Does Ikea Sell Murphy Beds In 2022? [Hacks + Alternatives!]

IKEA believes it can meet all the domestic needs of its millions of customers. From bathrooms to kitchens and bedrooms, IKEA has almost everything one could need from their home.

  • IKEA also sells a wide variety of bed frames and bed accessories. It is possible that you’re wondering if IKEA offers Murphy Beds. Here is everything I have managed to find out!
  • Does IKEA Sell Murphy Beds In 2022? [Hacks + Alternatives!]

    IKEA Will Sell Murphy Beds in 2022

    IKEA has stopped selling Murphy Beds online and in-store since 2022. IKEA has a selection of sofa beds, and adjustable bunk beds. IKEA customers also have the option to shop online at Walmart Costco, Home Depot and Amazon, which sell Murphy Beds as well as Murphy Beds kits that can be assembled yourself.

  • Continue reading to learn how you can hack IKEA furniture and find other items.
  • IKEA Murphy Bed Hacks
  • It’s possible to still make your Murphy Bed by going to IKEA or other stores.
  • There are numerous online guides on constructing Murphy beds, by using separate furniture items from IKEA and merging them together.

    Murphy beds are possible by using an IKEA cupboard or a shelf frame which arcs around a bed.

    Apart from the pieces that are needed to make the IKEA furniture products, there will also be additional parts. These components include hinges as well timber and screws.

    Do You Think It Is Safe to Build Your Murphy Bed From Home?

    If you are armed with the right parts and have the right tools to help construct your Murphy bed, it will be possible for years to use safely.

    Make sure you only use the best quality parts for Murphy beds. Poorly made parts can cause injury and lead to dangerous suspensions.

    A Murphy bed is safer than an IKEA one.

    IKEA furniture cannot be modified in this way, so make sure your Murphy bed is safe.

  • Murphy Beds Also Available in Other Countries
  • Murphy beds do not come from IKEA. However, you can still get them flat-packed at any other retailer in the United States.
  • You can buy Murphy beds online at a variety of retailers, including Amazon and Home Depot. They offer a wide range of Murphy beds, as well as kits that include small cabinets that hold the pillows and mattresses, and closet-shaped Murphy bed that give a space a grand appearance.

    Walmart and Costco have the bed available in stock. It is also a good idea to shop for Murphy beds at specialized furniture shops and craftmen that specialize in making beds such as the Murphy.

    This will ensure that you receive a high-quality product that is secure, and fixed properly to your wall.

    Does IKEA Sell Murphy Beds In 2022? [Hacks + Alternatives!]

    IKEA offers any other alternatives to Murphy beds?

    IKEA doesn’t have Murphy beds in store or online. However, they sell many beds that can either be customized or adjusted in certain ways or that can be stored after being used.

    IKEA also sells sofa bed, where the mattress folds away from the couch.

    IKEA has a Kura range of bunk beds. Although it is not possible to store it away, the Kura range of bunk beds can be modified to meet customer’s needs. You have the option to add or move an extra bed or adjust the height to fit two people.

    Can I Return An Altered Furniture Item To IKEA?

    Absolutely not. IKEA does not currently sell Murphy beds, and thus would be unwilling to take back an entire Murphy bed set.

    Also, once IKEA products have been used in constructing Murphy beds, their warranty has been significantly reduced.

    It may still be possible to return the separate furniture that you have used to build your Murphy bed, but they must be entirely separated from each other, and returned as separate items, with their original packaging and your original proof of purchase in the form of a receipt or order confirmation.

    Be wary that IKEA may still refuse your return at this point, as they would most likely have to scrap or recycle your returned furniture.

    You can read my guide about the IKEA return policy for mattresses, including slats in IKEA beds, as well as IKEA’s pillow & duvet returns policy.

  • Conclusion
  • No. IKEA does not currently sell any variety of Murphy beds across either their retail stores or their online stores. While these beds can be constructed using IKEA furniture as well as a couple of online guides, it could present a potential safety risk.

    Murphy Beds are easily available elsewhere. IKEA also sells many stowable mattresses, mostly sofa-style.

    .Does Ikea Sell Murphy Beds In 2022? [Hacks + Alternatives!]

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