Is There A Home Depot In Australia? (All You Need To Know)

Home Depot began as a small store with just one location in 1978. Today, there are close to 2000 stores across the United States.

  • Home Depot is an American company, but you might be curious if Home Depot also has a branch in Australia. My research led me to this:
  • Is There A Home Depot In Australia? (All You Need To Know)

    Is There A Home Depot In Australia In 2022?

    Home Depot does not currently have a store in Australia, as it only operates in North America, Mexico and Canada. Home Depot is not planning to open an Australia store due to fierce competition from Bunnings Home Hardware, Mitre 10, and Home Hardware.

  • Continue reading to find out more about Home Depot’s Australian operations, including why they are located down under.
  • Home Depot is opening its doors down under?

    Home Depot has not released any official statements that indicate expansion into any Australian states or territories any time soon.

    The concern that the company might move to Australia may be a result of the short-term in China where all seven locations were shut down.

    A lot of Australian brands have loyal customers, including Bunnings.

    Master’s failed expansion to $3 billion was due in part to the loyalty of its customers.

    It is not to be taken as a guarantee that the Home Depot will ever come to Australia. Forbes suggests that Home Depot should expand outside of North America to continue its growth over the long-term.

    Is There A Home Depot In Australia? (All You Need To Know)

    Why are people so sure that Home Depot is located in Australia

    Many researchers incorrectly claim that Home Depot is situated in Australia.

    Because two of the key Home Depot locations can be found near these places:

    One Home Depot store is currently located on 50, Sydney Port Access Road , Sydney, in Canada.

    While the second store may be called “Melbourne”, it’s actually on North Wickham Road (Melbourne), in Florida.

    Many believe the Home Depot Australia store location is also located in Australia due to these names.

    Is Australia home to similar stores as Home Depot in Australia?

    Australia may not be home to the likes of Home Depot and Lowe’s. It is home to a number of popular hardware chains and home improvement shops.

    Bunnings currently has 6 Adelaide Tool Shops and 325 trading locations in Australia.

    These shops can be found within the Australian territory of:

  • Australian Capital Territory: 5 stores
  • New South Wales: 90 stores
  • Northern Territory: Three stores
  • Queensland: 64 stores
  • South Australia has 21 shops
  • Tasmania: 7 stores
  • Victoria: 75 stores
  • Western Australia has 37 retail outlets
  • Bunnings stock some of the following items:

  • The plants
  • Gardening equipment
  • Exterior and interior lighting fixtures
  • Kitchen suites
  • Appliances
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Flooring
  • Construction supplies and more
  • A popular choice for contractors is Mitre 10.

    A retailer that supplies concrete mix, aggregates as well as pools, floors, sands, sands, and other construction materials has been identified by the seller.

    Mitre 10 is currently operating in every Australian territory, in major cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Perth as well as Brisbane, Adelaide, Adelaide, Darwin, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

    Home Hardware is not the only home-improvement and hardware store in Australia. Toolmart, Home Timber & Hardware and Reece Group are also well-known.

    Is There A Home Depot In Australia? (All You Need To Know)

    Can Home Depot US Send To Australia?

    Home Depot provides international shipping. You can call, email or call the Export team of Home Depot to check if you are able to send your item to Australia.

    International shipping may incur high fees, however.

    Home Depot starts international shipping fees at $109, and you may need to pay additional customs charges on top of that.

    Please note that customs charges may vary depending on how heavy your product is and the method of transport it uses.

    You do not have to complete a minimum spend to qualify for international shipping since Home Depot will gladly send all small and large orders.

    Alternativly, third-party ordering and shipping options are available that will allow you purchase the product for a fixed price and then ship it to another company.

    Big Apple Buddy offers personal shopping and shipping to Australia,

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    Home Depot cannot be found in Australia; it is only open in North America, Canada, and Mexico.

    Australia has its own hardware and home-improvement stores, such as Bunnings and Home Hardware. Hanson Australia is also available for contractors who require a broad range of supplies.

    .Is There A Home Depot In Australia? (All You Need To Know)

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