Is Starbucks Closing Stores In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

Because of its diligence, Starbucks is closing hundreds of stores and opening new locations across North America.

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  • Starbucks is closing North America locations

    Starbucks declared in June 2020 it was closing 400 stores in America and Canada in the next 18-months.

    This announcement was followed up by 100 stores closing in the US and 100 Canada. The total closures now stands at 600.

    Starbucks is opening additional locations simultaneously, meaning that the North American number of Starbucks stores will not be reduced.

    Starbucks has announced that it is closing all stores within dense urban areas. These locations already boast a lot of Starbucks outlets.

    Still, the exact locations that will be closed have not yet been announced, but they will also include high-traffic areas like malls and campuses.

    These areas have also seen decreased traffic as a result of changing customer habits and the pandemic.

    The trend favoured pick-ups and deliveries even before the pandemic and has continued to grow since.

    Is Starbucks Closing Stores In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

    Why Is Starbucks Closing Locations?

    Starbucks has closed hundreds of North American locations, but this isn’t due to downsizing.

    Starbucks will instead close its locations and open new ones, mostly drive-thrus or to-go shops.

    Therefore, stores closing will be replaced with more performant models located in other areas.

    There are basically two main reasons this change is occurring. Starbucks hopes that new stores will prove more efficient and profitable.

    Second, closings indicate changes in customer preferences regarding delivery services and takeaway.

    One example is that as many as 80% in all Starbucks sales are made directly from customers’ orders.

    This trend will dictate the future locations of Starbucks’ new stores.

    The new stores will still maintain the Starbucks fundamental values of quality and convenience.

    How will the new Starbucks stores be managed?

    Starbucks Store Closings Are Not New. About 100 Starbucks locations are shut down each year, based on their performance.

    But recent closings have been on an even larger scale, and they are due to changing customer behavior and sales patterns.

    The store openings and closings are a sign of a shift from Starbucks to delivery and take-out locations.

    That said, as people adapt to the pandemic conditions and continue working from home, their shopping preferences also change.

    Starbucks stores see a reduction in morning traffic as a result of fewer morning commuters.

    Starbucks customers are more satisfied with their mid-morning, afternoon and weekend hours than the decline in morning Starbucks sales.

    The shift from the urban to the suburbs has seen a change in sales. In addition, many cafe patrons are switching to driving-thrus over sitting.

    With the introduction of mobile ordering and Starbucks delivery via Uber Eats (via smartphone), customer preference is shifting towards to-go and delivery.

    Is Starbucks Closing Stores In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

    How will the new Starbucks locations look?

    Starbucks is adapting to these changing customer habits in its new Starbucks stores.

    Starbucks’ new locations will offer more double-lane drive throughs, curbside pickup, and walkup windows in metro areas.

    The new Starbucks Pick-up Stores will be available at the locations. Customers can order from and pay through their Starbucks App.

    In addition, the increase in online customer interaction with Starbucks during this pandemic is due, among other things, to millions more mobile app users.

    This allows for ordering and payment to be done entirely through mobile apps, making the process faster and simpler.

    There is also a Starbucks pick up store at Penn Station in New York City, which has been open since 2019.

    Starbucks’ curbside pickup service is another experiment. It has been very well received. These new options will be more common in the future.

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  • Conclusion
  • Starbucks announced it would close 600 North American stores by 2022.

    Starbucks however, will be opening an equal number or greater of locations. This will mean that the number of Starbucks shops will increase over this time.

    The new stores will have locations that are more in line with changing customer habits and trends.

    So, these trends show a shift away from urban metros to suburbs and cafes to takeout and delivery options.

    Starbucks’ values of quality, convenience, and service will remain the same at these new Starbucks stores.

    Starbucks Closes In 2022

    Starbucks recently announced the closing of 600 North American Starbucks stores by 2022. Starbucks will still open a similar or greater number of locations during the period, which will mean that there will actually be more Starbucks stores.

    Why Do So Many Starbucks Stores Close?

    A Starbucks representative tells KTVU the move to close or reduce hours at stores around the Bay Area is a way to keep workers and customers safe. SAN FRANCISCO – Finding a good cup of coffee for the morning is becoming more difficult for Starbucks customers. According to Starbucks coffee chain, it is due to COVID.February 4, 2022

    Why Are Starbucks Closing In Vancouver?

    In order to reduce its footprint and focus more on specific high-traffic areas, the coffee giant is steadily closing its stores across Burnaby. Burnaby Starbucks devotees are becoming increasingly upset.

    Does Starbucks go out of business in Canada?

    Starbucks is closing many of their Canadian locations, and the company announced the closure of 144 stores in March 2021. It is part in a plan to shutter 200 Canadian locations within 18 months.

    .Is Starbucks Closing Stores In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

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