What Are Walmart Intercom Codes

What Are Walmart Intercom Codes

What are Lowes intercom codes?

Intercom codes act as a code of communication between Lowes employees. They are a way for Lowes employees to communicate information without alarming customers or giving them unnecessary information.

If you are a regular customer at Lowes, below are some of the intercom codes you may hear and what they mean.

Code 3

If you hear the intercom code 3 at Lowes, it means more staff members need to go to a particular department. For example, they may require more cashiers at the cash registers due to a growing queue of customers at checkout.

Code 50

Lowes Code 50 means extra staff should be sent to the loading area. The code 50 is used when a store receives a large shipment and needs extra assistance to unload. Lowes staff who are not currently working will be asked to help the loading bay crew.

Code 75

Intercom code 75 requests additional associates to assist with the carts in Lowes parking lot. Just like codes 3 and 50, code 75 applies to any employee who is not presently assisting a customer.

Code 99

If you hear Code 99 over the intercom at Lowes, there is an emergency, and everyone in the store needs to stay put until further notice. Employees and customers will need to wait for instructions on what to do next.

Code 4

Lowes does not require you to alert anyone when they hear the code 4. Intercom code four means customers and staff can relax as all is well. Lowes may also use code 4 after Code 99 – an emergency code. When you hear Code 4 you know that everything is fine.

Code green

If you hear code green at Lowes, it means that there is a hostage situation. Code green may work closely with code 4. For example, sounding a code 4 after a code green means that the hostage situation is under control.

Code Adam

Walmart was the first retailer to implement code Adam. It later spread to amusement parks, departmental stores, and other retail stores, including Lowes. If you hear the code Adam it is because a child has been reported missing in the store.

When the code sounds, employees are supposed to stop whatever they are doing to try and locate the missing child. Employees are also monitoring all possible exits and entrances the child could use. If the search for the missing child goes for ten minutes without success, Lowes calls the police to report the incident.

Code yellow

Lowes uses intercom code yellow when a child makes a mess on the floor, such as peeing or vomiting, and it needs cleaning up. However, various Lowes outlets may use this code to mean different things.

What Are Walmart Intercom Codes

What are the Walmart codes?

Walmart offers these codes for good causes. Code Adam may be the best-known. Walmart invented it in 1984. Today, it is used by many companies around the world.

Although some nations, including Australia, Canada, and the United States, have guidelines for these codes, they are not universal, and many others lack them.

The codes used by hospitals are:

Code Blue, Codes 90, and Code 45 for cardiac arrest and Code Red, Dr. Red, Dr. Pyro, and Dr. Firestone for fire.

Code Grey, Code Silver or Code Yellow: Person who is aggressive or combative

Code Orange denotes a mass casualty incident, while Code Black and Code Brown denote severe weather warnings.

Walmart stores also have colorful pillars.

Telephone in blue

The “Spill-O-Magic” station is orange, while the fire extinguisher is red.

Additional Walmart Coupon Codes

Code Red: Fire

Codes include Code Brown for shooting, Code Black for severe weather, such as a tornado warning, Code Blue for a bomb threat, and Code Orange for a chemical leak.

Code Green – Hostage circumstance

Code 300, often known as Department 51, denotes security.

Cashier, customer service or Code C is needed

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What Are Walmart Intercom Codes


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What Are Walmart Intercom Codes

What is the significance of Walmart’s security codes, and how are they used?

Walmart has two security codes: Code 300 and Department 15. These codes can be used to direct security staff to specific areas of the store or to notify them of security issues there.

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To notify the security team that a section of the store will be left unattended for the next 15 or 60 minutes, Security Codes 15 and 60 can be entered into the system.

Those interested in learning more about how and when Walmart prosecutes shoplifters can consult my guide on the subject.

What Are Walmart Intercom Codes

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What Are Walmart Intercom Codes

How to Respond When a Walmart Intercom Code is Announced

You do not have to be alarmed if you see an announcement that includes numbers, letters and colors as well as code words.

If you know the code meaning, then it’s best to act calmly and quickly. Displaying visible panic could scare the other shoppers and escalate the situation.

In a true, pressing emergency or if the announcement concerns customers and shoppers, the store will follow it with another announcement. Employees will let you know via the intercom system if you need to evacuate the store, protect yourself, or seek shelter.

