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Launched in 2014, Total VPN is a relative VPN newcomer. It aims to draw free-plan users, restricting the user to three servers in the Netherlands, Iceland, and Singapore with a 2 Mbps data cap. However, data is unlimited and Complete VPN comes bundled in a beautiful, easy-to-use app. Let’s see how Complete VPN compares some of our top VPNs including ExpressVPN and NordVPN UPDATE, August 2, 2016: Although Total VPN performed well in our tests, we had a number of comments on billing issues and charging customers more than anticipated.

That’s why we reduced the one-star ranking. We will continue to monitor this situation and update it as needed. The premium version offers one of the cheapest paid VPN options, starting at $4.49 a month. A 24-month subscription lowers the figure to $2.99 per month, and for $3.59 per month, 12 months will get you the same service. Any Complete VPN premium subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee (it’s not popular on the website, but in terms and conditions). Payment may be made by credit card or PayPal.

There’s no way to pay for Bitcoin, gift cards or other third-party gateways. Characteristics Full VPN applications for Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android. Manual setup tutorials for Linux users. A standard account allows three simultaneous computer uses. If more is required, multiple system add-on costs GBP 14.95 per year ($21.72 … prices for all add-ons are in British pounds). Three VPN protocols are available: OpenVPN, PPTP, IKEv2. We suggest OpenVPN, but IKEv2 is useful on insecure mobile devices. It’s also one of the only protocols operating on Blackberry devices, although there’s no native Blackberry app. Just OpenVPN binds the mobile app. It’s obvious that Total VPN targets inexperienced users who want an affordable, no-frills VPN alternative.

While that makes it intuitive and user-friendly, it lacks features found on robust apps. You won’t find, for example, a kill switch or DNS leak security. Total VPN provides a few premium servers restricting the number of people allowed for an additional GBP 25 per year. We haven’t checked these “supercharged” servers, but it’s a little irritating that when it comes to bandwidth, people who pay for regular subscription aren’t handled fairly. It’s like the anger you have towards people traveling first class when you’re in a coach.

Those who pay more enforce your leg space. SmartDNS is not currently supported, but Total VPN’s website says it’s “on the roadmap and due for release very soon.” Netflix has blocked Total VPN’s US servers, though we’ve been successfully watching from servers in a few other countries. Obviously, there was no US display catalog from those locations. Setup, gui Setup is as easy as a download and install wizard.

Enter an email and password, and you’re logged in, and free users don’t even have to do anything. No activation codes, email verifications, or two-step authentication are required, although the most security-conscious among us can see this as a con instead of a pro. Full VPN apps emphasize convenience, beautifully built for both desktop and mobile devices. A straightforward server list and a link button are all you need to communicate with. Servers can be starred to the top of the list. If linked, the home page shows a server summary, use, connection length, protocol, and bandwidth cap (unlimited on paid version).

A search bar is available so you don’t have to navigate through the server list to find a country or region. The Settings tab will link you to your account, set the protocol, and choose to start and connect. You can also toggle alerts, ads and security tips. We switched off the last two to eliminate ads. The software runs quietly in the system tray on the desktop version. The icon doesn’t change whether it’s related or not, but it’s a small complaint.

A right-click lets you connect to your starred servers, disconnect, search for notifications, and access settings. The mobile app is similarly plain, consisting of a server list and link information homepage. After installation, the configuration process is identical, requiring just your email and password. Starred servers synchronize computers. The apps look fantastic and couldn’t be more intuitive, but website cannot say the same.

It looks perfect, but navigating is hard. Especially free users will find it painful to locate troubleshooting information and help. The web is scattered without direct links to pages we searched for. It could use a search bar to index the entire web. Servers, efficiency Premium VPN users access 33 servers in 27 countries. The US hosts servers in seven cities, while each other gets one.

