver engineering.

Their engineers have developed a precision milled aluminium frame and developed a new shape for added speed.

Twist Face technology can help you drive straighter.

Is The Tsi2 Better Reputation than The Ts2?

The TSi2 was clearly superior to the TS2 when compared with the TS2. The TSi2 was almost as fast and had the same spin rates as the TSi3. This allows players to select a driver that’s more stable when it comes to mishits while still maintaining launch and spin at the appropriate times. It’s amazing to see the TSi2 in action.

Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review

Titleist Tsi2 Vs Tsi3 Driver Review Vs Alternatives

I love Titleist drivers, I have owned many and I hope to own many more in the future.

It is the combination of the soft feeling at impact, and subtle design I love about them that I just have always loved. (907 D1 being the exception).

Today we are going to have a look at the new offerings from Titleist, the TSi2 and TSi3, as well as the other competitor clubs out there.

If you are looking for a new driver, we will assist you in deciding which clubs to consider and what you can try.

Which Clubs Options Are There?

I actually think that it is on this aspect that you see what the TSi drivers are all about. Both the TSi2 and 3 come with the exact same shaft options.

It is rare to find this and it tells me Titleist believes that these drivers are suitable for all levels of golfers, from the average player to the elite.

You have many options for shafts, with flexes ranging from regular to stiff.

They come in a range of weights, from 47 to 77 grams. The best part is that they’re high-quality shafts. If there is nothing there for you then there are 24 premium shaft options or tons of custom choices.

Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review

Which Do We Recommend Overall?

Titleist is a master of this art, and while there are strong competitors in the article, this year’s TSi has been even better.

I think the market agrees too because I can’t remember the last time I heard so much hype about a Titleist driver.


Returns will be refunded for the amount paid for the product, including any sales tax if applicable. Refunds will be credited to the original form of payment. If you used a Gift Card or eGift Card, we will issue a new card. Please allow 30 days after we receive your return for the refund to be issued. Return your order at any Puetz Golf Superstore location and you will be issued a refund or exchange.

Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review

titleist tsi2 driver review

You can look good!

The TSi2 driver maintains the elongated, circular shape of its predecessor, TS2. [review hier]. As an alignment tool, the only accent on the gloss black crown is a “TSi”. The club looks great at the address. The matte-finish Mitsubishi Kura Kage shaft is a great addition to this club’s sharp appearance.

It is a striking and unique face for the TSi2 driver. The heel and toe sections have continuity with the previous generation’s stretched diamonds, but those are the only similarities. The most striking aspect of this face is its texture. The texture of the center section was revealed by me scratching my fingers across it. However, it was easily wiped off my thumb. However, I was not able to discern the ball strike imprint.

The sole design of the TSi2 is modern and clean. It features a mix of different colors and finishes. Easy launch is assured by the simple weight port at the rear. And as always, I’m a big fan of the classic script Titleist on the toe.

titleist tsi2 driver review

Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review – Distance Bomber

Paul Club Reviews Golf Product reviews No comments This is a review of the Titleist Ti2 driver.

The TSi2 is the game-improvement “distance bomber” of the TSi line of drivers. The TSi2’s flexible construction allows for maximum ball speed at all impact points. It has a lower, deeper CG which produces high launch, low spin and helps golfers hit longer shots.

New advances in face technology and an improved MOI make the TSi2 stand out. The TSi2 also has adjustability, which is a hallmark of all TSi models.

The TSi2 is how patient and slow-learning can it be? How does it perform on the course? What is the value of having it in your bag?

In this review, I will try to answer every question. Below is a list of what I’ll cover.

Features and Technologies Performance Where to Buy This Driver Online Conclusion

Read on to find out what you need to know to make an informed purchase.

titleist tsi2 driver review

Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review

Titleist has been in a bit of a slump with their drivers for the past 5 years or so. Titleist’s high standards are evident, so it is no surprise that performance does not seem to be an issue.

Titleist may have lost some fans because of the way they market themselves, like TaylorMade or Callaway. Callaway, TaylorMade, and Callaway both have new drivers released twice per year. They try to make golfers believe that their new driver will be the best since sliced toast. You’re wrong, it isn’t true. Titleist is not what people associate with great drivers. People think about TaylorMade or Callaway. It is really a shame.

Titleist drivers are of the highest quality, with no exception to the Titleist TSi series. You can support a high-quality company without over-saturating the market by supporting a Titleist TSi driver.

In this review we’ll focus on Titleist’s TSi2 driver. The driver is described as the slower, higher-launching and more forgiving of the series.

The Performance & Apearance Titleist driver TSi2 has an obvious, higher-profile club head. This club head is very forgiving, which makes it a great choice for those who simply want to play more fairways. Despite both the TSi2 & TSi3 being 460cc club heads, it appears that the TSi2 driver is larger due to its longer and lower head. The contrast white/black club head covers and all-black crown are both great.

Appearance is easy to talk about, but performance is a little more difficult. While we cannot tell you exactly how your swing is going with the Titleist Tsi2 driver, we can give you some guidelines.