What Are Walmart Intercom Codes

Do All Lowes Stores Have The Same Intercom Codes?

Lowes only shares codes 3 and 49. However, you may find other stores sharing the same intercom codes 75 and 99, although this is quite rare. Adam codes may be the same in different Lowes locations. Lowes’ management usually assigns unique codes to each store.

If you’re looking for a Lowes store near you, use the store locator feature on their website to find the location closest to you. You can enter your zip code, city or state in the search box at the top to find the nearest Lowes store. A map will show you all Lowes stores in the US.

What Are Walmart Intercom Codes

Broken Secrets

Chad Upton, Editor

Today I went to Walmart and realized that I love it there. I felt like a model in there.

Walmart actually has a lot of these codes and for good reason. Perhaps the most well known code is “Code Adam.” It was invented by Walmart 1984 and it’s now used by many different companies, all over the world.

It’s named after Adam Walsh, son of America’s Most Wanted TV host John Walsh. Adam Walsh was murdered in 1981 after he was abducted from a Sears Store. Walmart actually has a very strict policy about this code. All employees drop what they’re doing, some watch the doors and other sweep the store looking for the child. Employees do nothing else until the child is found.

Walmart codes:

  • Code Black: Severe Weather (ex. tornado warning)
  • Code Blue – Bomb threat
  • Code Brown – Shooting
  • Code Green: Hostage Situation
  • Code Orange – Chemical spill
  • Code Red – Fire
  • Code White – Accident
  • Code C: Customer Service or Cashier Required
  • Code 300, or Department 51-Security
  • Walmart also has color coded pillars in their stores:

  • Blue – Telephone
  • Red – Fire extinguisher
  • Orange – “Spill-O-Magic” station
  • Boat/Ship/Vessel codes

  • Code Oscar or Mr. MOB – Man overboard
  • Bravo, Bravo, Bravo – Serious incident such as a fire
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  • Mr Skylight – Minor incident
  • Code Blue – Medical emergency
  • Hospital Codes

  • Code Blue, Code 90, Code 45 – Cardiac arrest
  • Code Red, Dr Red, Dr Pyro, Dr Firestone – Fire
  • Code Grey, Code Silver – Combative or violent person
  • Code Orange – Mass casualty incident
  • Code Black and Code Brown: Extreme Weather Warning
  • Some of the codes are known as other names depending on where they’re used. Australia, Canada, and the United States all have their own standards, while many others do not.

    Broken Secrets


    UPHAA codes, Wal-mart Info and Wikipedia are all good sources.

    What Are Walmart Intercom Codes

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    What Are Walmart Intercom Codes

    Safeway Code Adam: What is it?

    Code Adam is very important in stores as children can get lost easily. Code Adam, as originally created in 1994, was designed to help locate children who go missing inside a store. Walmart invented it.

    Following the report of a missing child in the store are the actions taken.

    1. Store associates take note of a detailed description of the child who is missing. The store associates sometimes specifically ask for the color and type of shoes the missing child is putting on. This is because, in the case of kidnap, the abductor might change the child’s clothes to give him or her a new appearance but is possibly not going to change the shoes. The shoes are a good way to find the kid.

    2. The exits are closed and closely monitored. Nobody enters or leaves the building until all issues are resolved.

    3. Using their intercoms, a store associate announces a code Adam and goes further to use the description obtained to describe the missing child over the intercom. Once this is done, the other workers and employees can begin to walk around the store to look for the missing kid.

    4. About ten minutes into the search and there’s no success, the local police are intimated on the happenings.

    5. However, if the child is successfully found, he/she is returned to the parent or guardian he/she came to the store with.

    6. When the child has been found in the presence of a non-parent or guardian, it is removed from that person and careful steps are taken. At this stage, the Police is also notified to ensure that they are aware of who it is.

    7. Code Adam is cancelled once the safety of the children has been assured. The normal activities in the shop will resume.

    What Are Walmart Intercom Codes

    What is code 7 for Walmart?

    These codes serve several reasons, one of which is to enable cashiers who are actually trapped at the checkout to inform the customer support managers that they require anything, such as a bathroom break, help cleaning up a spill, or stamp and change.
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    The second function is for csms to enter the activation code, which looks like this, to instruct the register to reprint a receipt.

    The reset respect to economics is satisfied by code 7.

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