Walmart Firing & Termination Policy In 2022 (Your Full Guide)

Walmart is home to more than 2.3 Million associates around the world. Walmart also describes its associates as a great resource.

Walmart’s success is not possible for everyone. Walmart demands that employees are fired when they need to.

  • What is Walmart’s Firing Policy then? Let me tell you, I did the research.
  • Walmart Firing & Termination Policy In 2022
  • Walmart offers staff ‘at-will’ basis contracts meaning Walmart is free to terminate at any time for any reason as long as it is not discriminatory as of 2022. Walmart also has in place a points system, where staff who accrue more than 5 points within a six-month period can be terminated.

  • To find out more about why Walmart can fire you, Walmart’s employee point system, and getting re-hired at Walmart, keep reading!
  • Walmart Firing & Termination Policy In 2022 (Your Full Guide)

    Walmart Fires me Why?

    Walmart employs employees on an “at-will” basis. This means that Walmart is able to terminate and fire staff, ending the employment contract, at virtually any time.

    Walmart doesn’t have to provide reasons for employees being fired, as long as the reason is consistent with law. The exception to this is termination based on discrimination against employees.

    Walmart like other retailers is prohibited from discriminating in any way against its staff.

    What Is Walmart’s Employee Point System?

    Walmart employs a system that punishes workers for making decisions to maintain their shops running smoothly and with valuable employees.

    Walmart employees may be fired if they accumulate five points in a 6-month period. This is because it shows poor work ethics.

    Walmart employees may be eligible for points for many reasons, including:

  • Walmart gives 1 point to employees who do not arrive on time (even sick calls)
  • Unexpected absences at Walmart can be given a 3-point maximum penalty
  • Walmart has also created a Paid Time Off System that employees can use in case of sickness.

    Walmart employees can also trade shifts using their employee app. This allows them to avoid unintentional absences or sick calls.

    Walmart Firing & Termination Policy In 2022 (Your Full Guide)

    What are the Maximum Points You Can Receive Before You Are Fired at Walmart?

    Walmart’s employee points system allows staff to accrue up to 5 points each for various purposes before the need to terminate.

    Walmart employees who have worked for Walmart less than 6 months are eligible to be terminated at 4 points.

    Walmart can only give you 5 points if your work experience is less than 6 months.

    Walmart Fires Employees Easily

    Although many people think Walmart is a “cushy” job that is difficult to fire, it’s actually the reverse.

    Walmart has a strict points policy that Walmart employees must follow to make sure they don’t do anything untoward.

    Walmart has been actively working to improve its customer service, which is an issue that is often a problem for other retailers.

    Walmart managers can add points to employees’ profile if any employee breaches the working agreements.

    Previously, Walmart also used to work on a maximum of 9 points before an employee can get terminated, but this has now been reduced to 5.

    Walmart Firing & Termination Policy In 2022 (Your Full Guide)

    Can Walmart Fire You Without Telling You?

    Walmart utilizes “at-will” contracts for their employees. Therefore, Walmart is allowed to fire their workers without giving notice.

    Walmart employees, on the other hand, have the exact same rights as Walmart customers and may also be fired without prior notice.

    Walmart Does Walmart pay for PTO when employees are fired?

    Walmart offers accrued, unused and paid time-off (PTO) for employees who have been terminated. This is up to five days. The employee must have worked at Walmart for atleast 1 year before they can receive the PTO.

    Also, this policy could have minor differences due to different state termination policies. So it’s best to double-check with the local laws.

    Walmart Firing & Termination Policy In 2022 (Your Full Guide)

    Will Walmart Rehire Me If I’ve Been Fired?

    Walmart’s ability to rehire employees who have been fired depends on how you left the company.

    Walmart may rehire if your Walmart job ends on positive terms.

    The application must be resubmitted within 90 days.

    Walmart is unlikely to rehire anyone whose reasons were severe, like theft, harassment, assault or other serious offenses.

    If you were fired for work reasons (such as lateness, poor customer service or testing reasons), then you might have to wait from six months to one calendar year before applying again at Walmart.

    Walmart should have also conducted an exit interview after your departure or firing. Walmart must have also informed you during that interview if your eligibility to reapply.

    Walmart Will Not Hire Me

    Walmart won’t allow anyone to rehire someone who was fired for serious reasons.

    Issues considered serious by Walmart and similar retailers include any of the following reasons: theft, fraud, harassment of fellow staff or customers, sexual harassment or assault of customers or fellow staff, and violence at work.

    Walmart will most likely bring criminal charges against your for these issues.

    Walmart has the right to bring criminal charges against you up to one year after the termination of your employment, even in cases of petty crime such as theft from food or other similar items.

    Walmart Firing & Termination Policy In 2022 (Your Full Guide)

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