Does Usps Send Text Messages In 2022? (It Is A Scam + More)

Each technology has its vulnerabilities. In the case of digital frauds like phishing, however, often the weakest link in any system is unwitting people.

However, there are many companies and retailers that send genuine texts to their customers.

  • So, you might wonder, Does USPS send text message? Let me tell you, I did some searching and found this!
  • Does USPS Send Text Messages In 2022? (It Is A Scam + More)

    Do USPS send text messages to 2022?

    Text messages are sent by the United States Postal Service, however they can only send them to a specific request. These legitimate text messages are updates on package delivery progress. USPS will not send you text messages containing links, or ask for personal information.

  • Continue reading to learn about the types of SMS messages USPS sends, what to do if you get scammed text messages from USPS and how you can recognize scam texts.
  • Do USPS send SMS messages regarding delivery changes?

    USPS texts only delivery updates and changes to text messages. Sign up only for USPS text messaging.

    This signifies that USPS does NOT send unsolicited SMS messages.

    A number of people have started reporting messages that claim to be USPS. They read like this:

  • “USPS – The scheduled delivery for shipment XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX has been changed. Here is the confirmation:
  • The message is then ended with a link. This image shows you how to create that kind of text.

    Another scam message might refer to an “Urgent Notice” followed by a hyperlink.

    The click of the link can install malware to your phone and computer (for Mac users with iMessage installed on their Macbooks).

    Sometimes it is tempting, especially if there are items on the way. To click on this link could be tempting.

  • It is important that you are able to approach any message containing a link carefully. This will make it less likely for you to accidentally click on one regarding a “delivery change”.
  • Does USPS Send Text Messages In 2022? (It Is A Scam + More)

    Is it scammy to get a USPS text?

    While a USPS text isn’t always fraudulent, you should be aware that USPS can send you text notification about deliveries if it has not been specifically requested.

    Remember that USPS doesn’t send unsolicited texts messages. Only if delivery updates are requested, will you ever get one.

  • You can verify if your account was set up for text message updates about delivery by going to the Tracking page and scrolling down to “Text & email Updates”
  • Click the chevron in the upper right corner to expand that section. This will reveal whether you have signed up for notifications.

    How Do You Know If A Text Isn’t From USPS?

    In order to scam consumers, they use weird spellings.

  • This image shows a fake scam text. You will see that there is extra space between the words for and delivery.
  • You will receive everything from USPS without any spelling or grammatical mistakes

    The scam text also contains the shipment number. This looks like an order number that can be used by a range of retailers, such as Old Navy.

  • USPS tracking codes are more complicated, with 20-22 digits and no letters. USPS tracking numbers for domestic use are typically “94”, 93, or “92”.
  • Finally, USPS legitimate texts are in a different format.

  • It will look more like this: “USPS 01123456789123456789, Delivered 01/15/2014 11:10pm NORTH ANDOVER MA 01845 Reply HELP 4 info-STOP to cancel”
  • Does USPS Send Text Messages In 2022? (It Is A Scam + More)

    What can you do to check if your account is set up for USPS texts?

    If your texts seem suspicious, it’s worth checking if you have signed up for USPS updates.

    You can quickly and easily check whether you have signed up to receive USPS text messages on their website.

    As if you were tracking the progress of your shipment, enter your tracking number.

    Scroll down a little to see the section “Text & email Updates” once you have your results. You can expand that header with the chevron icon on the right.

    The list will include all the email notifications options and texts you might have selected. They will be reviewed if you have.

    If you don’t see any, then you did not sign up for text notifications, and the text you received was, indeed, a scam.

    You can also view your text messaging conversations to confirm that you’re signed up.

  • USPS sends an initial text after you sign up on their website, to ensure that you want to opt-in to notifications.)
  • From What Number Does USPS Send Texts?

  • If you are signed up to receive text notifications from USPS, the general number from which they message is “28777.”
  • Additionally, scammers tend to send text messages from 10-digit numbers, like the example from this page.

    If you are able to find it, you’ll know, first, that your account was set up for notifications and second, that other text in the notification isn’t from USPS.

    This is because all texts sent by USPS to the original opt-in conversation would also be included; they would not start a new conversation with a different number.

    Does Usps Send Text Messages In 2022? (It Is A Scam + More)

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