Does Subway Still Have The Seafood Sub In 2022? (+ Faqs)

Formerly Pete’s Super Submarines


Fast food
Founded August 28, 1965

; 56 years ago





Bridgeport, Connecticut

, U.S.


Number of locations
37,540 (Jun. 2021)


Area served
Worldwide (100+ countries)
Key people

John Chidsey





Revenue Decrease


16.1 billion (2019)


US$10.2 billion (U.S.)


DeLuca family
Number of employees
5,000 (2021)


(>410,000 if including franchises)


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Known for its customizable sandwiches and salads, Subway is one of the world’s most well-known fast-food restaurants. Subway franchises can offer unique, diverse and delicious menus as well as customers’ favorites.

  • But, fans of Subway may be wondering if it still has the Seafood Sub, a favorite among Subway customers. Here’s my take after digging!
  • Does Subway Still Have The Seafood Sub In 2022? (+ FAQs)

    Does Subway Still Have Seafood Sub In 2022?

    Subway Seafood Sensation is an obsolete sandwich which was discontinued by most Subway outlets in the US. The Seafood Sub may be rare, and is only sold in select Subway shops, since many franchises have stopped ordering the needed ingredients. There are many recipes online that can help you make your Seafood Sub.

  • Continue reading to learn more about Subway’s Seafood Sensation Sub, including how much it costs, what calories it has, and where it can be purchased.
  • Seafood Sensation Was Discontinued in All US Subway Restaurants

    Subway’s Seafood Sensation Sub has been discontinued in many locations.

    Subway decided to end the Seafood Sub because it was very popular with customers. Franchises also sold it well.

    As a result, Subway workers reported on the internet that they are unable to order Subway ingredients in their Seafood Sensation recipe. It is therefore not sold at all stores.

    However, the Seafood Sensation is still available at many US restaurants. It’s a popular menu item in the US Virgin Islands.

    Does Subway Still Have The Seafood Sub In 2022? (+ FAQs)

    What is the Subway Seafood Subway?

    Subway has a handful of locations where you can get the Seafood Sub Sandwich sandwich.

    Subway franchises are independent and each store can choose which Subway items it would like to stock.

    Subway has many locations that offer regular meals and allow customers to choose from local favourites, including the Seafood Sub.

    However, it has been reported some Subway franchises can no longer order the ingredients for the Seafood Sub.

    However, Seafood Sensation could be easier to access in coastal regions because it’s more common and accessible.

    Other workers also stated that Subway may have the Seafood Sub in stock for certain seasons and occasions such as Lent.

    Subway workers who stock the Seafood Sub have reported it is a very popular menu item, with customers driving for several miles to visit the store specifically for the Seafood Sensation.

    Contact your local Subway to see if it stocks the Seafood Sensation, and if it doesn’t, the manager may be able to inform you of local franchises that do.

    Subway Seafood Sub.

    Subway Seafood Sensation is a combo of Alaskan Pollock & crab meat.

    Subway offers a blend of imitation crab and crab meat as the crabmeat mix in the Seafood Sensation.

    Like regular Subway sandwiches customers have the option to choose from a variety of breads as well additional cheeses or meats that will go along with their Seafood Sensation filling.

    In a Subway Seafood Sensation that is approximately 840 calories, it measures about 3.5 feet long

    Does Subway Still Have The Seafood Sub In 2022? (+ FAQs)

    Subway Cut the Seafood Sub off its Menu.

    Subway did not make an official statement about why the Seafood Sensation was removed from its menus in many United States franchises, even though it is very popular with customers.

    The Seafood Sensation sandwich stuffing was not long-lasting, so it could have been causing lots of waste.

    Subway could have removed the item from their menu to lower losses and improve profits.

    A second possibility could be that Subway suppliers were unable to source core ingredients for the Seafood Sensation and this led to shortages at franchises.

    Subway Has Revived The Seafood Sensation

    Subway cut the Seafood Sensation off its menus. Subway customers were dissatisfied and created a petition on Facebook and started an appeal to have it reinstated.

    However, Subway received hundreds of requests to bring back Seafood Sensation on its Facebook page.

    Subway offered to bring back Seafood Sensation for $5 for a Footlong.

    Subway Seafood Sensation does not appear to still be sold in certain stores.

    Does Subway Still Have The Seafood Sub In 2022? (+ FAQs)

    Can I Make My Own Subway Seafood Sensation?

    If your local Subway does not stock the Seafood Sensation, several recipes online can help you make your own version.

    To learn more about Subway, visit our blog posts on Subway Pizza, Subway Salads, Subway Vegan Options.

  • Conclusion
  • While Subway has discontinued the Seafood Sub in the majority of franchises, it is still available in a select few, including the US Virgin Islands.

    However, it’s unclear why Subway has chosen to discontinue the Seafood Sub as it was a popular menu item.

    Subway stopped selling seafood.

    They weren’t popular and no one ordered them, so they were cut from the menu. The high price of the food meant they could not be ordered, making them less popular. The customers would need to select a better, more profitable item.

    What exactly is Seafood Sensation Subway and how can you get it?

    Made with imitation crab and plenty of mayo, the 6-inch version of this sandwich can be easily replicated at home by mixing your own seafood salad.

    .Does Subway Still Have The Seafood Sub In 2022? (+ Faqs)

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