Walmart Firing And Rehire Policy

Walmart Firing And Rehire Policy

What Is Walmart’S Firing And Rehire Policy In 2023?

At Walmart, employees have “store-at-will” contracts that let them leave anytime. These contracts state that Walmart can fire an employee at any time and for any reason, as long as it is not unfair and discriminatory.

Walmart evaluates their staff using a point system. A Walmart employee who has more than 5 points within six months will be immediately fired. It is not necessary for the company to explain why an employee has been fired.
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Walmart will never fire a worker because of their race or religion. It is illegal to fire someone for this reason. Walmart will only terminate an employee’s contract for a legal reason.

Walmart Firing And Rehire Policy

Walmart’S Rehire Policy After Termination

Walmart offers a policy of rehiring employees terminated due to nonviolent offences, like absences and performance problems. Walmart won’t rehire anyone who was terminated due to theft or violence. If you have been terminated due to nonviolent crimes, then you might be able to reapply after 60 days.

You must meet eligibility requirements if you have been terminated due to nonviolent crimes. These criteria include:

  • Complete any unfinished business with Walmart. This includes returning any equipment or paying any outstanding money.
  • No disciplinary actions on your employment record for at least six months prior to the termination.
  • No rehire restrictions on file with the company.
  • Availability of open positions that match your qualifications.
  • Walmart Firing And Rehire Policy

    Walmart Rejects You

    Walmart also has a policy in place for when it will not rehire former employees. Walmart does not hire employees terminated due to felonies and misdemeanors. You won’t get rehired, for example, if you have been fired because:

  • Stealing from the store
  • Committing any type of fraud
  • Harassing employees or customers
  • Customers or employees sexually harassed and/or attacked
  • Make a violent scene in the workplace
  • For more information about what you can do if you’re in this situation, see our research on how long a “no rehire” status lasts.

    Walmart’s policies on hiring state that it will not rehire any employee who fails any part of the process. This includes the background check or the drug test. This is true even for employees that previously left on good terms.

    Walmart Firing And Rehire Policy

    Walmart Will I Rehire me If I Have Been Fired?

    I think Walmart will allow rehiring, but it depends on which store you are working at.

    You will likely not be hired back if you terminated your Walmart employment on bad terms due to theft or misappropriation of goods or money, or any other action that indicates you’re not the right fit for Walmart.

    You will have to wait for 90 days before you can reapply to Walmart.

    And, it is extremely unlikely that Walmart will re-hire you even if you have not been arrested (for a serious crime).

    If the problems were caused by workplace issues such as being repeatedly late for work or having rude customer service, you can apply again.

    It is extremely important to ensure employees’ eligibility to re-apply each time they apply for a new job. This is very helpful to employees as it makes the job search process easier.

    Walmart Firing And Rehire Policy

    What To Do If You’Re Not Rehired

    Don’t get discouraged if you are not hired by Walmart. You may find other employers that are a better fit with your experience and skills. Here are some steps you can take if you’re not rehired:

  • Reflect on the reasons for your termination and use them as a learning experience to improve your performance and behavior in future employment.
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  • Focus on building new skills and experiences that make you a more competitive candidate in the job market.
  • Find out about additional training or education opportunities that will enhance your skills and knowledge.
  • Be persistent and proactive in your job search, and don’t give up on finding a new opportunity that’s a good fit for you.
  • Walmart Firing And Rehire Policy

    If You Were Terminated

    Even if Walmart terminated your employment, you may be eligible for re-hire. You can often reapply for the exact job you had (if there is an opening) or even a position for which you feel better qualified. If you have been terminated because of:

  • Frequently being late or missing shifts
  • Calling before you miss a shift
  • Unable to perform the work for which you were employed
  • When you were terminated, a store manager should have conducted an exit interview to explain why you were being fired. During this interview, it is the proper protocol for the manager to tell you whether or not you can reapply in the future, as well as how long you have to wait before you may be eligible to be rehired.

    A good exit interview allows you to discuss any factors outside of your control which contributed to the termination. For example, you may have been late to work because your car broke down, or perhaps you had to miss a shift to stay home with a sick child. Your manager may be more inclined to hire you again if they understand what went wrong.

    Walmart will usually require you to wait six months before reapplying for a job after being terminated. However, some stores may prefer former employees to wait an entire year. If you’ve worked at other jobs and have shown that you are working to resolve the issues which led to termination, you can improve your chances of getting hired back. Start by completing an online application. You will need to go through the interview and background check process again if your application was accepted.

    Walmart Firing And Rehire Policy

    Is It Easy To Get Fired From Walmart?

    Many people think a Walmart job is comfortable and hard to get rid of, but the opposite is true. Walmart’s employees are subject to a rigid points system, as has already been mentioned.

    People think that Walmart’s customer service isn’t as good as other stores, so Walmart is working hard to improve this. As a result, if an employee breaks any rules, Walmart managers won’t think twice about adding points to their profile.

    Walmart used to have a maximum of nine points before an employee could be fired, but that number has been reduced to five.
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    Walmart Firing And Rehire Policy

    What to do if you are not rehired?

    During our conversations with Walmart One, (the online service for associates), we learned that you can ask your previous Walmart manager if they are able to rehire you. The Walmart managers we spoke with suggested that former employees can contact the company through Walmart One to ask if they are eligible for rehire. However, we also spoke with a media representative who stated that this was not true. According to Walmart One, this has caused some confusion. Store managers tend to be the best source for information on current hiring or rehiring requirements.

