Do Costco Have Motorized Carts & Wheelchairs For Customers?

Do Costco Have Motorized Carts & Wheelchairs For Customers?

Driving The Motorized Scooter Cart

The EZ-Shopper 8000 is capable of backing up to 1.5 mph. This is great for stores with narrow aisles, where users might miss a turn. That means even smaller stores can offer this feature to their clients; something that’s sure to bring in even more business, now that the store has become more accessible! Note that with proper driving the EZ Shopper Motorized Cart enjoys excellent turning and maneuverability despite its transaxle system.

In forward mode, the top speed is 2.5 miles per hour. This is a perfect speed for store use, as it isn’t so fast that it will create accidents and mini crashes, yet it still allows cart riders to proceed at regular pedestrian speed. This means that they will not be frustrated by the fact that their cart riders have to walk slower than the rest of the customers.

Viral Image of Mobility Scooter Accident in Supermarket

Costco sells Handicap/Motorized Carts and Wheelchairs

As well as providing them free of charge to customers in need, Costco also sells a range of wheelchairs and motorized scooters both in-store and online.

These products are available online under ‘Health & Personal Care” in the category of Wheelchairs, Walkers & Medical Alert devices’. All products have been reviewed by Costco and received at least 4 stars. These products are affordable.

Costco has a variety of FSA-eligible wheelchairs. Costco sells the Rolling Walker/Wheelchair for $174.99. The combination is $189.99

Costco offers a variety of walkers and wheelchairs that can be ordered in store or online.

You can find more information in our links about Target renting wheelchairs and scooters for customers, and Walgreens renting crutches or knee scooters.

  • Conclusion

Costco does have motorized/handicap wheelchairs and carts they can lend to customers while they are in-store. Costco members can also bring two guests. To help you shop, bring a friend.

As well as offering accessibility items for customers, Costco also sells motorized/handicap carts and wheelchairs at reasonable prices, in line with their ethos of competitive retail.

Do Costco Have Motorized Carts & Wheelchairs For Customers?

Is Costco selling motorized or handicap carts and wheelchairs?

Costco offers motorized and handicapped carts or wheelchairs to its customers at no cost. However, does Costco also sell such items?

Well, the answer to this would be yes! You can purchase wheelchairs or motorized carts at your local stores, or online.

While looking for it online on their website, you can find these products in the ‘health and personal care ‘ category of ‘wheelchairs, walkers and medical alert devices ‘.

They are quite good, with an average rating of 4 stars.

They have some wheelchairs that are FSA-eligible and they cost about 175 Dollars, while their roll walker/wheelchair combination (which also FSA-eligible) is around 189 to 193 dollars.

You can purchase their wheelchairs or motorized carts online or in-store.

Is Costco promoting motorized/handicap carts and wheelchairs

Costco offers them at no cost to customers in need. They also sell a variety of motorized scooters and wheelchairs both in-store as well as online.

These merchandise might be available online in ‘Wellbeing & Private Care’ under the category of ‘Wheelchairs Walkers & Medical Alert Gadgets. Costco has reviewed all of its merchandise and they have received a minimum score of four stars. They are also reasonably priced.

A few of the merchandise Costco sells embrace a wheelchair that’s FSA Eligible, priced at $174.99. Costco additionally offers a Rolling Walker/Wheelchair mixture that can be FSA Eligible and retails at $189.99.

Costco sells all types of wheelchairs and walkers as well as medical alert devices. You can also order them online.

If you want to learn more, please see the associated posts. These include whether Goal has wheelchairs or scooters for patrons. Also, if Walgreens rents crutches or wheelchairs.

Do Costco Have Motorized Carts & Wheelchairs For Customers?

Key Features Of This Motorized Cart

  • Superior power with 0.6 hp DC motor & dual drive wheels
  • Maximum Traction – drive wheels located directly under the rider
  • Motor efficiency of over 80%
  • Running quieter – Less than 45 db
  • Greater reliability resulting in low maintenance costs & less downtime
  • Two basket sizes: 9100 in3 or 6600 in3
  • You can choose to use key or no-key power
  • Gauge package: battery charge indicator and run time hours display
  • Reverse warning tone and horn, as well as an automatic parking brake
  • BRAND: Electro Kinetic Technologies
  • Basket size:9100 in3 or 6600 in3

Is it possible to bring assistance in the form of an animal?

Costco offers many services and facilities for shoppers with mobility problems. However, do they grant these shoppers permission to get their animals?

The answer depends on what kind of animal you’re bringing along for help.

Costco allows the entry of assistance animals as long as they comply with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). They will only be permitted after their assistance status is clarified.

An animal will be only allowed after knowing what task or function it is trained to perform. To ensure they can help their owners shop, only animals that are trained to perform a specific task or function will be allowed in.