For golfers who wish to hit the ball far and high, with extra forgiveness, this driver is a good choice. In truth, almost everyone should have this model (compared to that of the TSi3). Many golfers don’t require adjustability or sliding weights. A low center of gravity is necessary to propel the ball high. For average golfers, a big-profile club head is necessary that even off-center strokes can fly long and straight. That’s it.

titleist tsi2 driver review

Titleist Tsi2/Tsi3

TSi2 8@. 9@. 10@. 11@. TSi3 8.9@. 10@. 11@. Our verdict: We are amazed at how well the faces of the TSi drivers perform, look and feel. An enthusiastic tester stated: “It has a bubbly look, but the balls fly hot off its clubface.” Titleist received high praises considering the challenges it had in designing a driver made of an aerospace-grade, titanium clubface.

The editorial team selects and curates all market picks. The fee for linking products may apply to GOLF.COM. There may be a variation in pricing.

OUR TAKE : We’re amazed at how the TSi drivers appear, feel, perform. An enthusiastic club tester stated, “It has a bubbly look, but the ball fly hot off the clubface.” Titleist is proud of these praises, given how challenging it was to design a driver from an extremely unique and aerospace-grade Titan clubface. DESCRIPTION: This new titanium clubface offers Multi-Dimension Stability that allows for more spins between shots hitting off the center percussion. The clubhead speed has been improved, while the weights have been carefully placed in order to maximise launch conditions. Available in 2 models: the TSi2 to maximize distance; and the TSi3 which allows for more control over weight CG and manipulation of the SureFit CG track adjustability bars. All models include adjustable hosels to allow for custom-fitting of ballflights. Review 150+ from gear professionals in the ClubTest2021 collection. View Product Titleist TSi3Driver OUR TAKE: We cannot believe how great the TSi drivers’ faces look, feel, perform. A club tester exclaimed, “It has a bubbly look, but the ball flies hot from the clubface.” We are blown away by the amazing face on the TSi3 drivers. DESCRIPTION: This new titanium clubface offers Multi-Dimension Stability that allows for more spins between shots hitting off the middle of percussion. Aerodynamic improvements include improved clubhead speed, and weight positioning to optimize launch conditions. There are two versions: The TSi2 is the best for distance and the TSi3 allows you to control weight CG via SureFit CG track adjustability. Adjustable hosels are available for both models to allow you to make your own ballflight. Read 150+ ClubTest 2021 gear reviews. A new aerodynamic package, which reduces drag for speed, has carefully placed weights that optimize launch. For maximum range, the TSi2 is available in two versions: the one for max distance; and the other for increased ball control and heavier weight.

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titleist tsi2 driver review

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The TSi could be Titleist’s best-ever driver. To compare their ball speed and launch angle with spin rate and forgiveness, the TSi3 & TSi2 are tested against each other in this first review.

titleist tsi2 driver review


WITB Drivers Fairways Hybrids Irreplaceable Irons Putter Balls Clothing Shoes Bags Gloves Grips and Shafts TMDs Training Aids Reviewed – The Titleist.TSi drivers Titleist.TSi2 Titleist.TSi3 Titleist drivers Gear New Gear Review.The new Titleist.TSi2 Titleist.TSi3 titleist drivers.

Since long, titleist drivers have been regarded as reserved for top players.

This reputation, while not based on my view, has prevented Titleist drivers perhaps from getting into more golfers’ bags.

* Titleist TSi drivers – FIRST LOOK!

Titleist’s perception of TS as a superior product was challenged two years ago when the TS-line-up with its incredible speed and all-round performance helped them to overcome it.

With the TSi line-up we now have two drivers that could easily find their way into your bag, just as they have done with mine.

One word can best describe the big sticks: consistency.

titleist tsi2 driver review

Titleist Tsi2 Vs Tsi3 Driver Review Vs Alternatives

Titleist Driver Review: TSi3 vs Titleist Ti2 I love Titleist vehicles, have owned several and hope to purchase many more.

They have a soft touch at impact that is so appealing to me, as well as their elegant design. I’ve always loved them (907 D1 was the one exception to that rule).

Today’s topic is about the Titleist, TSi2 & TSi3 new products. We also will discuss the various competitor clubs.

For those who are interested in changing their driver, our team can help them decide which clubs they should consider.

Titleist dropped D designating driver models as Titleist wanted to announce something.

The TS project was launched and the four first-generation drivers of the TS1 through TS4 were introduced.

Titleist may have done some minor tweaks to this line, however the TSi version is still quite impressive.

Is Titleist Tsi2 A Good Driver?

Titleist’s TSi2 driver was designed to make it easy to hit the target and to last consistently. … Titliest said that golfers would notice an even higher level of forgiveness if they were to hit their shots from both the high and lower face.

Is The Titleist Tsi2 Driver Forgiving?

The TSi2 is the game-improvement “distance bomber” of the TSi line of drivers. … The forgiving design ensures maximum ball speed at any impact point. September 13, 2021

Are The Tsi2 and Ts2 better than each other?

The TSi2 was clearly the better option when compared with the TS2. Ball speeds and spin rates were almost the same as the TSi3! This gives the player the great option to have a driver who is stable and less likely to mishit but maintains spin and launch in the right windows. The TSi2 is also stunning.

What do Pros Think About The Tsi2

Titleist Golf Clubs: PGA Players Adam Scott, Sungjae Im. Sungjae Im. Webb Simpson.

.Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review

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