    Walmart Firing And Rehire Policy

    What You Can Do To Improve Your Chances of Being Hired

    You can increase your odds of being hired by Walmart if you follow a few steps. These are some helpful tips.

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  • Maintain a positive attitude and a strong work ethic in your current or future employment.
  • Stay up-to-date on Walmart’s policies and procedures, so you can demonstrate your commitment to the company’s values.
  • Create a network of references that can attest to your abilities and professionalism as a worker.
  • Consider taking additional training or education courses to develop new skills that make you a more valuable employee.
  • Walmart Firing And Rehire Policy

    You Can Now Use Your Smartphone

  • Please note: If you are using a temporary PEAK password, click on the Sign In option at the top right corner of your home page.
  • Click on “Manage My Account”
  • Click on “Benefits” on the left-hand side of the screen to see the active status for each member in your household under “Benefit Summary.”
  • You can load your benefits onto Electronic Benefits Transfer cards (EBT), which are similar to debit cards in grocery stores.

    If you had an EBT card before but need another one, you can call 1-888-328-2656.

    Authorized representatives are those who help people access their benefits, shop and get assistance.

    You can mail a card to your authorized representative. It cannot be used until they have received it.

    Some Walmart locations have the technology to let you process shopping orders for pick-up using the food assistance benefits with your EBT card.

    Recently, CDHS, along with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), has made it possible for SNAP participants to purchase eligible food online with their EBT card.

    Currently, only two approved retailers — Walmart and Amazon — are accepting EBT cards for online purchases. Visit the Colorado EBT website to learn more.

    This is a secured line, so if you leave a voicemail, please leave your name, SSN, CBMS Case # and updated address to help your information getting updated faster.

    It can take up to 7-10 business days for you to receive your EBT card.

    You will get extra benefits if you don’t already have the maximum amount of food assistance for all your household members.

    You will be notified by us if you have been automatically reenrolled.

    You can track your benefit amount on the MyCOBenefits app or on your PEAK account.

    Walmart Firing And Rehire Policy

    If You Left On Good Terms

    A Walmart manager stated that if you had a good record as an employee when you quit your Walmart job, it is more likely you will be hired back. Reasons you might have left on good terms include:

  • You have been laid off or your store hours are being reduced
  • You took time off for a family emergency or left to take care of your child/children
  • You had a medical emergency
  • You were hired for a temporary (seasonal) position that ended
  • If you left on good terms, you’ll likely need to wait 90 days from your last day before you’re eligible to reapply. You’ll first need to fill out an application online. If your application is accepted, you’ll be interviewed by a store manager. In most cases, you’ll also need to complete a background check and drug test.

    Even if you left on good terms, Walmart isn’t required to rehire you. It could be that the store has no openings or that the manager is reluctant to hire a former employee. You can try another store if you’re not hired back at the one you worked in before.

    Walmart Firing And Rehire Policy

    Terminated Employees

    Even though you were let go by Walmart, you might still have options. Checking the Walmart termination of employment form to see which circumstances might apply can frequently reveal this information.

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    Suppose your performance history with the company is recognized as less than satisfactory for the following reasons. You can then apply for a similar position or a different one at a location where you think you would perform better.
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  • Frequent absences/lateness
  • Calling in advance
  • Inability to perform tasks expected based on training and past performance.
  • Ad exit interviews mainly cover events that happened during your employment, but were not your responsibility.
  • You will be contacted by a manager for an interview as soon as you quit your employment. They should give a reason for their decision and an estimate of when they plan to hire you.

    Walmart Firing And Rehire Policy


    If you are interested in applying for other assistance programs, you can select the programs that you are interested in when you complete the application.

    You will also need to submit a paper application, MyCOBenefits, or PEAK if you are applying by phone.

    You can request food assistance for students.

    To check the status of your application, you can log into your PEAK account at or on the MyCOBenefits mobile app.

    Counties are trying to make food benefits easier for you to access, so interviews may not be necessary but they still may need to contact you for other information.

    The county will reach out to you to reschedule if an interview still needed.

    If you lost your job or have been laid off, you should apply for food assistance immediately.

    Please provide as much information as you can about your layoff.

    Within seven days, the county will review your application to see if it is eligible for benefits.

    The counties are trying to simplify the application by giving you more options in terms of what information to submit.

    The county will try to get all of the information they need for you but may still need to call you at the phone number from your application if they have questions.

    County offices are working quickly to update your case with any information that you have provided them.

    The due dates of the requested information by the county office have not been changed.

    County offices are working quickly to update your case with any information that you have provided them.

    Due dates for the information the county office requested have not changed.

    County offices are working as quickly as they can to process applications.

    Normal processing time can range from seven to thirty days, but the counties are working to reduce all processing times.

    You can check your application status in two different ways:

    Walmart Firing And Rehire Policy

    Reasons For Termination

    Walmart may terminate your employment for many reasons. The most common termination reasons include:

  • Violating company policies or procedures, such as theft or workplace harassment.
  • Poor performance, such as failing to meet sales goals or productivity standards.
  • Attendance issues, such as excessive absences or tardiness.
  • Insubordination, such as refusing to follow orders or comply with company policies.
  • The end of temporary or seasonal employment.
  • If you were terminated for any of these reasons, you may be eligible for rehire if you meet the eligibility criteria outlined above.