Smith Thompson Review

Smith Thompson Review

Benefits Of Owning A Smith Thompson Security System

Smith Thompson is more than just a Burglar Alarm. Even though most of us see a home security system as an alarm for burglary, there are many other benefits to home security systems. These include energy savings, increased safety, better management of your home, and greater security.

Smith Thompson systems, however, tend to adhere to the older concept of basic safety. These are just a few of the many features available with Smith Thompson systems.

Smith Thompson Strengths The most basic of security systems will normally offer multiple layers. To discourage burglary attempts, a yard sign or window sticker to deter them. Midsize sensors are installed in doors and windows that could be broken to prevent entry. Interior sensors such as motion detectors and glass break sensors can detect entry.

Fire Protection -Activating one these detectors will activate a local alert that alerts the central channel to any security violation. Nearly 1.3 million fires were reported in 2014. This resulted in almost 13,00 deaths, nearly 3000 of them being fatal, and almost 10 billion dollars worth of property damage. Monitoring of your home is vital to ensure heat, fire and smoke alarms are triggered quickly so that authorities can immediately be alerted. While you may not always be available to help your home, family members or pets, your safety system will.

* Flood Prevention- You can install a water detector in the basement, laundry room to detect potential flooding problems. This will alert you to any plumbing issues or wet basements.

* Check Gun Cabinets and Other Sensitive Areas – You can easily track valuables or other sensitive areas, without setting off an alarm. Instead, you can place door detectors up in designated non-reporting areas. That will trigger an e-mail notification. If the alarm system is not activated, this will alert you that someone may have a gun, liquor, or office cabinet. For instance, a detector could be attached to the medicine cabinet and place to notify you if the cabinet weren't opened by a particular time.

This makes it possible to keep track of if medications are being taken. It will notify you if they are not. If they are, we will alert you. With 2 way voice communication enabled, the wireless panic alarm button can communicate directly with the monitoring device.

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Smith Thompson Review

Smith Thompson: Texas Residents' Choice For Low-Cost, High Quality Home Security

Smith Thompson security is based in Texas, serving only Texas residents. That's good news if you happen to live in Texas, as they offer home wireless monitoring for only $16.95/mo. A state-by-state analysis of crime rates shows that Texas has a higher level of violent crime at 17.3% and 6.9% respectively, making Texas home security top-of-mind for Texas homeowners. You may also consider other home safety systems, even if Texas is not your residence. Smith Thompson is in business since 1978 and has had the same monthly fees since. Mark Thompson, the founder, started the company when his family home was robbed on the day of his father's funeral. Because he experienced firsthand the destruction of burglary, he started the business. We review Smith Thompson to find out what this regional competitor is like.

$16.95/mo. $16.95/mo. for professional basic monitoring

No contract required

Smith Thompson offers a basic security system at a reasonable price. They offer three package options starting from $299, with an $89 install fee. You can upgrade your existing system to Smith Thompson for $89. Smith Thompson security is an affordable option. The average price for a Smith Thompson security system over three years is $612. Smith Thompson's security service is much cheaper than Vivint, which averages $2,520 over three years, and ADT, which averages $1,296. Combine that with no contract required, which is unusual for most providers with professional installation, and Smith Thompson is an excellent choice for the budget-minded Texas family.

6 Highlights out of 10.

No-contract, reasonable priced security system that offers 24/7 monitoring

The level of monitoring can vary between wireless and mobile, depending on which system is being used.


Smith Thompson Review

Smith Thompson Security – 2021 Reviews, Prices And Smith Thompson Home Security Packages

Smith Thompson is an established name in The Lone Star State…but they may not suit everyone. Overall, Smith Thompson reviews are pretty positive. Smith Thompson Security Smith Thompson Security Reviews is where you can share your Smith Thompson Alarm experiences. Smith Thompson Security Smith Thompson was established in 1978. It offers inexpensive home security monitoring in Texas and pest control services.

The company is family owned and operated and has been installing over 100,000 systems in Plano since its inception. They offer low-cost monitoring at $16.95 per month and basic equipment installation at a fair price.

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They started the business as a home security provider, but have expanded their services to include pest control.

Possible new Smith Thompson Security buyers Are you a current or potential customer of Smith Thompson Security?

Are you serious about protecting your family and home with a brand new alarm system?

You might be a Smith Thompson competitor and want to switch… the Home Security Advisor is designed to give you all of the information that you need in order to make informed decisions about your home security. Additionally, you will find helpful tips and tricks to help protect yourself as well as your loved ones.

Aside from summary ratings and detailed research, the site also contains reviews by real users, product comparisons between leading suppliers along with frequently asked questions.


Smith Thompson Review

Who is it for?

Smith Thompson operates only in Texas. This includes the Dallas, Ft. Worth and Houston areas, as well as San Antonio and San Antonio. Unfortunately, Smith Thompson only caters to homeowners and small businesses. They don't offer services to apartments and renters.

On the bright side, Smith Thompson caters to those who need a new security system and monitoring, those who already have a system but needs monitoring, and those who have had their homes pre-wired by a builder.


Smith Thompson Review

Is Smith Thompson Security A Good Choice?

Smith Home Security Company proved to be reliable, after much testing. We love that they have a very low monitoring cost at just $16.95. They also offer smart home automation. Simpli. Safe Home Security, a superior choice for security with no contracts.

Their monitoring fee is much lower, and they also offer smart home options. Simpli's smart home systems are easier to set up, which lends credibility to their name. Safe. SimpliSafe is a nationwide brand that doesn't limit you to one location. Simpli. Secure if looking for an affordable smart home alarm that doesn't require a contract.


Smith Thompson Review

Are Ring, Nest, Or Arlo Cameras Compatible?

Unfortunately…they are not. Many of the most common DIY smart home cameras will not allow integration with the platform used in Smith Thompson security systems.

If these cameras are already yours, they can be managed with their own apps.

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A fully integrated system will be possible if compatible cameras are installed.


Smith Thompson Review

Do Smith Thompson Alarms Require a Landline Phone?

Smith Thompson Security — Monitoring Options Smith Thompson's alarm does not require an internet connection to monitor.

Even though it costs more, Smith Thompson Home Security System users will benefit greatly from cell monitoring. Smith Thompson reviews do not usually mention this but it can easily be interfered with by cutting off the landline to send an alert to the Thompson security monitoring system.

Smith Thompson security reviews may complain about additional fees, however many Smith Thompson homeowners can reduce the costs of Smith Thompson alarm monitoring simply by getting rid of their landlines.


Smith Thompson Review

Are you a DIYer or a Professional Installer?

Smith Thompson Alarm Systems are set up by a qualified professional. However whether or not professional installation is important for just about any wireless home security system may be debatable.

Although some people may prefer to have the alarm system set up by someone else, there are many benefits to setting it up yourself.

It is actually much more simple than you realise.

In fact, more than 90% of Do it yourself security owners described the system as "easy to install".


Smith Thompson Review

Which should you choose? (Decisions, Decisions).

The fun part is over. We found out that both brands are great choices. ADT is a great choice for security. Smith Thompson is also a good option. Smith Thompson is only available in Texas, so it's important to remember that Smith Thompson does not provide their services in other states. ADT should be your choice, even if you live there and plan on moving out soon.

Smith Thompson, if you're looking for a home security solution that is basic and doesn't require a lot in terms of feature-rich features, is Smith Thompson the perfect choice. There's no 3-year commitment and your monthly savings will not be limited.

ADT offers video surveillance, extras and complete home automation. Whatever your choice, we guarantee you peace of head that will be priceless.

.Smith Thompson Review