Tp Link Ax11000 Review

tp link ax11000 review


The TP-Link-AX11000 Next-Gen Tri-Band Gaming Router is not cheap when you consider the price. It is fast, reliable and loaded with great features to help you make online gaming even more enjoyable.

Additionally, it includes eight gigabit LAN ports with link aggregation, USB C connection, and an additional 2.5 Gb WAN port for those who are fortunate enough to have access to a multi-gig switch or modem. TP Link HomeCare membership is available for life. It provides protection against viruses, parental controls and content filtering.

A gamer-themed dashboard allows for system resource monitoring and latency monitoring. This is why the AX11000 was named Editors Choice among Wi-Fi 6 routers.

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tp link ax11000 review

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Wi-Fi is quickly becoming the standard in the connected world. It is difficult to choose the right option for you to make the most of the new features. Many routers are available, but few provide the complete range of capabilities that is required to take the best out of new hardware. This is the place where the TP Link Archer AX11000 from TP Link comes in. TP-Link’s huge new router, the Archer AX11000 is incredibly powerful and packed with features designed to appeal to modern gamers.

The TP-Link Archer AX11000, one of the most powerful routers that we’ve ever tested, is a striking sight. The AX11000’s sleek black exterior and bright red accents look exactly as Hollywood imagined the gaming future. At 2.9 lbs this router is light and weighs 8 removable antennas. These are attached in an upside-down position. The AX11000 charm has made me a fan even though I am one of very few.

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TP Link Archer AX11000 Review Image Provided By CGMagazine. Luckily, this Wi-Fi 6-powered beast is equipped with some incredible hardware. A quad core processor with 1GB RAM means that the AX11000 can handle the most difficult tasks. The router’s CPU is capable of delivering lag-free performance under high load, even with many other devices.

Wi-Fi 6. is included in the AX11000. So, any new laptops should be able take advantage of these features. You can get wireless speeds upto 10756Mbps with this router. Modern hardware will not be able to handle AX WiFi. You’ll also need to update your internet to make any difference.

Tri-Band works effectively to reduce gaming bottlenecks. Gamers who are trying to watch Netflix, or play games, will have one 5G Band available to them. DFS technology is able to move empty lanes in order to maintain consistent speeds and avoid lag.

AX11000 offers speed and range thanks to its powerful engine. Even though the building had solid brick walls, our tests showed that the AX11000 was able to access the network from the office floor covering 6000 square feet. The signal appeared to be strong all over the workspace, but we experienced a slowdown and loss of signal as we entered the outside world.

The TP Link Archer AX11000 Review Image by CGMagazine We were able, even at the edges of space, to keep speeds around 500 to 900MBs in our tests using Wi-Fi 6. Enabled laptops. AX11000 will cover large homes where many routers did not.

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tp link ax11000 review

Conclusion: Tplink Archer Ax11000 Review

With tri-band radio and Wi-Fi speeds up to 2.4 Gbps, excellent range, reliable signals, and decent NAS performance, the Archer AX11000 ranks high in its category. Advanced features, plethora management options, and an interface designed for gamers. A premium product, with an excellent price.

At the time of this review, the Archer AX11000 is available at between PS350 and PS400 . You will need to spend a lot. What you get in return is a significant flagship product. I’m pleased to present the TP Link Archer X11000 Platinum Award.

For a platinum-product, a platinum award.

We are grateful to TP-Link that the Archer AX11000 was sent in for our review.

How Does The TpLink Ax11000 Reviews?

The AX11000 performed well on 5GHz frequencies, but was quite slow on the 2.4GHz frequencies. Our network congestion testing shows the AX11000 to perform better via Ethernet and 5 GHz connections, with the 2.4 GHz performance a weak point.Apr 14, 2021

Is Tp-Link A Reliable Brand?

So far it has been excellent (only like 5 months though). It is not something I would use in a professional setting, but it works well for my home. Personally, for home use I see netgear, linksys, tp-link, and trendnet at all about the same level. There are a few decent devices out there, and some junk. October 30, 2015

Can The Ax11000 be used for Gaming?

The GT-AX11000 is a home router that focuses on gaming. It also has Quality of Service (QOS), parental control, and security features. This router allows you to set up adaptive QOS which prioritizes bandwidth. The time-scheduling feature of the router also lets you limit when users can log onto the network.

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Is it possible to connect multiple devices with Archer Ax11000

This is the key takeaway: If you have multiple-gig Internet speeds and several Wi-Fi clients, then you can enjoy broadband on all devices. How do you explain this? May 21, 2020

.Tp Link Ax11000 Review