Costco Return Policy Without Receipt

Costco Return Policy Without Receipt

Exceptions to the Return Policy

Pretty much anything can be returned to Costco. Open food, used products, or anything else you could think of can all be returned to Costco at pretty much any time. There are some exceptions.

Cigarettes and medications can never be returned. Returns of alcohol depend on where they are located, but in general these items cannot be returned.

However, electronics can only be returned within 90 days. Cell phones are subject to the terms and conditions of their provider.

You can return jewelry at any moment, provided you have all documentation and passed an authentication test. Items that get worn down such as tires or batteries can be returned, but they each have their own warranties that stipulate their return window.

How does Costco’s optical return policy work?

Costco Optical Return Policy: Does Costco Accept Returns On Prescription Glasses? Costco does not accept prescription glasses returns. This is a common question. According to the official Costco return policy, they do not accept returns on prescription glasses or sunglasses.

There is an exclusion on the Costco return policy for prescription lenses. Costco has a return policy that states that you may return a purchased item to them within 90 days to receive a complete refund. If you are unsatisfied with the service you received at their optical center, then you can contact Costco Customer Service at (1-800-774-2678). Prescription glasses and sunglasses cannot be returned.

Costco Return Policy Without Receipt

What Is Costco Return Policy Covid?

Costco’s return policy is quite liberal as it states no time limit for returning an item. And in order to ensure that you get your money back, the company insists that you must produce the receipt of your purchase. But there are some conditions that one must satisfy in order to avail this amazing policy.

  • Costco is the best place to buy this item.
  • The item should be in good condition. There should be no scratches or dents on it. You might get less than you originally paid for it if it’s not in good shape. And in case you get a replacement, then you might not get the cash.
  • You should not have bought the item from a third party. The purchase date of the item purchased from someone else than Costco will not be considered.

Does Costco Offer Live Chat Support?

Costco provides live chat support during customer service hours. In addition, chat services are available for Costco Online, the Costco Membership and Warehouse department, and the Costco Business Center.

Costco Online live chat support is available Monday – Friday from 5 am to 8 pm and Saturday – Sunday from 5 am to 7 pm.

Costco Membership and Warehouse live chat support is available Monday – Friday from 6 am to 6 pm and Saturday – Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm.

Costco Business Center Live Chat is also available from Monday through Friday, 6 am to 5pm.

Here’s how to take advantage of Costco’s Live Chat Support:

  • Navigate to the Costco page.
  • Click on “Contact Us” at the bottom of the menu on the left side of the screen, then select “Chat Us”.
  • The Live Help page will redirect you to your form.
  • First, choose the department you’d like to contact. You can choose between Costco Online, Warehouse or Membership, or Costco Business. The department must be open at the time, or else you will not be able to select it.
  • Status of your order
  • Order change or cancellation
  • Assistance with shopping or My Account
  • Returns online
  • Information about products online
  • Charges and credit
  • Information about the warranty
  • Orders that are damaged or not in good condition
  • Credit card questions
  • Information or modifications to your membership
  • Warehouse
  • Product information
  • Questions or suggestions
  • 2% Executive Reward Replacement Request
  • Status of your order
  • Order change or confirmation
  • Site Questions
  • Billing/Accounting
  • Other
  • Fill in your first and last name as well as your email address.
  • If you want to chat about a specific order, enter your order number.
  • Enter your Costco membership number.
  • In the box below, write a brief and informative message. Please include any information that will allow a member of the support team to quickly and accurately reply.
  • When you have completed the form, click on “Start Chat” at the bottom of the page to connect with a Costco support team member.

For security reasons, Costco live chat support cannot process membership fees or credit card transactions.

Costco Return Policy Without Receipt

What Is Costco Return Policy On Clothes?

Costco has a generous return policy that many shoppers know. Customers can return any item to Costco for a complete refund, regardless of when it was purchased. But what about Costco clothes? Can you return clothes from Costco if you are unsatisfied with the item or if it doesn’t fit properly?

