My Personal Experience With The DEWALT 1600 Jump Starter

Overview of the DEWALT 1600 Peak Amp Jump Starter

Dewalt 1600 Jump Starter Review

I recently had the pleasure of using the DEWALT 1600 Peak Amp Jump Starter, and I must say, it has left quite an impression. Known for its robust power and multi-functionality, this device isn’t just your average jump starter. Below, I’ve detailed my experiences with various aspects of the unit.

Contents at a Glance:

  • Unboxing and First Impressions
  • Jump Starting Capability
  • Built-In Air Compressor
  • Charging Ports and Power Supply
  • Portability and Design
  • Alternator Check Feature
  • Final Thoughts

Dewalt 1600 Jump Starter Review

Unboxing and First Impressions

When I first received the DEWALT 1600 Jump Starter, the packaging was professional, and everything was secured nicely inside. It was clear that DEWALT values the presentation and protection of their products.

Dewalt 1600 Jump Starter Review

Jump Starting Capability

Feature Specification
Peak Amps 1600 Peak Amps
Instant Starting Amps 750 Amps
Battery Type Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)
Suitable Engine Types Up to V8

My first test was to jump start my old V6 sedan, which had been sitting idle for a while. The DEWALT 1600 worked flawlessly, starting the car instantly without a hitch. The unit boasts a solid 1600 peak amps and 750 instant amps, which is more than sufficient for most engines.

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Dewalt 1600 Jump Starter Review

Built-In Air Compressor

Unfortunately, my experience with the air compressor was not as smooth. While it initially pumped my tires effectively, by the third use, it gave out. However, in those first instances, the digital compressor did exactly what it was supposed to, which is a feature I consider valuable for roadside emergencies.

Charging Ports and Power Supply

USB Ports and AC Outlets:

The jump starter came equipped with four USB ports and two 120V AC outlets:

  • USB Ports: 6.2A combined
  • 120V AC Outlets: 500W combined power draw

Dewalt 1600 Jump Starter Review

These features proved incredibly handy when I needed to charge multiple devices during a power outage.

Portability and Design

One thing to note is that despite its portable label, this is not the lightest device to carry around. Weighing just over 20 pounds, it’s robust and sturdy – not something I would describe as compact. Its size resembles that of a car battery, which is something to keep in mind when considering storage space in your vehicle.

Alternator Check Feature

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Alternator Check:

  1. Connect to a fully charged battery
  2. Start the engine
  3. Press the “Alternator Check” button

Target Shoplifting Policy

The built-in alternator check feature provides peace of mind, offering an easy way to ascertain the health of your vehicle’s charging system.

Final Thoughts


  • Powerful jump-starting capability
  • Multiple charging ports
  • Useful alternator check feature


  • Air compressor durability
  • Bulkiness might not be suitable for all


Best Hand Sanders

In summary, the DEWALT 1600 Jump Starter offers a powerful and versatile solution for roadside emergencies, but it does come with a few trade-offs in terms of air compressor reliability and portability. Its multifunctionality as a power bank and diagnostic tool adds a great deal of value, and it has earned a respected place in my garage. Overall, for anyone looking for a reliable jump starter, the DEWALT 1600 is definitely worth considering.

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Should you require an all-in-one device that powers your electronics and provides emergency roadside assistance, the DEWALT 1600 Peak Amp Jump Starter could be a game-changer.

If you found this review helpful, and you’re considering the DEWALT 1600 Peak Amp Jump Starter for your own use, don’t hesitate to check it out further. Here’s to hoping your experiences are even better than mine!