Time Warner Intelligent Home Review

Time Warner Intelligent Home Review

Spectrum (Time Warner) Intelligenthome Review

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Time Warner Cable launched IntelligentHome in 2011, its home security and management system. IntelligentHome allows customers to control and remotely manage their security, lighting and thermostats via a smartphone, tablet or computer. Customers who choose to add a camera will be able to view live streaming video. The in-home touchscreen also allows users to access weather, news and traffic, and even post photos.

Time Warner Cable owns and runs the CSAA 5 Diamond Rated Emergency Response Centre, giving you instant access to emergency services. IntelligentHome offers cellular backup and battery back-up, along with a manual activated panic alarm. The company offers free standard installation to customers who currently subscribe to another provider’s home security service and want to switch to IntelligentHome. Customers can also upgrade or use their existing security equipment to make the switch.

  • Cellular and battery backup
  • Email and text alerts
  • Remote access via the web and smartphone apps
  • Controlling lighting and temperature, as well as scheduling
  • Start at $39.99 for the base package
  • Base package starts at $39.99

Centurylink Smart Home Review

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CenturyLink’s Smart Home automation and security system is relatively new on the market. This system appears high-tech and has many bells and whistles. It’s hard to find much feedback on them since they are still relatively new. We don’t love that they lock you in for three years, and charge extra fees to activate and install.

  • Text and email alerts
  • Support via phone and live chat
  • There are tons of security and home automation equipment.
  • Touchscreen panels display news, sports and weather information.
  • Both web access and mobile apps (iOS or Android) are available.
  • Installation, equipment and activation fees
  • 3 year agreement

Time Warner Intelligent Home Review

Time Warner Home Security

When choosing between Time Warner and Monitronics security systems, the first thing to consider is Internet service. In order to install Time Warner’s IntelligentHome security, you must have the company’s Internet service in your home, as the system uses Wi-Fi to operate. This service isn’t available in every Time Warner Home Security area of the United States. You can easily upgrade if you’re a Time Warner customer.

Time Warner IntelligentHome security benefits

  • Monitoring system available round-the-clock
  • Light and temperature settings
  • Remote Access
  • Indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras
  • Easy-install home security alarm

One of the most important aspects of Time Warner’s IntelligentHome security is the easy setup. The company will send an installer to your home once you have placed the order. The entire process is done wirelessly, so you can protect your home without running new wires. After the system is in place, you can log in to your personal security dashboard to update settings and view video feeds.

Time Warner Extras Available:

  • Security alarm panel to manage in-home security
  • Environmental hazard detectors
  • Window, door and glass wall sensors
  • Remote temperature controls
  • Wireless surveillance cameras

Factory Reset Won’T Help

After the Zigbee Alliance answered our questions, we asked Charter if it’s possible for customers to perform a factory reset and pair their devices with non-Charter Zigbee hubs.

Charter’s answer included some good news for customers, but not much. Charter said that “lifestyle devices” such as lighting and thermostats, which Charter refers to as “lifestyle gadgets”, “will work with hubs that support them and can be defaulted or re-paired.”

But Charter security devices can’t be joined to other security systems, even if they use Zigbee, the company told us. While those thermostats and lights will work with other vendors, “that isn’t the case with the security devices such as window and door alarms, which account for the majority of Spectrum Home Security devices,” Charter said. “Other home security providers have their own security/alarm devices, software and certifications and those systems wont accept a security device that they haven’t tested or certified.”

ADT claims that the security hub can work with Zigbee cameras, Zigbee light bulbs, doors locks and thermostats. However, security monitoring using ADT Security Hub requires that only ADT-monitored devices be connected to ADT’s security system. Charter’s system appears to be similarly restricted.

“In this case, Charter probably has hard-coded these devices to only work with its security services,” Ars IT Editor Sean Gallagher told me when I asked him to help me make sense of the problem. Although certain products like light bulbs and smart locks are widely compatible across different vendors’ hubs, Gallagher also noted that “Zigbee is famously nonstandard as a standard.”

Time Warner Intelligent Home Review

Quick Look At Spectrum Home Security

  • Time Warner is now Spectrum Home Security.
  • No longer offers home security.

Spectrum Home Security provides pricing and equipment information to potential customers in a transparent manner. Each package includes an in-home touchscreen panel and motion/glass-break sensors, as well as two doors/window sensors.

You’ll then get a smart thermostat, or an indoor/outdoor cam, depending upon which package you select.

It also has a built-in battery backup for 24 hours, cellular backup and wifi connectivity. You can access dozens of other apps from the panel.

Because Spectrum no longer offers home security, we recommend you check out our #1 home security company: VIvint.

Vivint Smart Home is ranked #1 for three very good reasons: excellent customer service, outstanding reviews, and the very convenient option to choose between no upfront fees or no contracts. Vivint provides unparalleled service and security systems that provide peace of mind — it’s own customers say so.

