Walmart Senior Discount

Walmart Senior Discount

Walmart Discount Option #5 – Associate Discounts

Lastly, and this one may seem a bit obvious, but Walmart associates get some pretty big discounts themselves.

Walmart has a part on their website that’s just for claiming discounts online.

You can find the login page by searching Google, or you can click here.

This discount typically knocks off 10% from the purchase subtotal, and as Walmart’s stock is constantly changing, exclusions and exceptions to these discounts are also changing.

You should ask about any item you think might not be eligible for your discount.

You should double-check clearance items, high-price items such as electronics, and brands known for not accepting discounts before you check out.

The Walmart Associate Discount Center offers additional savings.

Walmart employees have exclusive access to this section on the website. It allows them to take advantage of exclusive discounts that are not accessible to others.

This center allows companies and businesses to put up discounts, sales, and promotions for their products that are exclusive to Walmart employees.

No one else can access these discounts, and one must be a current employee of Walmart to claim them.

These deals are often negotiated on behalf of employees by Walmart.

It’s important to clarify that these aren’t discounts just on products, but also on services and products not found at Walmart, too!

Associates can also unlock deals for theme parks, movies, zoos, aquariums, phone plans, and even new cars.

More information on this service can be found here, and the login screen for associates to begin unlocking their savings can be found here.

Walmart Senior Discount

Internet Service And Communications Senior Discounts

Many internet providers recognize that seniors are one of the fastest-growing segments of new internet users. Check out our guide to the best internet service for seniors to learn which companies lead the pack on pricing and discounts. There are also affordable internet plans for those on fixed or low incomes.

There are quite a few cell phone plans with incentives and discounts for older adults. Compare the cellular plans and see which one best suits your lifestyle, budget, and needs.

  • AT&T: AT&T senior plans start at $60 per month (single line only) or $80 per month for two lines ($40 per line). AT&T 55+ plans are only available to Florida residents.
  • Consumer Cellular Unlimited Talk, Text and Data Plan starts at just $20 per month and includes 1GB of data. Consumer Cellular offers discounts for AARP Members, such as a 5 percent discount on service charges. Consumer Cellular also offers great Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday sales.
  • Lively: Lively service not only has some of the best no-contract prices, but they arguably have the best senior-friendly phones on the market. AARP members can now save $60 per year on select Health & Safety Packages. Lively also offers steep discounts on its devices during Black Friday and Cyber Mon.
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  • Verizon: The Verizon 55+ Unlimited Plan offers unlimited calls, texts, and data for $60 a month (single line only) or $80 per month for two lines ($40 per line). Verizon’s 55+ plan only applies to Florida seniors.
  • T-Mobile offers three unlimited 55+ plans for adults aged 55 or older. These include unlimited texting, talk and data on smartphones. The Essentials plan starts at just $27.50 a line, the Magenta plan begins at $35 a line and the Magenta MAX at $45 a line. T-Mobile offers 55+ plans in all 50 US states as well as Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico.
  • Walmart Senior Discount

    “Walmart offers a grocery credit card that helps you save money on the items you purchase most often. The Walmart Credit Card comes with no annual fee and special financing options, including no interest if paid in full within six months*. Plus, use your Walmart Credit Card at and get an extra discount on select items.”

    Walmart credit card offers additional benefits. Having a Walmart credit card may entitle you to a discount at gas stations attached to your local Walmart as well. Here are some benefits you can get with your credit card.

    Cash redemption

    Get a check or apply rewards as a statement credit.
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    Walmart Return Hours

    Cover a purchase

    You can use your reward points at

    Gift Cards

    You can redeem gift cards at Walmart and other retailers.


    Spend your rewards on flights, hotels and more.

    Visit the Walmart Website for more information.

    Walmart Senior Discount

    Senior Citizen Discount At Walmart? No!

    Walmart does not offer a discount to senior citizens. But don’t throw in the towel just yet; there’s still some good stuff to know.

    First off, let’s talk about Walmart’s prices. Walmart’s prices are so low, they give away stuff. So, even without a senior discount, you can still save a bundle by shopping there.

    Sign up for Walmart Reward to save money. By using their credit card, you’ll earn some sweet cashback on your purchases.
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    Walmart Senior Discount

    Is there any advantage for seniors at Walmart?

    Walmart offers special hours to senior citizens. Walmart only allows customers over 60 years old to shop on Tuesdays between 6 am and 7 pm.

    This allowed those with vulnerable health conditions to take advantage of a quieter Walmart shopping experience.

    Walmart helps seniors find work that suits their abilities, by paying them a living wage. Senior citizens can be hired as greeters, cashiers, janitors, and online order fillers.

    They are the ideal jobs for older citizens who want to keep working without applying for jobs that require a lot of effort.