They will not permit a household pet or an animal that just provides emotional support with not much training.

Do Costco Have Motorized Carts & Wheelchairs For Customers?

EkTech: Ez-Shopper Electric Shopping Cart for Sale

The Electro Kinetic Technologies Electro Shopper 8000 Electric Shopping cart is a great option for anyone looking to purchase an electric shopping cart that can be transported safely. This cart is the most heavy-duty electric shopping cart on the market. It can hold a maximum of 1000 pounds. There’s no other electric shopping cart on the market that can handle this much weight – meaning it will not only accommodate any rider to come into your store, but it will also be able to handle anything they want to purchase from hefty bags of pet food right on down the line to gallons of milk or water.

It’s also equipped with a highly impact, red plastic shroud. This is paired with a heavy duty 1 1/4 inch powder coated steel black frame. This cart is not only useful but also aesthetically appealing. Because so many people are going to be using it every day, this electric shopping cart for sale operates via a keyless on and off power switch. Your customers can move the cart with just a push of a button. No assistance is required from store employees. This means that your staff won’t have to spend valuable time looking for the key and customers will not lose it. It will be much easier to manage and track the public toilets.

The unit comes equipped with AGM deep-cycle rechargeable batteries and an onboard UL. It also has a 120/240VAC charger. Perhaps most important however is the fact that the vinyl seat is easy to wash down and sanitize, meaning it will constantly be up to health standards for both your customers, your employees, and yourself. This feature is especially crucial in these current times, when so many are still worried about the potential health hazards associated with the Covid-19 Pandemic. It will not be difficult to clean up after the event. Paired with a set of solid maintenance free non marking tires, and you’re going to have an electric shopping cart that is purely beneficial to your store. With the EZ Shopper 8000 Electric Shopping Cart, you’ll find that it’s no mess, no fuss, and virtually no drawbacks.

What if I want to deliver a help animal to Costco?

In accordance with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), Costco permits the entry of help animals into Costco to assist clients store.

Costco reserves the fitting to make clear the standing of the help animal, similar to by asking the proprietor to verify the position of the service animal, and asking what activity or operate the animal is skilled to carry out.

Costco does not allow emotional help animals or family pets. They are completely different to common service animals, and they haven’t received the same level of training.

To study extra, you may see our full information on the Costco canine coverage.

Do Costco Have Motorized Carts & Wheelchairs For Customers?

Which stores have motorized shopping carts?

We contacted many national and regional chains to help us find local stores that offer motorized shopping carts. The stores with motorized shopping carts are listed by type, including superstores and wholesale clubs. We also list those without motorized carts.

Keep in mind that the number of carts will vary by store, and not all of the store’s scooters may be fully charged or available when you visit. You should also be aware that there are rules for motorized cart usage:

  • At every store that offers them, motorized carts are meant to be used by those who need them. Customer service associates from many of the retailers we spoke to said that anyone using the carts disruptively or for pranks and stunts will be asked not to use the cart and may be asked to leave the store.
  • For safety reasons, most stores request that motorized carts be kept indoors, meaning you can’t take them out to the parking lot.
  • Although most stores limit the use of motorized cars to adults, not all shops or managers strictly enforce these age restrictions. For younger customers at stores that do strictly enforce the adults-only policy, manual wheelchairs are usually available.

The associates who spoke to us noted these rules and they seem fairly universal based upon our research. Other rules and policies uncovered while compiling this list are noted under “Additional restrictions.”

Below, find the list of stores with motorized shopping carts, organized by store type.

Costco sells motorized/handicap carts and wheelchairs

Costco offers a wide range of motorized scooters and wheelchairs in store and online.

Online, these products can be found in ‘Health & Personal Care’ in the category of ‘Wheelchairs, Walkers & Medical Alert Devices’. All of Costco’s reviewed products have a minimum rating of 4 stars, and are competitively priced.

Costco offers a FSA-eligible wheelchair, which retails at $174.99. Costco also provides a Rolling Walker/Wheelchair combination that is also FSA Eligible and retails at $189.99.

All of Costco’s wheelchairs, walkers, and medical alert devices can either be purchased in-store at Costco, or ordered online for delivery.

You can read our posts to find out more about whether Target has wheelchairs or scooters available for customers. Also, see our post on whether Walgreens offers rental crutches, knee scooters, wheelchairs, and wheelchairs.

Do Costco Have Motorized Carts & Wheelchairs For Customers?

Maintaining Your Motorized Cart

For ease of maintenance of your store and motorized cart, you get tires which are mark-free and flat free, as well as a plastic washable seat. It is different than the faux leather on some mobility scooter models which can be more difficult to clean. And especially in our current times, we all know that staying clean, and keeping devices handled by strangers clean, is of the utmost importance! A quick wipe down is all it takes to make your cart germ-free and sparkling clean.