Vivint Smart Home is ranked #1 for three very good reasons: excellent customer service, outstanding reviews, and the very convenient option to choose between no upfront fees or no contracts. Vivint provides unparalleled service and security systems that provide peace of mind — it’s own customers say so.

Don’T Like

  • Competitive rates for cable, but pricier than many fiber providers
  • Internet service is slightly below the industry average for customer satisfaction

Spectrum has three plans available at different prices. None of them include data caps, and none require you to commit to a contract. However, after 12 months, your monthly bill will go up by $25. These are the details:

Charter Spectrum is similar to other providers in that it increases your monthly cost after the initial promotional period. Be aware of this potential change. Spectrum is a cable company that can offer fast download speeds but not symmetrical upload speeds. This could negatively affect remote workers.

Time Warner Intelligent Home Review

No Interoperability

We then contacted the Zigbee Alliance, an industry group that develops standards and certifies products to ensure multi-vendor interoperability. The first answer a Zigbee Alliance spokesperson gave us made it sound like the Charter products should be re-usable with other vendors’ Zigbee-enabled systems:

The Zigbee-certified and Icontrol-certified Zigbee devices used by Charter were examined and sourced through Icontrol. Via a factory reset they can be joined to another hub–so a re-pair process is possible.

Comcast purchased Icontrol Networks business lines in March 2017 and Alarm.com.

Charter customers can do a factory reset and join their Zigbee security products to any Zigbee Hub. Then, they can sign up for another service. Not quite. Even if there is a factory-reset method available on a particular device, that doesn’t mean the reset will make the device compatible with other vendors’ systems.

The Zigbee Alliance said that “the answer is different for each device.” Each device has a factory reset procedure, however the details vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The Zigbee Alliance is trying to solve this problem with its All Hubs Initiative announced in May 2019, which aims to improve interoperability, the spokesperson told us. Charter customers won’t be able to keep their products up after February 5, however.

Security System Overview

The Spectrum Home Security System came with all of the standard features you would expect from security systems. From a security standpoint, Spectrum safety features are comparable to other home security providers in the United States, like Protect America. Spectrum offers similar security plans, but their fully intelligent home service is the main difference. Some features of their security system are:

  • 24/7 active home security monitoring and motion detector from a central touchscreen control panel
  • Pricing of the security package between $99.99 and $199.99 with a monitoring cost of $39.99 every month

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Time Warner Intelligent Home Review

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A CableCARD is a one-way PC card device that allows access to Spectrum TV services. This means that you don’t need to lease a Spectrum Receiver (cable box).

Shorter Contract Lengths

Spectrum Home Security’s (Time Warner Cable) contract length for home security systems is 18 months, which is considerably shorter than the three to five-year contracts required by many other companies in the industry.

Time Warner Intelligent Home Review

The Customers’ Reactions

As you would think, lots of canceled Spectrum Security customers went to social media to post their feelings on the subject:

Spectrum has notified thousands of customers that their home security system will be turned off effective February 5, 2020. These customers have spent hundreds of dollars for the equipment and Spectrum is saying “screw you.” #Spectrum

Alarm System Equipment

Second siren (not required) – $99/ea

Key remote – $39/ea

Window/door sensor $69/ea

Motion detector – $99/ea

Glass break detector – $99/ea

Smoke detector – $99/ea

CO2 – $99/ea

Flood/water sensors: $59/ea

Time Warner Intelligent Home Review

Monitors and high up-front costs

Time Warner equipment can be quite expensive.

Upfront costs start at $99.99 for the Basic Security package, $149.99 for the Security & Video package, and $199.99 for the Security, Video & Energy package.

Additional window/door sensors can be purchased for $20-40 each.

Time Warner’s monthly monitoring rates are on the more expensive side as well.

Monitor prices begin at $39.99 per Month, twice the price of comparable plans from other home security providers.

Terms Of Service And Policies – Spectrum

Charter/Spectrum Business Voice Price Guide * Time Warner Business Cable Voice Price Guide * Bright House Business Voice Price Guide. Spectrum Enterprise.

Time Warner Intelligent Home Review

Xfinity: Internet, Tv, Phone, Smart Home And Security

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Time Warner Intelligent Home Review

National Cable Providers Offering Home Security

While these bundled services may be less expensive, it is important to remember that cheaper is not always better. Make sure you know what you are paying for and understand the tradeoffs that may lower costs. Tradeoffs may include: customer service/support in times of need, a less safe communication method (broadband or phone line vs. cellular), lack of monitoring, slower response time, and false alarms. If you are considering bundling your home security and other services, be cautious.


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Time Warner Intelligent Home Review

Time Warner Intelligent Home Review

Time Warner Spectrum Intelligent Home Summary This 2018 Spectrum Home Security Review Summary is followed by a comprehensive review and a section for customers’ Time Warner Cable Intelligent Home Reviews.

The Customer Time Warner Home Security Reviews and ratings are averaged and appear under the editor’s “HSA Reviews” score in the “Users” votes.