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    Do Walmart offer discounts to veterans and military personnel? Read This First!

    Walmart Senior Discount

    What Discounts are available to Senior Citizens?

    You can easily get a senior discount.

    Customers merely have to ask for a discount or apply for a senior discount card at the retailer of their choice to get a discount.

    The customer will then be asked to show proof of their age. If they are eligible, the card or discount is granted.

    It varies from business to store and location to location as to what age someone qualifies for a senior discount.

    Most of the participants range from 50 to 65 years old.

    Learn about Walmart’s Veterans Policy and Walmart hacks that will save you a lot of money on your next Walmart purchase by reading my other writings on the subject.

    If you shop at Costco you may also wonder whether the warehouse club provides a discount for senior citizens.
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    Walmart Senior Discount

    Walmart Plus Benefits

    Walmart Plus allows you to purchase a wide range of Walmart products online or in-store, including groceries. Sign up for Walmart Plus and you’ll get perks when you shop at Walmart, Sam’s Club and Walmart owned companies such as and Bonobos. Those perks include:

  • Free unlimited deliveries from the store, as long as you spend at least $35 per order. But keep in mind that unlimited delivery is not available in all areas. Enter your zip code to check your eligibility.
  • Free next day and two-day shipping on items from There is no charge for unlimited delivery.
  • Walmart Pharmacy offers thousands of prescriptions up to 85% off.
  • Paramount+ Essential Plan subscription for no additional fee. Members will have access to the subscription beginning in September, according to Walmart, allowing them to steam original shows and movies as well as content from Nickelodeon, MTV, CBS and more.
  • Walmart’s Black Friday deals for days will be available to members at 12 pm EDT, Monday 7th November, instead of 7 pm EDT.
  • Walmart Rewards, a brand new program that rewards members for their purchases with loyalty points. These points can then be used to make future purchases. Walmart Rewards can be earned on in-store and online purchases, and items are eligible for rewards for a limited time.
  • Walmart offers limited-time deals, such as six months free Spotify Premium.
  • Walmart Senior Discount

    Walmart Senior Citizen Discount Reviews

    The statement is “I ordered groceries through Walmart Express delivery, and even though I paid 10 dollars extra for express, delivery was late, and the store wouldn’t respond to me.” I decided to take the call support option but I guess it was not for me being an elderly person having hearing issues. So, I went for the Chat support..The employee was super nice and kind. He was courteous and helpful enough to call the store, get my groceries delivered in an hour or less and offered me a promo code. I loved the interaction with Areej. Kudos to her!”

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    Walmart Senior Discount

    What’S Included In The Senior Discount?

    We recommend that you confirm with the local McDonald’s in your area, just to be sure. However, there are a few offers that many stores share.

    Generally, seniors can expect to see 10% discounts at participating locations. Certain items may not be eligible, but small savings can add up when you are on a fixed budget.

    Also, a lot of stores offer discounted drinks, including senior coffee specials. Find out if your favourite location has a rewards coffee club. These programs usually include a small free coffee for every five qualifying purchases. Some locations require eight eligible purchases.

    Also good to know: certain locations offer senior meal deals, too! Eligible combos often include a free soft drink. There may even be reduced-portion items available on some locations’ secret menus.

    Walmart Senior Discount

    Shops That Give Seniors Discounts

    Senior discounts can help you to keep track of your finances while taking full advantage of all the benefits that age brings.

      For some Kroger stores, a special discount card for elderly customers is now available.
  • For some Kroger stores, a special discount card for elderly customers is now available.
    • Safeway offers a senior discount card that can be used at all of their locations.
  • Safeway has a Senior Discount Card that is valid at any of its locations.
    • Harris Teeter offers its senior customers 5 percent off on every purchase.
  • Every Thursday, Harris Teeter gives its senios customers a 5 percent discount on all purchases.
  • Walmart Senior Discount

    Other Ways For Seniors To Save At Walmart

    Walmart does not offer a discount for seniors, but they do provide their customers with many ways to save money every day, in-store and online.

    Some of the ways to save at Walmart include:

  • Monthly clearance markdowns (first 5 days of each month)
  • Hidden clearance (Walmart app)
  • Sale of Intermittent Rollbacks
  • Discounts
  • Walmart free shipping for online orders over $35
  • Walmart Rewards Mastercard
  • Walmart Senior Discount

    Get Senior Air, Rail, and Bus Discounts

    Gus, hop on the bus! The majority of public transport (local or regional) including buses, trains, subways, and ferries offer senior fares. Not all airlines offer senior-reduced fares or promote them online, so make a call to customer service before locking in your flight plans. Ask for the senior discount no matter what type of transport you intend to take!

    Pro Tip: Don’t forget to make the most of your flight by signing up for airline miles or use a travel credit card to earn points.