Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

4) Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

Yes, you can redeem a free Starbucks drink on your birthday! While you’re at it, you can also look for the best Starbucks birthday gifts for yourself this year – what better way than to give yourself a nice little treat? They also make the perfect gifts for people who love Starbucks just as much as you do!

This is another reason to fall in love with the free Starbucks rewards program.

Signing up is free!

Secondly, your birthday is free if you order any size beverage.

They used to give you up to 30 days to redeem your birthday offer. They changed the rules so that it is now only valid on your birthday.

This means that you have the freedom to customize your drink however you like. You could even order something from their food menu if that’s what you prefer.

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Here’S What You Need To Do:

  • Follow the prompts by texting HI to 78887
  • NOTE – The offer may vary by customer and include anything from 150 Stars to a BOGO Free Drink offer that you can share with a friend!
  • Once you get the offer, it will show up in your account within 24 hours. You can use the BOGO free offer on a mobile order by making sure you apply it at the checkout page. It will take the most expensive drink off your order!
  • Within 24 hours of receiving the offer, your account will reflect it. You can use the BOGO free offer on a mobile order by making sure you apply it at the checkout page. It will take the most expensive drink off your order!

For more information, go HERE.

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

Ten Ways to Get a Free Starbucks Drink

The most obvious way to get your free Starbucks drink whenever you want is to take advantage of Starbucks rewards.

This is a “frequent flier” program that offers various benefits, the main one being free Starbucks!

It is easy to join the Starbucks Reward Program.

You must make a purchase with your registered Starbucks card, or use the app in order to get rewarded.

To redeem you’ll receive stars automatically for every purchase made and they will show up as treats loaded into your account.

The rewards program has been updated for 2019. You can now earn free Starbucks tea or coffee in just 2 to 3 visits.

It works

Earn 2 stars for every $1 you spend in a Starbucks cafe or online.

Redeem your Stars for free food and drink as follows:

  • 25 Stars to add an espresso shot or syrup to your beverage.
  • 50 stars for hot brewed coffee, tea, bread, and croissants.
  • 150 Stars for any of your favourite handcrafted drinks or a breakfast sandwich.
  • 250 stars for a lunch sandwich or salad
  • 400 Stars for a bag of coffee or select merchandise

Although it might appear that 50 stars would be a long time, there are bonus star opportunities every week. For example: Buy two teas per week to get 75 bonus stars.

Check your email regularly and use the Starbucks App to receive offers. They load new ones every week.

Bogo Free Promotions

Keep an eye out for promotions or special discounts on special days.

It all depends where you are located, but Starbucks sometimes offers holiday promotions.

Sometimes they offer special discounts up to 50% on their special drinks during happy hour.

You might not realize that you can get free Starbucks coffee or food with your Starbucks Card.

Check the Rewards section frequently to see if there are any specials or promotions.

There may be enough stars in your account to get a drink or food free of charge, so always make sure you check it out.

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

Free Biscuit At Bojangles

Bojangles offers a birthday treat: a complimentary biscuit if you purchase a product.

Once you sign up you’ll also get a free gallon of Legendary Iced Tea, which requires any purchase as well.

The birthday gift is valid for two weeks.

Each year, Jersey Mike’s gives you a free birthday sub for your birthday.

The menu includes hot and cold subs. It also offers Mike’s Famous Philly and Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak.

A sub at Jersey Mike’s can range from as low as $5.25 to as high as $13.95, depending on what you choose.

How To Get Free Drinks At Starbucks

Then from there, you have to load your card with any amount that you choose.


  • The entry level when you first register your card
  • Register 30 days prior to your birthday and you’ll receive a birthday treat or drink in your account.
  • All orders placed online at Starbucks Store will receive 15%


  • After you have earned 5 stars you will be able to enter the Green Level
  • You’ll get all the benefits of the Welcome level, but you’ll also get free refills in the store (fresh brewed coffee, iced coffee, or tea)


  • Once you earn 30 stars within 12 months, you’ll enter the Gold Level
  • All the benefits from the Green and Welcome levels will be available to you, plus you’ll receive a complimentary drink for every 12 stars.
  • Plus, you’ll even get a personalized Gold Card

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

Get Free Starbucks On Your Birthday

Everybody loves to receive free stuff for their birthday. Here’s how to get free Starbucks on your birthday.

Starbucks Rewards members get one handcrafted beverage, one food item and one ready-to-drink bottle of beverage for every one they become.