It turns out the answer is a resounding yes. In fact, the warehouse club is so confident in its return policy that it will even accept returns of items that aren’t in their original packaging and aren’t still tagged. This means that customers can return clothing that has been worn, washed or damaged.

Comparing Costco’S and Other Major Retailers’ Returned Policies

Costco is one of the few retailers that doesn’t alter its return policy over the holidays. Most of its competition does, often to provide more generous returns in busy seasons. It is evident that the holidays return policies at most other retailers are not comparable to Costco’s year-round policy.

Costco’s Return Policy and Major Retailers’


Holiday Return Policy

General Return Policy


Same as general return policy

  • Generally unrestricted

Generally unrestricted

  • 90 days for certain electronics

90 days for certain electronics

  • Select products, such as tires or batteries, have limited returns

Select products, such as tires or batteries, have limited returns

  • State-specific returns for alcohol

Alcohol returns specific to each state

  • There are no returns on cigarettes and custom-made products

No returns for cigarettes or custom products


14-day return policy on certain electronics begins Dec. 26

  • Generally 14-90 days
  • Generally 14-90 days

Generally 14-90 days


30-day return window begins Dec. 26 for electronics and entertainment items purchased between Oct. 1 and Dec. 25

  • 90-day general return policy

General return policy for 90 days

  • 14-30 days for electronics

14-30 days for electronics

  • Target brands owned by Target can last up to one year

Up to 1 year for Target-owned brands

Best Buy

You can return items purchased between October 18th and January 2nd of the next year by Jan 16th of the same year.

  • In general, it takes between 14 and 15 days

In general, it takes between 14 and 15 days

  • Totaltech Members can receive up to 60-days of service

Up to 60 days for Totaltech members

  • Restocking fees of $45 for cell phones, excluding prepaid phones, and 15% of purchase price for certain electronics may apply

Cell phones may be subject to a $45 restocking fee, which excludes prepaid phones. Certain electronics might also have a 15% restocking fee.


Items purchased between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 can be returned up until Jan. 31 of the following year

  • 30-day general return policy
  • 30-day general return policy

General return policy for 30 days

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Costco Return Policy Without Receipt

Costco Return Policy

Costco has the best return policy of any store worldwide. As per their policy, you can return an item (besides a few of the Exceptions) any time if you are not satisfied with the product. You would be surprised to know that being so liberal and giving you an enormous amount of time to return an Item, Costco Return Policy also gives you an option to return or cancel their membership. On canceling the membership, the charge of membership gets refunded to you.

A few months ago Costco recorded that most of the customers returned the electronic product because they were not able to operate it. Costo began providing technical assistance to customers at no cost.

Can You Contact Costco Customer Service Via Email?

Costco does not offer Customer Service support via email. Costco Customer Service can be reached by telephone or via live chat. There is also an option to leave feedback online via the Costco website or mobile app.

You can also select “Call Us” to be redirected to the Costco Customer Service number directory.

Click on the “Feedback” tab in the upper right hand corner. Scroll down to the bottom and click “Feedback”.

The feedback button is also found at the bottom of the screen when using a mobile device. Your device will determine how you can leave feedback via the Costco Mobile App.

For Apple devices, tap on “More” in the app, then select “App Feedback”. For Android devices, open the menu in the app and select “Feedback”.

Costco Return Policy Without Receipt

Can Costco Refuse A Return?

While Costco does indeed refuse to issue refunds for a number of their items, Costco will never refuse to issue a refund for anything. The reason why Costco refuses to issue refunds for a number of items is because of their abnormally long return policy.

While most stores take returns for a week or so after purchase, Costco makes sure that when you spend your money at their store, you spend it knowing you are going to buy your item!

Costco has one of the most extensive return policies in retail. Costco even entitles you to bring back an item if it has been seven months since your purchase! If you find something you have at home that you would like to return, Costco has no problem with that. Just bring it back and they will refund you, no questions asked.

