Does Aldi Sell Tofu In 2022? (Locations, Types, Price + More)

While vegans and vegetarians are a minority in the US, they have gained popularity.

Groceries have significantly expanded their selections as people eat meatless meals more often.

  • With an established selection of meat-free foods, you might be wondering if Aldi sells tofu, that soy-based staple in vegetarian and vegan cooking. This is what you need before going to Aldi!
  • Does Aldi Sell Tofu In 2022? (Locations, Types, Price + More)

    Aldi to Sell Tofu By 2022

    Aldi has a private plant-based label Earth Grown that sells tofu. Aldi Tofu is available in both everyday and extra-firm varieties and retails at $1.75 per pack. Aldi tofu may not be sold in all locations.

  • What kind of tofu can you find at Aldi? Where can you locate it and what reasons your store may not have it? Read on for these details and more!
  • Aldi – What kind of Tofu Can You Sell?

    Aldi brought back the firm tofu they had in their original form and an extra firm version of it in 2021 to much praise by plant-based dieters.

    These products form part of Aldi’s Earth Grown private brand, vegan and vegetarian options.

    Aldi tofu can be a wonderful source of protein for vegans as well as vegetarians. Each three-ounce serving contains eight grams. Each package has 14 ounces.

    PETA, an animal rights organization, even praised Aldi’s vegan tofu when it was awarded a Top Grocer Award in 2020.

    Aldi also stocks tofu under their ALDI Finds range. These tofu packages come with seven ounces and can be marinated in Teriyaki or Sriracha.

    Does Aldi Sell Tofu In 2022? (Locations, Types, Price + More)

    How Much Is Aldi’s Tofu?

    Aldi’s tofu comes in two varieties: extra firm or firm. They cost $1.75. In contrast, brand name Nasoya, sold at Walmart, costs $2.64 for 14 ounces of tofu.

    Aldi’s tofu is located in stores

    Locating plant-based products in any store can be a hassle, so here is what you need to know about actually finding tofu in your Aldi.

    If your store carries it (more on that in the next section), it will be located in the refrigerated shelving area.

    Not to be confused with the refrigerated coolers, where the milk, juices, bacon, and eggs are kept, the refrigerated shelving area is a refrigerated section with open shelving (no doors), where the deli items (think sliced meats, cheeses, pickles, etc.) are kept.

    It is also located near Take and Bake Pizza.

    Does Aldi Sell Tofu In 2022? (Locations, Types, Price + More)

    Why is it that you can’t find Tofu in Your Aldi

    Aldi might not have tofu, or they may simply lack it. This price range is where vegans and vegetarians tend to stockpile tofu when they find it at Aldi.

    It’s polite to ask an employee whether your store sells tofu and when they anticipate getting a new shipment.

  • You can also check the Instacart app to see if your Aldi has tofu. Aldi is a partner with Instacart to deliver groceries or pickup.
  • Aldi can help you if your grocery store is not carrying tofu. Aldi listens to their customers.
  • Are There Any Other Places I Can Buy Tofu

    You may need other meat substitutes made from plant-based proteins, such as tofu. Whole Foods or Costco will carry it. Target also carries the product.

    You can find out what Aldi has in other food categories by visiting our related posts.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi sells firm and extra-firm tofu at a very low $1.75 but it can sometimes be difficult finding in every store.

    But, shoppers say that, if it can be found, it’s an excellent, high-quality purchase.

    Is There Tofu In Aldi?

    Aldi sells which kind of tofu do they offer? … An entire package contains 14 ounces of tofu. PETA, an animal rights organization, recognized Aldi’s vegan tofu with a 2020 Top Grocer Award. Aldi also offers tofu in their ALDI Finds line.

    How do you distinguish between extra firm and firm tofu?

    Firm tofu can be made extra firm by using less water. This is evident in its texture. However, the culinary possibilities of both extra-firm as well as firm tofu can almost be identical. Extra-firm will not absorb marinades. Extra-firm, on the other hand is more easy to stir-fry, pan-fry and deep-fry.

    Why is there no tofu in the Grocery Shop?

    U.S. Coronavirus shutdowns begun in mid March. Since then, there have been tofu shortages reported across the country, from Seattle to Washington, D.C., with many manufacturers unable to keep up demand, while supermarkets rationed their sales. Sept 21, 2020

    Do Aldi Finds Come Back?

    Aldi Finds are sometimes rediscovered more often than once per year. This is more common for certain products, as well as food items. It happens that certain ethnic or regional foods may be reappear only a few times each year.

    .Does Aldi Sell Tofu In 2022? (Locations, Types, Price + More)