Starbucks Rewards will give you a free birthday reward if you join at least seven days before your birthday. You must also make at least one purchase (Star earning transaction) each year.

Your birthday reward will be automatically added to your account on your birthday and is valid ONLY on that date.

So make sure to redeem your reward on your actual birthday and don’t forget to scan your membership barcode in the app or pay with your registered Starbucks card to receive your free birthday reward.

Availing Your Star Code:

There is an easy way to claim your Starbucks free drinks. You just have to enter your Star code whenever you purchase and shop for the Starbucks items right from any of the grocery stores.

This means that if you buy these products you will get a Star code back. These star codes can be used to claim free drinks or beverages.

All of the Starbucks products have these star codes immersed on their packaging side. Take a note of the code and log in to your Rewards Portal to claim your bonuses and gifts.

You can also qualify for the service even if your products are not marked by Starbucks. What you can do is to save and keep your receipt and show it on the official site of Starbucks and thus claim your free drink option.

Stay Up To Date With The App

There are plenty of ways you can get free Starbucks beverages. Keep an eye out for promo codes in their app or your email.

Offers could be anything from double points days or deals for specific drinks. Also, some offers can be based on your coffee purchase history.

If you wish to receive promotional and marketing offers via email from Starbucks, make sure to opt in.

Either way, it’s always nice to see a special offer come and also find additional ways to save money while enjoying your favorite Starbucks drinks!

These three Frappucinos are a great way to save money and make your favorite drinks at home.

For my vegan friends: Here are some delicious plant-based coffee recipes, including Caramel Macchiato.

Swagbucks is available to you

Swagbucks also allows you to earn Starbucks gift certificates! Earning points (called SBs) by engaging in various online activities can help you earn. These include online shopping, browsing the internet, answering surveys and watching videos.

Depending on the difficulty, the payout of the tasks can be different. When you only have a few moments to spare, these tasks can be a great way to fill in the gaps in your schedule.

Swagbucks prize vouchers have an interesting characteristic: they also go on sale! There are days where you can get 20-25% off selected rewards. It is worth waiting to redeem your gift card on these days to get more bang for the buck. You get even more Starbucks drinks for your money!

You can then use the money earned to purchase your beloved Starbucks coffee!

To learn more, check out my detailed MyPoints review!

You make make money on your desktop or your mobile phone. LifePoints is a partner with market research firms and allows you to voice your opinion in order to impact product development and advertising campaigns. Your time is well-repaid. They even have pulse surveys and mini-polls that take literally seconds to complete!

Once you have completed your first survey, the app will automatically transfer your points to your online account. These points can be used to redeem cash or gift vouchers for a delicious Starbucks beverage.

Interested in learning more about this platform? You can read my entire LifePoints review here!

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

What is the best way to get free Starbucks on your birthday?

To claim your Starbucks Reward free of charge on your birthday, there are a few steps that you need to follow.

To claim your Birthday Reward, you must have joined the Starbucks Rewards program at least seven (7) days before the day of your birthday.

You must also have purchased at least one Star-earning product in the 12 months preceding your birthday.

Check that your Rewards account has the correct date. Two days prior, you will receive an email with reminders to claim your Birthday Reward.

You must claim your free Birthday Reward of a free food or drink item on the exact date.

Start Working At Starbucks:

The other way of earning free Starbucks drinks daily is by working over there. You will get lots of perks as an employee and free coffee.

If you are serving as a barista, then you will remain eligible for Partner beverages. It means you get a free beverage before your work shift gets to start and one free drink right after your shift is ended.

All employees at Starbucks receive a free pound or a box of tea every week.

Apart from getting and receiving all of these free drinks, you will be getting other benefits as well.

All Starbucks workers have health insurance. So, it is better to work and get a job over here and enjoy having these perks.

Part-time employees are permitted to work here. Contract workers can also be hired. Hence, utmost care is given to Starbucks employees and one cannot deny on this fact.

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

Receive Cashback Apps for Free

Instead of paying out of pocket for Starbucks drinks, there are several apps you can use to earn cash back on your everyday purchases. This can be a smart way to put that extra savings towards getting a free cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Rakuten – This is my go-to cash back app that I use whenever I shop online. It was formerly called Ebates.

Rakuten is easy to use and it’s free. Rakuten doesn’t require you to scan receipts or use coupons. You can even earn as much as 20% back on your online purchases with their special offers

Ibotta is another app that allows you to earn cash back for everyday shopping such as grocery, clothing, and travel.