Refunds on Online Purchases

Online orders can be returned in store or by mail.

Online payment accepted:

  • All Visa Cards
  • MasterCard
  • Discover Cards (Including JCB and Diners Club)
  • PIN-based debit/ATM cards are most common
  • Costco Shop Cards*

Online payments are not possible with either your EBT card or mobile wallet.

An item purchased online using a Discover Card cannot be returned in-store for a refund.

You can however get store credit.

To process a return online, you simply log into your account and locate the items you want to return under the “Orders and Returns” tab.

When you find the correct transaction, you will see an itemized list of the items you bought during that transaction.

Next to each product, you will have the option to select a box labeled “return item.”

Make sure you mark each product that you wish to return.

Remember that you can’t return produce and a couple of other items through the self-service return method.

Once you select all items you want to return, you will continue through a couple of screens to complete the refund request and receive a return label.

Package all items in a shipping box and attach the shipping label to the outside of the box.

Costco Return Policy Without Receipt

How does Costco’s Return Policy Airpods work?

Costco has a history of offering some of the best return policies in the industry. Its most recent return policy has consumers up in arms over some of the terms, but it’s still one of the best in the industry. Costco’s return policy for the Apple Airpods is a little different than the normal return policy.

The costco Airpods’ return policy is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase. The difference is that you get to keep the Airpods but pay the full retail price if you don’t return them.

You must have your receipt and return the Airpods to us in their original packaging. You will be charged the retail price for the Airpods if you do not have the receipt.

Which Items can’t you return to Costco?

These are the few items you cannot return to Costco and get a complete refund.

Alcohol – Don’t drink alcohol if you don’t want to return it. It doesn’t really matter if they are opened or not.

Check out Costco Liquor: Four Things to Know Before You Purchase

Cigarettes: Light them up or toss them, because they can’t be returned at Costco locations.

Diamonds – Any diamonds 1 carat or larger must be returned with all original paperwork and has to be verified via the Costco fulfillment center before you get your refund.

A Costco Graduate Gemologist will inspect the diamond and issue a jewelry credit memo that allows you to purchase a different diamond or get your money back. Could take up to 5 business days.

Limitated Lifetime Products: Think batteries and car tires. These are sold with a product-specific limited warranty.

You can also install custom programs.

Pretty limited list when you consider the thousands of products Costco stocks on a daily basis.

Costco Return Policy Without Receipt

On Electronics

Costco’s revised return policy introduced a 90-day limit for electronics and appliances. These items listed below must be returned within 90 days of purchase for a full refund:

  • Televisions
  • Projectors
  • Tuner-free displays
  • Smartwatches
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Camcorders
  • Cameras
  • Drones
  • Fridges (maximum 10 cubic feet capacity)
  • MP3 players
  • Cellular phones
  • Cooktops
  • Freezers
  • Dryers and washers
  • Ranges
  • Over-the-range microwaves
  • Dishwashers

These electronics are covered for 2 years after the expiration of 90 days.

One of the most bizarre Costco returns I have ever seen was a used chicken coop

When I hear about Costco’s crazy returns, I feel both awe and sadness. This one was all pity.

This is the Reddit post by a user who claims to have worked returns for eighteen months.

“The thing was covered in chicken ****. The guy with his family brought the thing in. Everyone watched as he did so.

Honorable mentions:

  • Someone returned vitamins they had bought four years ago; vitamins have a shelf-life of two years.
  • Hawaiian Costco workers report tourists returning beach chairs, umbrellas, ice chests, and boogie boards en route to the airport.
  • A classic: The woman who returned a six-year-old printer.

Costco Return Policy Without Receipt

Costco customer service contact information and return policy

Costco has one of the most generous return policies. Members can return nearly any item for a Costco cash card, regardless of when it was purchased and even without a receipt. Costco also offers excellent customer service per department and can be contacted in person, by phone, or online.

