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Many retail stores will allow customers to split payments between credit cards, debit cards, cash and gift cards. Splitting payments is possible at many online retailers.

  • But, customers could be interested in whether Amazon lets customers split their payments. You might also be curious about the fact that Amazon allows customers to split payments. Continue reading this article for more information!
  • Can You Split Payments On Amazon In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

    Amazon in 2022: Splitting Payments

    As of 2022, Amazon prohibits customers from splitting payments among two credit/debit cards. Amazon customers can use their gift cards to break up payments. Split payments must be made with both a gift or credit card. Otherwise, Amazon will not accept them.

  • For more tips and information on how to split Amazon payments, add payment methods and how to make the split payment to, please keep reading!
  • How Do I Split a Payment on Amazon With a Gift Card?

    The following steps are required to allow customers to combine a Amazon purchase with a gift voucher:

    Step 1: Get enough gift certificates to cover the price of products that you are planning to buy. These can be bought in many retail stores that have gift cards at their card kiosks. also allows you to purchase Amazon gift certificates directly. To do this, click the link to purchase Amazon gift cards at and then follow the instructions.

    Step 2: Add items to the cart that add up to the amount of money on one of the gift cards being used.

    It is highly recommended that gift cards be purchased in multiples depending on the value of the transaction.

    Step 3: Add the items to the cart and then apply the code to your account.

  • In order to apply the codes, select the “Gift Cards” option at the top of the Amazon homepage and then select “Apply to Your Account.”
  • Step4: Next, apply for codes. Proceed to the checkout. Follow the steps to add the code for the gift card to your order in the screen “Payment Method”.

    As a second type of payment, after you add the gift certificates to your wallet, you can also use a debit or creditcard.

    Step 5: Prior to checking out, make sure you have reviewed your order.

    When both payment options have been successfully applied, you can select the checkout option and complete your purchase.

    Can You Split Payments On Amazon In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

    How do I add an Amazon Amazon Gift Card in my Amazon Account

    Customers must follow these steps to add an Amazon gift card to their Amazon account:

    The gift cards can be bought at either an kiosk or online. Click the “Gift Cards” option in the homepage and then click “Apply To Your Account.” Next, enter the claim code from your Amazon gift certificate and continue to checkout.

    If customers plan on splitting the purchase, they are encouraged buy multiple gift vouchers to make it more equitable between debit/credit cards and gift cards.

    Can I Use a Visa/ Mastercard Gift Card to Split a Payment on Amazon?

    Even though Amazon allows customers to make split payments with gift cards, customers cannot use pre-paid Visa’s or Mastercards to split payments.

    These pre-paid credit credit cards do not qualify as gift cards. However, they function just like normal credit cards that can be used with debit machines.

    Thus, customers cannot use prepaid credit cards to enter code into

    However, if customers have pre-paid credit cards that they’d like to use up, they can purchase an online gift card from and split their payments utilizing that method.

    Can You Split Payments On Amazon In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

    Amazon allows these payment options

    Amazon allows you to pay with one gift card. However, there are many other ways of paying.

    Customers should not spend all of their money with their debit or credit cards at once. Instead, make separate purchases and place orders using any one of these:

  • Visa Debit/Credit (Including Pre-Paid Visas)
  • Mastercard (prepaid Mastercards included)
  • American Express
  • Amazon Pay
  • Amazon doesn’t allow split payments with credit/debit cards.

    Amazon could not authorize split payments via credit/debit card due to limitations placed by Amazon’s credit card service provider.

    Many online stores enforce these limitations due to higher fraud rates. Customer’s identities are harder to verify when more than one payment method is used.

    Can You Split Payments On Amazon In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

    How can customers split payments between stores or websites?

    Amazon limits the options for customers who want to split payments. However, other retailers and websites allow customers to divide their payments via other channels.

    Here’s a list of stores offering split payments currently:

  • Crate & Barrel in-store as well as online
  • Land of Nod (in-store and online)
  • Walmart (in-store)
  • Starbucks (in-store)
  • It is important to be aware of the fact that not all online merchants permit customers to split payment with credit/debit card. These types of transactions can make it difficult for customers verifying their legitimacy.

    As well, many merchants are simply prevented from allowing online split payments, due to restrictions placed on their credit card service provider.

    It is possible to find websites that accept split payments. This is especially true in the United States.

    To avoid any confusion, however, all customers must be able to pay full price with one payment method.

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  • Conclusion
  • allows customers to split the payment into two: a debit/credit card and a gift card.

    It is not possible for customers to use different credit/ debit cards, pre-paid or credit cards in order to purchase the same item on or any other website.

    In order to use a gift card to split a purchase, customers must enter their gift card code into their account, and then apply the card to their order at the checkout along with their debit credit card.

    .Can You Split Payments On Amazon In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

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