Dosh: This free app allows you to get cash back from over 10,000 restaurants, shops and hotels. Dosh makes it simple to earn extra cash by not having to scan receipts or coupons.

1) Earn Free Starbucks Gift Cards Over Here!

I love this way to receive free Starbucks beverages!

It’s one of my favorite Starbucks hacks because when you sign up for a FREE Swagbucks account, you can start earning FREE Starbucks gift cards just by doing the stuff you normally do online.

To name a few examples, I earn FREE Starbucks gift cards by surfing the web, watching videos, answer easy survey questions, and shop online.

After selecting my $50 Starbucks gift certificate, I received the e-mail directly from Swagbucks.

It is one the most popular and well-known surveys in North America. It’s absolutely FREE to use and takes less than 5 seconds to sign up.

I’ve been a Swagbucks user since 2009 and I recommend them to those who want free gift cards and free stuff!

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

Work At Starbucks

Of course, if you love Starbucks, you may consider working there as a barista. Starbucks provides free coffee for employees and offers other perks. As a barista you can receive Partner beverages once before your shift begins, one after it, and once every break. This is quite a generous amount of drink! You will also be eligible to receive a free pound of coffee or box of tea every week.

Other than free drinks, there are many other benefits and perks as well as a Starbucks employee. What I love the most is the health coverage, which is really rare among companies nowadays for part-time employees or employees on contract. Kudos to Starbucks for taking care of its employees!

If interested, check out the official website to find out about all the perks!

Additional Benefits of the Starbucks Rewards Program

The stars can be used to personalize a beverage, buy a hot breakfast or purchase merchandise. You can redeem rewards with as little as 25 stars.

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday In 2022?

If you’re a Starbucks Rewards member, you can receive a complimentary Starbucks beverage on your birthday. You must have been a member for at least seven (7) days, and you must have at least one Star-earning purchase before the day you claim your Birthday Reward. You can join the Rewards program online or in the Starbucks mobile app.

If you have more questions about what kind of drink you can get, can you get cake instead, how to claim your drink, and more, read on. Our research led us to all of the information you needed.

Maximize Those Free “Reward Drinks”

Starbucks offers free Starbucks drinks. Did you know that you can get any beverage for your reward drink?

My surprise when someone uses their reward to buy a large cup of coffee drip.

Instead, you’d be wise to order a Venti or Trenta size of one of their specialty drinks that you enjoy.

These drinks easily cost less than $6 dollars, making them an excellent way to try a new drink.

Word of warning, you probably can’t order one of these ridiculously expensive drinks.

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

However, what if you are super busy that day and miss the chance to drop by a Starbucks?

You can try sending them an email and requesting an extension for your birthday free item.

What??! An extension on your Starbucks freebie? Is that even possible? Well, if you give it a try, you may get lucky! Remember, the customer service representatives are there to provide a pleasant experience for you. For them, maintaining a healthy relationship with an existing customer is much easier than starting a new one.

Try A Treinta

This drink size is not technically listed on the menu, but it’s bigger than a venti. Starbucks best-kept secret for nighttime cramming? Obviously. Even if you have to work all night, you’ll pass the test.

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

What is the best way to redeem my Starbucks birthday reward?

The first step is to take look at the menu on their site or app. Starbucks lists the star rating of each item and how much it costs. You can use the star rating to gauge how ‘valuable’ an item is. You can also choose the item you like from the menu. There’s no right or wrong.

Your barista should be notified of your intention to redeem your birthday gift. Tell them specifically how you will be using the birthday reward.

Then present them with your Starbucks card or app, and let you know what you would like to get.

Coffee Freshness

Starbucks suggests that coffee be purchased every other week as it loses its flavor once it is roasted. You should store your coffee in an airtight container, in a dry and dark area. Before you make your coffee, grind your coffee.

Major department stores can carry Starbucks products. You can find the most recent flavors and choices in major department stores.

Has this freebie expired?

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Enjoy More Birthday Freebies Happy birthday!

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

With my Birthday Reward, can I get any drink or cake I want?

Birthday Rewards usually appear on your first birthday, and expire after 30 days. The birthday bonus you receive includes. (f) 1 Starbucks handcrafted drink any size (with two free custom-made options). (iii) Food of your choosing (max 150 Baht). The reward includes one beverage and one customized restaurant drink. You can earn rewards starting on the first night each month.

3. Get Starbucks drinks free of charge via Rewards and Earning points

Other websites I like to use that reward you with free Starbucks gift cards include Survey Junkie, American Consumer Opinion, and MyPoints.

