Does Amazon Own Zappos In 2022? (The Complete Story)

Zappos began as an online retailer of shoes in July 1999. It soon expanded its offerings to clothing, handbags and eyewear.

  • If you’re a shoe lover like me and you enjoy shopping for footwear online, you may be thinking, does Amazon own Zappos? That’s a great question, and I did some research to find out the answer!
  • Does Amazon Own Zappos In 2022? (The Complete Story)

    Does Amazon Own Zappos In 2022?

    Zappos has been owned by Amazon since 2009. It was acquired in a $1.2billion deal. Amazon continues to run the Zappos online store as an independent site that allows shoppers to stock up on thousands and styles of shoes with a 365 day return policy. Zappos also is one of more than 100 Amazon businesses.

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  • What’s the Difference Between Zappos and Other Companies?

    Zappos, an online clothing and shoe store is a continuation of

    In just three months after its initial launch, Nick Swinmum became the Zappos founder and business grew quickly.

    Also, “Zappos” is an acronym derived from Zapatos (Spanish word for shoes), which makes it one of the most loved brands when you shop online for footwear.

    Zappos has shoes, clothing handbags, sunglasses and jewelry for sale.

    Moreover, the retailer maintains an impressive inventory of thousands of shoe styles and brands, including top names like Converse, Adidas, Nike, and New Balance, just to name a few.

  • Zappos has many options for you if you are looking to buy new shoes, high-heeled or running, so you have plenty of choices!
  • Zappos’s range of clothing and handbags has increased substantially, but the retailer remains focused on customer satisfaction and ease-of-use shopping.

    Does Amazon Own Zappos In 2022? (The Complete Story)

    Why was Zappos bought by Amazon?

    Zappos shares similar starting points to Amazon, with Zappos being an online bookstore and Amazon as a book retailer.

    The companies both grew rapidly, but Amazon’s has been much faster. Amazon is worth $1.76 billion and will continue to grow over the coming decade.

    Therefore, Amazon decided to buy Zappos in 2009 to help expand its portfolio with similar companies that can positively impact customers.

  • Jeff Bezos (Amazon Founder) stated at the time that Amazon was customer-focused. We see tremendous potential for both companies learning from each other to create better experiences and products for our customers.
  • Amazon certainly recognized Zappos’ potential. Zappos’ annual sales now exceeds $2Billion.

    The retailer is able to control two of the most successful online shoe shops by owning Zappos, and sell thousands of shoes on directly.

    Many customers don’t know Zappos exists. Therefore, they purchase shoes online to support Amazon.

    Amazon Does Amazon Have Other Companies?

    Zappos doesn’t have to be Amazon’s only acquisition, Amazon also has many other companies, especially in the retail sector.

    Amazon has smart business principles that allow it to diversify its product portfolio, and it will ensure it is present across all industries.

    Amazon doesn’t just have Zappos or Whole Foods Market as its most prominent subsidiaries. There are other ones too.

    Below are examples of companies Amazon may have acquired:

  • Audible
  • Body Labs
  • IMDb
  • Ring
  • Twitch
  • Zoox
  • Amazon subsidiaries are also available for outside organisations and various divisions within Amazon.

  • Amazon Air
  • Amazon Books
  • Amazon Fresh
  • Amazon Games
  • Amazon Logistics
  • Amazon Robotics
  • Amazon Studios
  • Amazon did not make the Zappos deal in 2009 until a decade later when it acquired many more businesses.

    The $13 Billion purchase of Whole Foods Market 2017 is an excellent example.

    Furthermore, Amazon’s acquisition of Amazon had an important impact on U.S. grocery industry and increased Amazon’s competition against traditional supermarkets.

    Amazon was able to make Zappos a major online retailer of footwear. The company’s recent acquisitions further cement its position among the Fortune 500.

    In fact, Amazon and all its acquisitions, including Zappos, are seemingly set up for long-lasting success, as the company’s stock rises billions of dollars every year.

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  • Conclusion
  • Zappos was purchased by Amazon in November 2009; the online footwear retailer is only one of many companies that Amazon holds.

    Zappos like Amazon has its own CEO, chairman, headquarters in Las Vegas, $2B in annual revenue, and is just one of many Amazon businesses.

    Amazon serves as Zappos’ parent and manages their operations.

    Amazon, in addition to Zappos and Whole Foods is also home to Twitch, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Twitch.

    You can buy footwear, clothes, and accessories on,, and feel confident.

    .Does Amazon Own Zappos In 2022? (The Complete Story)

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