This does not include the aforementioned “supercharged” server add-on. A server list shows the current load on all available servers. Some are always over-capacity like New York, which is the default server when opening the app, but most could do much more. As long as you select your server wisely, Premium Total VPN users should have no trouble streaming 1080p footage. Normally, I like playing Brawlhalla, an online Super Smash Bros-style fighting game on Steam, to test latency.

Unfortunately, by using Complete VPN, we were unable to connect to the servers of the game. I couldn’t determine the cause, and the problem occurred from several locations on different VPN protocols. I could jump on a public server for Don’t Starve Together, where I had no visible latency. Even, gamers definitely need to make sure they can at least link to their game of choice using the free edition before shelling out for premium subscription. The free edition is too sluggish for gaming.

I was able to watch Netflix, but it wasn’t pretty. The 2 Mbps speed limit for general web browsing. To make speed tests as empirical as possible, for a total of nine tests, we downloaded the same 82.7MB file (compressed from 103MB) from three separate servers three times a day. We conducted additional experiments for a control group at approximately the same time, without a VPN. Times for a few other VPNs are included for the sake of contrast, though checked earlier.

I linked to the nearest Miami and Atlanta servers in the U.S., and in London. In the boxplot below, the thick black line reflects the average download time, while the average red diamond. Better is lower. Complete VPN outperformed all other VPN we’ve reviewed, including the much more costly ExpressVPN. The discrepancy between using and not using VPN made almost no difference.

Hopefully, as Total VPN becomes more common, it can sustain fantastic speeds. Note this test is not a definite predictor of which VPN is quickest. The internet’s inherent uncertainty adds a major randomness element, so VPN speed tests should always be taken with a large salt grain. My original location is in Bogota, Colombia, where I run these tests on 10 Mbps. Those with faster connections can note a larger speed difference.

Setup And Interface

Total VPN followed the trend of not keeping user log files, thereby ensuring complete anonymity. This device is heavily encrypted. Users won’t have to think about third-party reading of their data or prying eyes. Thanks to so many server locations, selecting the most suitable feed is typically very straightforward, and users can manually pick a particular server if they wish.

Another useful aspect of this software package is that it’s just as effective in public places like coffee shops or internet cafes. So, when out and about, surfing the Internet safely was never easier. Certain functions It’s very easy to use Complete VPN, even though it’s the first time such a device is discovered. The premium plan provides unrestricted data use and the developers say only marginal downtime. Help is available 24/7 if needed.

Servers And Performance

It seems there are so many free VPN services that if you want to have one on your device, you just need to press it. But the kicker is… you’re either content with the free VPN, or it works poorly! How to prevent such failures? Read reviews on Reddit and on sites like I’ll try a new free VPN here and now. It’s Absolute VPN. Is it Absolutely good or bad?

Basic Functions And Applications

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Total Vpn Review Of Features;

As claimed on Total VPN’s website, users may use it freely. No credit cards available. Total VPN is free, but… I failed to download Total VPN! What’s that mean? It’s free, but my PC has trouble downloading the app! What’s to do? Well, I decided to look for other ways out and switch to Google Search: “Total VPN Download” and finally, I found the app on my computer.

How Can You Use Total Vpn For Free?

Total VPN feature review You know free VPN services are typically restricted in their functionality, but some of them, like Windscribe VPN or Avast Free VPN, provide a good collection of features even free.

What About Total Free Vpn? Let’S See!

After I didn’t download Complete VPN software directly from the web, I was disappointed and didn’t anticipate any amazing features. I was impressed with how they say the features offered. They particularly compared Total VPN with a proxy, the winner being TotalVPN. It’s a VPN service and should be better. Again, after a few more tests (keep reading and you’ll know everything), I was again disappointed. Here’s a short list of Total VPN features (at least, the provider claims): Data encryption;

High Speeds When Browsing Or Streaming;

Unblock websites;

Unlimited Changes Of Ip Addresses;

Malware And Phishing Attack Protection.

How Safe And Private Are You With Total Vpn?

Okay, let’s see… Complete VPN provider says VPN service on your computer will protect your personal details. How? How?