You can reach Costco’s main customer service at 1-800-774-2678 Mon-Fri from 6 am- 6 pm PT and 8 am- 5 pm PT on weekends. For Costco online orders, you can call customer service at 1-800-955-2292 Mon-Fri from 5 am- 8 pm PT and 5 am- 7 pm PT on weekends. Costco also has Live Chat support during customer service hours.

This article will explain how you can contact Costco Customer Service to take advantage of Costco’s generous returns policy.

How does Costco return used items?

You have options if you aren’t happy with an item you purchased at Costco. Costco will accept returns on used items. For those items you just have to have and don’t really want to part with, you can always ask for a replacement in lieu of a return.

Costco Return Policy Without Receipt

What about the Costco Sofa Return Policy

Furniture, such as sofas, can be answered the same way, and with the same reason, by using the mattress tip.

It’s difficult to know if you will love the couch forever in the warehouse, but it is important to get rid of a piece as soon as possible.

Is there a return window for Costco purchases?

Costco doesn’t have a return time limit for most items. Some exceptions apply to products with a 90-day return policy. This includes most electronic items such as:

  • Televisions
  • Projectors
  • Major Appliances
  • Computers
  • Touchscreen Tablets
  • Smart Watches
  • Cameras
  • Drones
  • Camcorders
  • MP3 players
  • Cellular Phones

Costco Return Policy Without Receipt

You Must Be A Member To Enjoy Costco’S Lifetime Return Policy

While you can shop at Costco without being a member, you won’t enjoy their generous lifetime return policy.

Does Costco Lose Money On Returns?

Costco doesn’t lose money on returns. Costco usually informs vendors of the item and receives allowances for returning the merchandise.

Costco Return Policy Without Receipt

What Is Costco Return Policy?

The Costco return policy allows a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and allows easy returns. You must bring the original item and proof of purchase to ensure a smooth, successful return. After the return is processed, you can request an exchange or a refund. You can also request a refund for your Costco membership.

Costco’s Unsold Meat: What is Costco doing?

Non-refrigerated baking items can be donated (so, for instance, cheesecake, cakes and pumpkin pies are garbage), while deli products are thrown out. Meat is kept refrigerated and sold to dog food companies. Produce is removed from its bags and sold to farmers to make pig feed.

Costco Return Policy Without Receipt

Food and Perishable Returns

Costco disposes of perishable and food items that can’t be sold again for safety and health reasons. However, canned foods cannot be disposed of once they have been opened or tampered with.

Frozen food, eggs, eggs and fresh vegetables are not re-shelved, but must be disposed of quickly. However, Costco returns bread to the vendors for credit.

Can I Return My Costco Membership?

Costco members can be canceled at any time by speaking to a representative at their local Costco warehouse, or calling the Member Services Center at 1-800-774-278.

Costco Return Policy Without Receipt

Are Returned Clothes Resold?

You might be able sell a like-new piece or clothing at full price. Most returns are damaged or used. Recent retail surveys have shown that only half of goods can be sold at their full price.

Costco Return Policy Without Receipt In 2022 (Simply Explained)

Costco is such a beloved destination because of its large range and low price, people simply love Costco, not to mention the generous return policy.

But if you bought a Costco product, then you might want to know if the item can be returned without receipt. And if so, how do you do it and what are the limitations? These are my findings.

  • Costco Return Policy Without Receipt 2022
  • Costco will accept returns without a receipt in 2022 thanks to their risk-free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Costco’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which covers all Costco purchases, allows Costco to easily view past Costco purchases in their database.

  • You can read on to find out more about Costco’s returns policy, including how to return items and the limitations.
  • Costco Return Policy Without Receipt In 2022 (Simply Explained)

    Costco: How do you return your items without receipt?

  • Costco’s generous return policy and their loyalty cards make it easy for customers to return items without receipts.
  • Below is a quick guide on how to accomplish it.

