Monikl Review

Monikl Review

Monikl Review

Sarah Ward's Review of The Moni Yakim Legacy: How to Create Character

0 Flares. 0 Flares. "If theatre doesn't surprise, it's probably not interesting," Moni Yankim states in the documentary Creating A Character: The Moni Yim Legacy, which chronicles the impact of the Julliard Movement teacher and his career. This statement doesn't necessarily apply to the celebratory film. Much about Rauzar Alexander's equally insightful and adoring tribute fits the typical biographical documentary mould the archival footage, the celebrity testimonials, the behind-the-scenes glimpses, and the candid chats with both Yakim and his wife Mina, a fellow performer and Julliard instructor but the end product constantly surprises because its subject always does.

Afforded the kind of spotlight that acting teachers rarely receive, as his ex-student Kevin Kline notes, Yakim is a source of both wisdom and intrigue in Creating a Character. Although his impact on his fellow interviewees, including Jessica Chastain (Oscar Isaac), Anthony Mackie and Laura Linney is evident, it's not always been the way he expected. He's the only founding member of Jilliard's drama department that remains on staff, so one key element of his existence has remained unchanged for more than five decades. However, the ex-Israeli-soldier-turned-mimeist who was trained by Marcel Marceau as well as Etienne decroux saw Stella Adler and became obsessed with her plea to make America his home. He tells his students that "I'm bored with what you can do," and pushes them to go further, just as he did his own limits.

Alexander's movie is a fascinating tale, even though it presents the familiar details in an easy-to-understand manner. In fact, several chapters from Yakim's early life in Israel, including his military service and introduction to acting, as well his love of mime and the first few years after he immigrated to the USA, could be used to create separate documentary. Yakim's story is interwoven with Jilliard lessons, which perceptively allow audiences to look at the minute details of Yakim and translate them to his philosophy on acting and movement.

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Honey Boy's Alma Har’el has added another aspect to the story with Creating a Personality. Yakim now shows off his mime. Although it is bold, Yakim's ability to perform well and his teachings have not diminished. However, this allows Yakim to really show who he truly is in a film that's unmatched anywhere else. These sequences and Yakim's performances are felt by viewers, particularly when they are compared to Yakim’s instructions. He is always expressing his emotions, even if he tells young actors to speak in gibberish and to avoid writing.

Yakim is not a follower of a single script. This is evident in Creating a character. Indeed, adhering to a simple script would be the last piece of advice he'd give to anyone asking. The film telling his story takes a surprising turn, as it chooses to share the spotlight. Alexander's documentary, while undoubtedly honoring Yakim, spends just as much time with Alex Sharp, an undergraduate of Julliard High School's graduating class in 2014. His progress is tracked over their four year course in the movie, making him an easily recognizable figure. His Tony-winning Broadway performance of The Curious Incident Of the Dog in The Night-Time and his roles onscreen in To The Bone as well as How to Talk to Girls At Parties, The Hustle, and The Hustle make him instantly recognisable. A year after his studies were completed, he was awarded the American Theatre's most prestigious prize. It is now a goal for every aspiring actor and teacher to be able to share his dream with their students. While this may not be surprising, it is quite powerful.

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Monikl Review

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