Does Usps Ship To Puerto Rico? (Cost, Is It International + More)

You can mail to almost any address in the United States with the United States Postal Service and be assured that it will reach the destination.

U.S. Territories are not officially considered States. They can also be located over large bodies water, some thousands miles from each other.

Perhaps you are wondering if USPS can ship to Puerto Rico. It’s an important U.S. territory that is just in the Caribbean. This is your answer.

Does USPS Ship To Puerto Rico? (Cost, Is It International + More)

Does USPS Ship To Puerto Rico In 2022?

Since 2022, Puerto Rico has been shipped by the United States Postal Service. Puerto Rico, an American territory falls under domestic shipping so no customs forms are required. USPS customers in the contiguous 48 states can pay to send items to PR as if they were mailing to anyone else in the U.S.

  • For all the information you require about shipping to Puerto Rico (including how much it will cost, which method is the most economical, and whether flat-rate shipping is possible), keep reading!
  • Where can you ship to Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico can be shipped from all 50 U.S. states at the same price as shipping from Florida and Texas. Labeling is a little more complicated. explains that Puerto Ricans live in urbanizations, which are what we refer to as areas or neighborhoods in a city. (See: Squirrel hill/Shadyside/South Side of Pittsburgh).

    You will need to mark the package or envelope when you ship to PR.

    Thus it will read:

  • Name
  • Urbanization
  • Address, House Number and Street Name. Apt. Number
  • City, State, Zip +4
  • kindly points out that not everybody has a street number; instead you address your mailpiece to an urbanization and a house number.

    Although you do not need any additional shipping documents to Puerto Rico (such as a customs forms), you may want to secure the package’s contents.

    This item will travel further than normal – PR is 1,000 miles away from Florida’s southernmost tip.

    Does USPS Ship To Puerto Rico? (Cost, Is It International + More)

    Is it worth shipping to Puerto Rico using the USPS?

    Puerto Rico’s domestic shipping costs are the same for all other destinations in the U.S.

    It means you can mail a basic letter without a stamp.

    You might also want to mail something larger such as an envelope, or a parcel.

    The best option is to use the flat-rate USPS envelopes and boxes.

    Priority Mail services include this packaging type, and it ships for one fee, regardless of its weight. It also features two- or three-day delivery speeds.

    Here are some popular Flat Rate options and their prices:

  • Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope: $7.95
  • Priority Mail Flat Rate Small Box: $8.45
  • Priority Mail Flat-Rate Box Medium Top Loading: $15.50
  • Priority Mail Flat Rate Large Box: $21.90
  • You can see the entire list and the prices in the table on the following page.

    You might be in a rush and want PR to receive the shipment as soon as possible.

    You may then send via Priority Mail Express Flat Tarife, which can be used to expedite Priority Mail.

    At the moment, only Envelopes (Legal Envelopes) and Padded Envelopes are allowed to ship to PR Priority Express.

    Priority Mail Express provides 1-day shipping for PR orders by 6 PM, six days a săptămână

    Sunday is the exception. Sunday shipping costs additional $12.50.

    Priority Mail Express Service starts at $26.35 depending upon your destination and location.

    Does USPS Ship Flat Rate To Puerto Rico?

    USPS offers two flat rate shipping options to Puerto Rico.

    Priority Mail Flat-Rate service offers a cheaper and more reliable option. This includes both boxes and envelopes.

    Priority Mail Express Express is the more expensive, faster option. It unfortunately does not ship to PR.

    For a more detailed price break-down and box/envelope selection, see the section above this.

    Does USPS Ship To Puerto Rico? (Cost, Is It International + More)

    Which is the cheapest way to ship to Puerto Rico USPS

    You can send First-Class mail a postcard for as low as 40c if your message is for Puerto Rico.

    The Priority Mail Flat-Rate shipping option is the best choice if you need something more heavy to ship.

    Flat rates are applicable to weights of up to 70 lbs. The Flat Rate also includes tracking and three-day shipping at no additional fee.

    And you can add Sunday delivery for an additional fee if you’d rather not have to wait until USPS resumes its normal business hours.

    Priority Mail Flat Rate Starts at $7.95 For Envelopes. It can go up to $21.90 For a Large Flat Rate Box (medium cost $15.50 and small costs $8.45).

    This price is comparable to Priority Express envelopes that start at $26.35, which can be cheaper but take longer.

    We will also be comparing USPS prices against FedEx, UPS and other competitors. Both treat Puerto Rico as international, and the prices will make your eyes water.

    FedEx International Economy is a shipping company that ships from Pennsylvania, USA to San Juan, CA for 10 pounds. You will pay $109.52 for a 10-lb. package.

    UPS has the lowest price for comparable shipping services at $87.42.

    There is no better way to ship large boxes, including 70-pounders, from the US to your destination than by shipping it for $21.90. USPS is your most economical choice.

    Is Shipping USPS To Puerto Rico International?

    USPS mail to Puerto Rico does not count as international. The Postal Service considers mail from PR domestic and charges domestic rates.

    For all shippers however, this may not be the case. FedEx and UPS treat Puerto Rico shipping as international.

    Shipping to PR via good, old-fashioned mail service is for most Americans the best and cheapest way.

    Does USPS Ship To Puerto Rico? (Cost, Is It International + More)

    Does Shipping To Puerto Rico Require Customs Forms With USPS?

    Puerto Rico does not require customs paperwork to send anything via USPS.

    Because PR is a U.S. Territory, this means that the U.S. The Postal Service considers mail outgoing and incoming as domestic.

    If you are looking to learn more, you can also see our posts on whether or not USPS ships to Canada, if USPS updates tracking, and if USPS updates tracking.

  • Conclusion
  • Puerto Rico is considered a domestic territory of the USPS, even though it lies 2,000 miles distant from the nearest U.S. coast.

    Domestic rates to and from apply to PR, including flat rate mailing and even next-day services, making correspondence to the Caribbean island feel just that much more immediate and connected.

    .Does Usps Ship To Puerto Rico? (Cost, Is It International + More)