Amazon Ebook Return Policy 2022 (Return Limits, Refunds + More)

Amazon Kindle has become a highly-respected source of reading material since 2011. Customers can fit many book titles onto one device and have access to them anytime.

  • But if customers want to return Ebooks purchased through Amazon, then they will need to know what Amazon’s return policy is. You can read my full article to discover more.
  • Amazon Ebook Return Policy In 2022
  • Amazon customers are allowed to return any Ebook within seven days of purchase from their account. Amazon also allows customers seven days to return Ebooks purchased accidentally. Amazon will refund the book returned. Ebooks can also be rented from Amazon. These books may be returned anytime within the allotted period.

  • Continue reading if you want to know more about Ebook returns on Amazon. How to return Ebooks rented to you. What to do to get a refund.
  • Amazon Ebook Return Policy 2022 (Return Limits, Refunds + More)

    How do I request an Amazon Ebook Return?

    If customers would like to return an Ebook they purchased from Amazon, they can do so by using the following method:

    Go to and login to your Amazon account, which will bring you to the page containing all your previous Ebook purchases. There will be bolded text underneath the book which indicates when the return window ends for any book eligible. Click the “Return for Refund” button on your eligible book. After selecting the return option, select the reason you wish to return the book in the pop up window.

    After the request for return is processed, credit will immediately be refunded to customers with which they can purchase an additional Ebook.

    Customers who have Amazon Kindle need to be aware that their devices can only hold up 10 books at a given time.

    If they want to buy another book immediately, and have already purchased 10 books, then they will need to archive or offload one of the previous purchases.

    Is it possible to return Kindle books to Amazon?

    Amazon Ebooks accessed by Amazon Kindle qualify for the seven day return policy. Amazon Ebook Credits will be issued to customers who ask for a refund.

    Ebook customers returning Ebooks to get a replacement should be aware of the fact that only 10 Ebooks can be downloaded at a time to an Amazon Kindle.

    They will have to temporarily transfer another book into their library if they are able to access their book right away and they already have 10 books.

    Amazon Ebook Return Policy 2022 (Return Limits, Refunds + More)

    Amazon allows you to return an Amazon-rented Ebook.

    Amazon Rentals offers physical rentals for customers who aren’t willing to pay extra money to buy Ebooks. They can also return their rental periods at any time.

    Amazon doesn’t currently offer Ebook rentals.

    But customers have the option to return Amazon’s rented books by doing this:

    Sign in to Amazon and go to the “Manage Your Rentals” page. Next, locate and click on the “Return rental”. Next, choose the drop-off place. You have two options: an Amazon pick up location or a local delivery service. Make sure to print the shipping label, along with the packing sheet. Drop the rental off at the postal address.

    What happens if you read a Kindle book?

    Ebooks can be returned to customers within seven days after purchase. Customers are allowed to return any Ebook within seven days of purchase.

    However, customers may not return any Ebooks once the seven days have passed.

    If you are concerned that customers will make repeated purchases of books they don’t enjoy, it is recommended that they rent or purchase books through Amazon Rental.

    Amazon Ebook Return Policy 2022 (Return Limits, Refunds + More)

    Amazon offers Ebook refunds

    Customers will be automatically refunded when they request a return for their Ebook.

    Amazon generally will refund customers with credits that they can then use to buy other Ebooks from Amazon.

    How Do I Cancel an Accidental Ebook Order on Amazon?

    If customers have made an accidental Ebook purchase through Amazon, they can easily rectify it by going to > Digital Services & Device Support > Kindle Content Help > Return a Kindle Book Order and select the yellow button labeled “Start Your Kindle Book Return.

    Our posts about Amazon Kindle warranty can be found here. They discuss whether Amazon will repair Kindles as well how long it may take to receive your Amazon refund.

  • Conclusion
  • Amazon allows customers to return Ebooks within seven days of being purchased. Amazon credits will immediately be issued to customers, so they can purchase additional Ebooks.

    Customers also have the option to return an Ebook they purchased by visiting customer support and clicking on “Return a Kindle Book Order”.

    How Many Times Can You Return An Ebook On Amazon?

    Ebooks that have been purchased from Kindles can be returned by customers in seven days. Customers are allowed to return any Ebook within seven days of purchase. After seven days, however, Ebooks cannot be returned.

    Does Amazon Give Refunds For Ebooks?

    Cancel an accidental book order within seven days. Approved refunds are credited to the original payment source within three to five days. Log in using the same Amazon account details that were used to buy your content to go to Your Orders.

    How Many Books Can You Return On Kindle?

    Amazon offers a return policy that allows you to exchange it. Returns aren’t allowed very often. You can read Kindle Unlimited without any problems. The maximum number of books you can download at one time is 10. To delete one, simply download the next 11.

    Are There Limits on Kindle Returns

    The answer is yes! While you won’t be able to return all of your unread books on your Kindle, the Amazon Kindle book return limit allows customers to return Kindle books within seven days of purchase.Sep 11, 2019

    .Amazon Ebook Return Policy 2022 (Return Limits, Refunds + More)

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