These are both very welcome features when you consider that handicapped shopping carts often find themselves in constant use by one customer followed by another. This means they are put under greater wear and tear. Because the electric shopping cart is so easy to maintain, a single purchase will last you and your store a long time. There will also be no need for any extra expenses – like seat covers, etc – due to the solid, easy to clean nature and the top of the line build.

Policy for Supermarket-Mobilized Shopping Carts

You will need to establish a policy for dealing with any abuses of powered carts within your shop.

Customers using carts as prank tools, or customers who aren’t disabled making use of the carts will need to be approached. This is a critical step that you should take. If someone does not need the cart, but they aren’t disabled, it could lead to a discriminatory lawsuit or a visit by the ADA.

Will you allow (disabled) children to use the electric shopping carts? Points to consider: Children might not have the same control over the vehicle that adults do and will be riding a scooter that was designed for a user much larger than them.

Also, you need to determine whether carts will be allowed outdoors so that shoppers can get to their cars using the cart. If yes, bear in mind the risk of rain damage and/or obstacles along the way causing issues to both the rider and your

Do Costco Have Motorized Carts & Wheelchairs For Customers?

Can I Bring An Assistance Animal To Costco?

Costco allows customers to shop with assistance animals in accordance with the ADA.

Costco has the right to ask the owner questions about the status of an assistance animal.

Costco does not permit household pets or emotional support animals as they are different from regular service animals and have not had the same level of training.

You can find our complete guide to the Costco Dog Policy.

Heavy Duty Features

No worries if your shoppers are heavy and have lots of things to buy – this motorized cart pulls 1000 pounds along with ease. This cart is far more powerful than other similar models on the market. This means your customers can still load grocery and other items into the shopping cart’s basket without it slowing down or becoming dangerous.

It also features a strong construction, including a plastic-molded shroud which absorbs impact forces and a steel structure made from super tough 1 1/4 steel powder coated. The tiller column is also reinforced by means of an additional metal bracket for utmost robustness. This electric shopping cart is the strongest on the market.

Do Costco Have Motorized Carts & Wheelchairs For Customers?

Are Costco employees available to assist me in the store if I need help?

Costco employees can be your personal assistants if you shop alone or need additional assistance such as a wheelchair.

To request this service, ask the Costco employee working at the door upon your arrival and they will be able to arrange this service for you. You can also call prior to your visit to Costco to ensure this service is available.

How do I shop with someone from Costco?

Costco members may bring up to 2 friends into their store.

Costco will allow you to bring your friends and family to Costco to help you.

If Costco Shop Card (Costco’s version of a gift card) is used, it is prohibited to bring guests along.

Do Costco Have Motorized Carts & Wheelchairs For Customers?

Does Best Buy Have Shopping Carts?

When searching for rolling wagons, customers of Best Buy often choose the following items. Below is a list of the best-rated rolling carts, along with reviews and comments.

Giant Food

  • Locations: Every Giant Food store we called had motorized shopping carts for customers to use. One store associate told us the carts are kept near the store entrance closest to the produce section. Find a Giant Food near you.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Do Costco Have Motorized Carts & Wheelchairs For Customers?


  • ShopRite Locations: We called all ShopRite stores and found that they had electric shopping carts available for their customers. ShopRite is available in Connecticut, Delaware Maryland, New Jersey and New York. Find your nearest ShopRite.
  • Additional restrictions: None


  • Electric shopping carts at all Meijer locations we visited. Two of the representatives we spoke with noted that electric carts are typically available at both store entrances (unless they are all in use). Find your local Meijer.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Do Costco Have Motorized Carts & Wheelchairs For Customers?

What Is Included In Each Motorized Mobility Scooter?

This motorized electric medical scooter has a height adjustable seat, and removable shoulder cushions. It comes with a rechargeable battery pack.

A removable key can be found on the tiller head, which allows you to control the speed and direction. The gauge also features a speed dial as well as an LED indicator.

Drive Medical, Active Care and Golden Technologies all offer service warranties. These include in-home service and labor.

Ross Has a Motorized Cart?

Ross Stores is a discount retailer, with everyday savings of 20% to 60% off department and specialty store regular prices. To help us keep costs down and be able to pass these saving on to our customers, we do not currently provide motorized scooter carts.

Do Costco Have Motorized Carts & Wheelchairs For Customers?


  • Locations: All Cabela’s stores offer electric or push wheelchairs for customers. We found that about 80% of stores had electric carts. To check if it is available, find a Cabela’s store near you.
  • Additional restrictions: None


  • Localities: We were able to locate at least one Safeway location that had a motorized cart. Find your nearest Safeway.
  • Additional restrictions: None

Do Costco Have Motorized Carts & Wheelchairs For Customers?

Costco offers several options to assist people with disabilities or physical conditions navigate the store.