These are all 100% free to use with no strings attached. They are also quick and simple to use, so there’s no reason not to.

Seriously, I have my love for redeeming free Starbucks gift cards because it’s how I save money!

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday

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Even in India, millions of gamers play games like Call of Duty, Free-Fire, DOTA, etc. Contrary to this opinion, a lot of scientific studies show games can improve your visual processes, motor reflexes, and thinking capabilities.

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday In 2022?

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday In 2022?

We all love a birthday treat. What if you could get a Starbucks free birthday treat?

If you’ve wondered how to get a free Starbucks drink on your birthday, carry on reading. All the details are below.

Is it possible to receive a complimentary Starbucks beverage on your birthday?

You can get a free Starbucks drink on your birthday if you are a Starbucks Rewards program member. Your birthday reward must be claimed by a Star-earning member who has been with the program for at least 7 days. You can join the Rewards program online or in the Starbucks mobile app.

We have many more questions. This is what we did: We researched and came up with all the right answers.

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday In 2022?

Does Starbucks Still Do Birthday Rewards?

Starbucks continues to offer Birthday Rewards. You can claim your Birthday Reward free of charge at participating stores. It isn’t an urban legend.

To claim the free birthday reward, you must be a Starbucks Rewards member.

You can join online, or through the Starbucks mobile app. Other benefits include being a Rewards member.

Rewards members can get free food and drinks by redeeming Stars earned with each purchase. Free birthday drinks are one of the most sought-after Rewards.

The Birthday Reward you choose could even be a food or beverage gift. There are many options on the menu.

Is it possible to receive free Starbucks coffee on your birthday?

There are some simple steps you must take in order to claim your free Starbucks Reward on your birthday.

To claim your Birthday Reward, you must have joined the Starbucks Rewards program at least seven (7) days before the day of your birthday.

You also must have atleast one Star-earning purchase within the last year prior to your birthday.

In your Rewards account, make sure you enter the right date for your birthday. The email you receive reminds you to claim the Birthday Reward.

This is the only way to claim your Birthday Reward, which includes a Free Food or Drink item.

Which place can I redeem my birthday gift reward?

Redeem your Birthday Reward from a participating retailer. Starbucks is not the only Starbucks that participates in the Rewards program.

Starbucks stands and kiosks located in hospitals, schools and airports which are not owned by the company do not qualify for the Rewards program. This is where you will be unable to redeem the Birthday Reward.

To confirm whether your Birthday Reward can be redeem at a Starbucks, call ahead.

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday In 2022?

What can I do for my Birthday Reward?

You don’t need to get a drink as a birthday reward. This could include a drink or food.

There are two options: one Starbucks handcrafted drink or one Starbucks food item. You also have the option to choose one Evolution Fresh juice bottled beverage.

This could be any cold item such as sandwich, cake, or salad.

Free Birthday Rewards do not include alcohol.

What can I do to make sure I entered my birthday correctly?

When creating your account, you can include your birthday in your Rewards account. If you have any questions or need to verify your entry, please log into your Starbucks online account.

Once you are logged in to your account, go to Personal Info and select Account. You will be able access the birthday field.

Starbucks Customer Service will help you correct your mistaken birthday entry.

Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday In 2022?

What is the best size beverage I can get for my Birthday reward?

Your Birthday Reward includes a Free Drink in Any Standard Starbucks Menu Size

How Can I Get A Free Drink At Starbucks?

Starbucks does not require you to wait until your Birthday to receive a Starbucks free drink. You can also get a free drink at Starbucks on National Coffee Day, which falls on September 29th each year.

Starbucks is offering a free cup for those who bring their empty coffee cups to any participating Starbucks location.

National Coffee Day’s maximum free coffee is 20 fluidoz. That is approximately how much coffee can be fit into a large mug.

Besides National Coffee Day, you can also get free drinks at Starbucks by joining the Rewards loyalty program, where you can earn Stars with each Starbucks purchase.

Stars are redeemable at Starbucks to get free food, beverages and merchandise.

You can read our post on Starbucks Rewards, how Starbucks offers oat milk and whether Starbucks ships.

  • Conclusion
  • You can celebrate your birthday with a free drink or food item from Starbucks. Redeem your Birthday Reward only if you are a Starbucks Rewards customer. Your complimentary birthday drink or food item is one of the many benefits of joining the Starbucks Rewards loyalty program.

    .Can You Get A Free Starbucks Drink On Your Birthday In 2022?

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