    It is highly recommended that you return a product without receipt to Costco. However, this does not mean you must bring all packaging and manuals.

    Customers will need to also bring their Costco member card or number in order to complete the return.

    Costco representatives will help you look through your records and determine if the item that is being returned was actually purchased from Costco.

  • Side note: Unlike other retailers, having a Costco membership is a huge advantage as it stores all your past purchases on the Costco database, so the card itself is a receipt!
  • Once Costco staff has reviewed the proof of purchase, they’ll initiate returns and then refund the money to the original card you used for the purchase.

    Are There Any Limitations For Returning Items Without a Receipt?

    Costco’s membership card allows you to return products to them without the receipt. This means that the same limitations apply.

    Costco offers a lifetime guarantee on almost all products, but there are some items that do not qualify for this guarantee.

    Here is a list of products that you can’t return to Costco after 90 days, either without or without a receipt:

  • TVs
  • Projectors
  • Major appliances are: freezers, cooktops. microwaves. dishwashers. Dryers. Ranges. Water heaters.
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Smartwatches
  • Cameras
  • Drones
  • Camcorders
  • MP3 players
  • Smartphones
  • Costco Return Policy Without Receipt In 2022 (Simply Explained)

    Does Costco Accept Returns Of Gifts Without a Receipt?

    Costco will accept gift returns without receipt from members. To return a gift, however, Costco will require the name and membership number of any person that made it.

    The majority of gifts can be returned anytime and can often be transferred onto a Costco card that is redeemable for members or non-members.

    Which Items can’t be returned to Costco without a Receipt

    Costco cannot accept returns of the following items without or with a receipt.

  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • Diamonds
  • Tires and Car Batteries have limited life spans
  • Orders made by special order through kiosk
  • Costco Return Policy Without Receipt In 2022 (Simply Explained)

    How do you return and replace products from an online Costco order?

    Orders placed online can be exchanged or returned in-store.

    Click on Orders and Returns in your account to make a request for a replacement or return. Next, follow the prompts to get your return label.

    Additional instructions will be sent to you if the item is larger.

    You may need to wait for some items online before a refund can be issued. For immediate refunds, you should return the items purchased at Costco.

    Does Costco Keep Track Of Returns?

    While Costco doesn’t crack down on each customer’s returns, the company does monitor the number of returns that customers make.

    Those who frequently return items with a large price tag might be flagged in the system, as well as customers returning items that are visibly used.

    Costco is very generous with its return policies. Customers-service agents must make sure that they don’t violate these rules.

    Learn more by visiting our other guides, Costco returns: Costco glasses return policy and Costco printer return policy.

  • Conclusion: Costco returns without receipt policy
  • Costco allows you to return almost all items without original receipts for a full refund. This includes your Costco Membership.

    Check that the product does not have a specified return period and that the items are in their original condition before returning them to the shop.

    The self-service portal at allows you to return, exchange, or refund items bought online.

    Can I Return Something To Costco After 2 Years?

    If they’re not happy with a product, members can always return it. Several members may view this as an opportunity for them to return used or worn items many years after they purchased the product. August 17, 2018.

    Has Costco Changed Their Return Policy?

    Costco allowed its customers to return their items anytime they wanted for a complete refund. Personal computers were not eligible for returns and could only be returned within six months. Costco’s current policy allows customers to return items at any time for a full refund, except personal computers, which were limited to six months. Financial analysts raised concern about financial implications.

    What’s Costco’s Current Return Policy?

    Costco guarantees 100% satisfaction with few exceptions. Costco’s Member Services Team will assist you by simply bringing the product to any Costco location. However, it’s helpful to retain the receipt or original package in order for us to process your return.

    Costco will not accept items that are damaged or cannot be returned.

    Costco is not able to accept returns on tobacco or alcohol that are illegal. You may sell products that have a shorter useful life expectancy like tires or batteries with a specific limited warranty.

    .Costco Return Policy Without Receipt In 2022 (Simply Explained)

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