  • However, Costco may not be able to offer motorized/handicap scooters or wheelchairs at its stores to customers in need. Let me know if you have any questions.
  • Do Costco Have Motorized Carts & Wheelchairs For Customers?

    Are Costco Providing Motorized/Handicap Wheelchairs And Carts For Customers In 2022

    Costco does provide both powered carts and wheelchairs with detachable carts for those who require them at Costco free of charge. Costco also offers a shopping assistant that can assist single shoppers who have accessibility issues navigate their store.

  • For more information about how Costco can accommodate you, other accessibility features at Costco, and whether Costco sells motorized/handicap carts and wheelchairs, then find out below!
  • Costco has motorized/handicap-friendly carts

    Costco does offer electric shopping carts, which can make customers’ journeys around the store more pleasant.

    These are electric scooters with a cart on the front to allow customers to shop easier at Costco.

    It is best to make a reservation in advance at your Costco to reserve a wheelchair- or motorized cart before your visit.

    Do Costco Have Motorized Carts & Wheelchairs For Customers?

    Costco sells wheelchairs

    Costco is able to offer motorized wheelchairs as an option for those customers that have disabilities.

    Costco offers a free cart that customers can attach to their wheelchairs to assist them with their belongings.

    Costco recommends wheelchairs for those customers with a caregiver.

    Do I have to take someone with me to Costco?

    The policy for customers with a Costco membership card is that they are allowed to bring two guests to the store with them.

    Costco will allow you to bring your friends and family to Costco to help you.

    You cannot bring your guests if Costco Shop Card is used.

    Do Costco Have Motorized Carts & Wheelchairs For Customers?

    Do Costco employees have the ability to help me around the store?

    Costco employees will help you with shopping alone if necessary.

    For this service to be provided, please ask at Costco’s front desk upon your arrival. For this service, Costco employees can contact you before arriving at the store to verify that they are available.

    Do I have to take an Assistance Animal with me to Costco

    Costco, in compliance with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), allows the entry of assist animals to Costco so that customers can shop.

    Costco reserves the right to clarify the status of the assistance animal, such as by asking the owner to confirm the role of the service animal, and asking what task or function the animal is trained to perform.

    Costco does not permit household pets or emotional support animals as they are different from regular service animals and have not had the same level of training.

    Our complete Costco guide can be viewed here.

    Do Costco Have Motorized Carts & Wheelchairs For Customers?

    Does Costco Have Accessibility Parking?

    Costco provides accessibility parking for customers with limited mobility.

    Is Costco offering accessibility features on

    Costco will make its website accessible to all customers to provide them with even more accessibility.

    These features include captioning of videos, appropriate labels and color contrast ratios as well as structuring the website to be more accessible for people with disabilities.

    Do Costco Have Motorized Carts & Wheelchairs For Customers?

    Costco sells motorized/handicap carts and wheelchairs

    Costco provides wheelchairs and motorized bikes for customers who are in dire need.

    These products are available online under ‘Health & Personal Care” in the category of Wheelchairs, Walkers & Medical Alert devices’. Costco has reviewed all products and they have received a minimum rating 4 stars. They are also reasonably priced.

    Costco stocks a range of wheelchairs that are FSA Eligible. The price is $174.99 Costco also sells the Rolling Walker/Wheelchair, which is FSA Eligible. This combination retails at $189.99

    Costco sells all types of wheelchairs and walkers. You can also order online to have them delivered.

    For more information, please visit our linked posts about Target having wheelchairs & scooters to rent for customers and Walgreens renting crutches and knee scooters.

  • Conclusion
  • Costco offers wheelchairs and motorized/handicap scooters for customers who shop in the store. Costco members also have the option to bring two friends. They can bring their pets to Costco to help with shopping or to take a service dog with them.

    Costco sells wheelchairs and motorized/handicap mobility carts to customers in addition to offering them accessibility goods. This is consistent with Costco’s competitive retail philosophy.

    Does Costco Have Handicap Motorized Carts?

    Costco sells wheelchairs as well as motorized/handicap scooters. Costco members also have the option to bring 2 additional guests. Bring a friend or family member to help you shop.

    Are there electric scooters available at Walmart?

    The scooters they use have baskets and don’t come with an electric chair. Because people who can’t walk or have difficulty walking, they are still able to shop. It’s called a “reasonable adjustment”.

    Target Has a Motorized Cart?

    Target has a range of motorized scooters, wheelchair carts and other mobility options for teenagers and adults. For younger children, parents may choose to use smaller seated vehicles. Most stores offer at least one plus wheelchair cart and 1-2 motorized bikes. Mobility support can be obtained at any store’s entrance by anyone with mobility issues.

    Walmart sells wheelchairs to customers offers Wheelchairs

    .Do Costco Have Motorized Carts & Wheelchairs For Customers?

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