If you have a TWC Intelligent Home Security System (Spectrum), please share your experience in our section for customer TWC Home Security Reviews.

You have responsibilities regarding the intelligent home equipment

You Must Return Our Equipment. You must return the equipment TIME WARNER CABLE (r) if you no longer receive Intelligent Home Service.

It is against the law to move our equipment. TIME WARNER CABLE(r) Your Equipment will be linked to your Service Address in the Work Order. We require you to immediately notify us of any change in the ownership or occupancy. You are not allowed to use the TIMEWARNERCABLE(r) Equipment. You may not use the TIME WARNER CABLE(r) Equipment if you do not have a security service provider. Doing so could lead to equipment malfunction or make it difficult for emergency workers to locate the site.

Use of TIME WARNER CABLE(r) equipment. Use the TIME WARNER CABLE(r) Equipment according to the way you selected it and how we installed the TIME WARNER CABLE(r). You must also follow the directions and any other material that we give you, including periodic testing. If you relocate the Equipment within your home after installation, obstruct the Equipment, fail to properly maintain the Equipment, or otherwise hinder the proper operation of the Equipment, it may not operate properly. Equipment might not activate an alarm and our monitoring system may not get an alarm signal within your home. If we receive an alarm signal our monitoring agency may not provide accurate information to emergency responders.

If you sign up for Intelligent Home Services that includes a supplemental smoke alarm system, it is a confirmation that your premises at home have a primary fire alarm system in place that complies both with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and with any state or local regulations. Intelligent Home Service customers are not permitted to use the supplemental fire-alarm system as a substitute or replacement for NFPA compliant systems.

We Test only Our Own Systems. TWC(r), will not inspect or test any other fire alarm system other than the one we have installed. Your responsibility is to ensure that your non-TWCr fire alarm system conforms to applicable building code, fire protection regulations in your region and works correctly.

Time Warner Intelligent Home Review

Will The Spectrum Twc Intelligent Home System Still Work If We Lose The Electricity?

When the electrical power shuts off, the Time Warner Security system is going to continue to provide you with proper protection by switching to battery power back up. In most Spectrum, Intelligent Home reviews the backup power supply will be rated at twenty-four hours. This can change depending on your alarm system, choices, and devices within the home.

Spectrum TWC Intelligent Home System will emit a loud beep in order to notify you of the existence of backup electrical power. Also, Spectrum TWC Intelligent Home System may instruct someone to enter your code. If you’ve made remote updates, your Time Warner Home Security System may send you an e-mail or text message.

Time Warner Intelligent Home Review

Things To Discuss With Your Family Prior To Selecting A Twc Spectrum Intelligent Home System?

There are numerous considerations that you should ask yourself before buying Time Warner Security (Spectrum), along with any other system for that matter. There are many variables to take into consideration when selecting the right home security system.

You don’t have to answer the door.

Time Warner Intelligent Home Review

What is the best way to install Spectrum Internet?

You can set up your own cable connection if you have basic knowledge about modems or routers. You’re likely to be familiar with how to set up Wi-Fi networks. If not, Spectrum has a Spectrum video.

1. WBEN, Slow Internet Still Pervades Rural Areas of Niagara County Catherine Mc. Nally, Reviews.org, ” Fastest Internet Providers 2020,” August 2020. April 14, 2020.

2. American Customer Satisfaction Index, ” ACSI Telecoms Report 2019-2020

Time Warner Intelligent Home Review

What does Spectrum Security do with Alexa

Do you think Alexa can work with Spectrum Security

Charter Communications has discontinued support for Spectrum Security.

Many telecoms offer voice control to their security and entertainment services. Spectrum Home Security didn’t have it.

What should I do with my Twc Spectrum Security System

What do I have to do with my Spectrum Security System

TWC Spectrum Security equipment continues to work as a local network. Spectrum security services will not monitor and support the equipment.

Spectrum Reviews best practices for disposal.

TWC Spectrum welcomes the returns of Netgear WNR1000/2000 routers, as well as the control panel. This is part of their environmental commitment. Return them at no cost to any TWC Spectrum or UPS Store. The Spectrum Security system’s other components can be recycled in a responsible manner.

Time Warner Intelligent Home Review

Recap: Is Spectrum Internet Good?

Spectrum has a decent pricing structure and customer service. However, Spectrum offers fast data speeds and unlimited data with no contracts.

Spectrum, the country’s second-largest Internet provider, must compete with other big players like Verizon, Xfinity, and AT&T.

Which is the best? You’d be hard-pressed to find a better answer.

It is readily available in the United States and offers streaming gaming householders a broad range of speeds. You will also have unlimited data, which allows you to avoid contracts.

The confusing charges, which include an inflated Wi-Fi activation cost and poor customer service, make it difficult to recommend Spectrum. Spectrum is the best. It is possible. Are there worse ISPs than these? It is true.

Time Warner Intelligent Home Review

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