Tp Link Archer C4000 Review

tp link archer c4000 review


The Archer C4000 Wireless Router is fast and easy to use. It is also very affordable considering that the The Archer C4000 wireless router is extremely quick and has many features. It is also reasonably priced when compared to the level of performance it is capable of providing. It is fast and reliable, and it works with TIME Fibre and Unifi. It also includes several useful functions, such as the Homecare Antivirus, which we strongly advise you to make use of whenever possible. You should buy this router if your house is large.

It is going to outperform the C3150X, C5400X routers in terms of speed. The TP-Link C5400X, however, continues to be our fastest wireless router. The TP Link Archer C4000 will still be available as a purchase option at RM999, according to the company’s suggestion.

Price Check TPLINK Archer Wireless AC4000 MU–MIMO Triband Router (Refurbished). Price Check TPLINK

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tp link archer c4000 review

Firmware and features

We have seen many TP-Link routers, and we can confirm that the Archer C4000’s firmware is the same as other TP-Link routers. The router will have the same features as the other models. The Archer C4000 has a lot of the same features as other high-end TP-Link wireless routers.

The software comes with several QoS profiles that you can use to manage your network.

Access point mode can also be supported by TP Link Archer C4000

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Smart connect is not automatically enabled. This should be enabled.

You can also use the router to support dual WAN aggregation.

The software comes with several QoS profiles that you can use to manage your network.

This router comes with a fair amount of features. We are very pleased with the Homecare Antivirus. This will be covered in greater detail later. This parental control by Homecare is great. Not only does it provide time control but also allows for content blocking in a number of specific categories. Many networking features are available in the firmware, which could be very useful. OpenVPN VPN and PPTP VPN server options exist, but we’d prefer a VPN client. You can also remotely monitor them via the TP-Link cloud.

tp link archer c4000 review

Last Thoughts

After spending a good amount of time with the Archer A20, I can certainly say that while this unit is a good amount cheaper than the C5400 it gets its design from, it feels solid both physically and in use. The unit worked well in my network and I enjoyed streaming, gaming and day-to-day browsing. This unit is built as strong as the C5400v1 in October 2016 and the C5400v2 I reviewed in September 2017.

The Archer A20 internally takes its design from the two previous units and chooses to use the BCM4908 in place of the aging 4709 along with new WiFi chips featuring a 3×3 design instead of the C5400’s 4×4 layout. This allows you to save marginally on costs, without having to compromise your real-world performance. The charts show that the Archer A20 beats both the C5400 and the v1 by wired throughput. However, wireless throughput is only 200Mbps better than the C5400. The v2 has a slightly higher speed of 40Mbps over the A20.

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In terms of the GUI, homecare provides both anti-virus and malware protection. The added intrusion monitors give you more peace of mind. QoS has been enhanced to allow device and app priority to be set and parental controls can now be customized.

Pricing is king and with the Archer A20, TPLink is offering tri-band functionality with its AC4000 platform for $169.99. the next closest comparable solution is the ASUS RT-Ac3200 at $199.99 followed by the TPLink C5400 at $215.99 Performance Quality Features Value Overall

tp link archer c4000 review


TP-Link AC4000 Archer C4000 V2 No reviews yet TP-Link AC4000 Archer C4000 V3

Category Routers Routers

Tri-Band Frequency Band (2.4GHz and 2 x5GHz respectively) Tri–Band (12.4GHz, 1 x5GHz each)

Beamforming, Anti-Virus Protection, Built in Malware, Anti-Virus Protection and External Antennas. Parental Controls. Quality of Service

Max Wireless Speed 1,625 Mb/s 1,625 Mb/s

Ethernet Ports: 5 5

Wi Fi Standard 802.11 ac. 8,02.11 B, 802.11 G and 802.11 N 802.11 A, 802.11 AC, 802.11 BC, 802.11BB, and 802.11GN 802.11ac. 802.11ac. 802.11ac. 802.11 B, 802.11 D, and 802.11 N 802.11ac. 802.11ac.

What are the benefits of Tplink Routers?

The TP-Link Archer AX50 has the ability to provide Wi-Fi services that can be used by a growing number of devices. While it isn’t the fastest Wi Fi router that we tried, it came close. And it’s far less expensive than those routers offering limited benefits.

Which Tp-Link Archer Is The Best?

Archer AX21 overall is the best. Archer EX90 Gaming Router is Archer GX90. Best Wi-Fi 6 mesh? DecoX90.Nov 14, 2020

How do you set up your Archer C4000 Router.

Use our Quick Setup Wizard.

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Are Tplink Routers Easily Hackable?

Watch out, TP Link routers owners. IBM X-Force researchers discovered a weakness in certain models that allows miscreants to hijack them by simply entering a long password. Yep, that’s right.Dec 17, 2019

.Tp Link Archer C4000 Review

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