Safeway Carpet Cleaner Rental In 2022 (Pricing, Models + More)

Lowes and Walmart are just a few examples of retail outlets that rent carpet cleaners out to customers. These cleaners are usually very affordable and can be rented immediately.

  • If you’re a Safeway customer, perhaps you’re wondering if Safeway also rents out carpet cleaners. If so, continue reading through this article to see what I found out!
  • Safeway Carpet Cleaner – Rentable in 2022
  • Safeway is offering to rent carpet cleaners for its customers beginning in 2022. For a fee, you will need to return the cleaners on-time. Incorrectly maintained carpet cleaners may attract additional fees. To reserve a cleaner, customers can call their Safeway.

  • Learn more about Safeway’s carpet rental process and how it works. Also, learn how much it costs for a rent-a-car.
  • Safeway Carpet Cleaner Rental In 2022 (Pricing, Models + More)

    What is the Safeway Carpet Cleaner Rental?

    Safeway customers will need to visit their customer service desk in order to request a rental carpet cleaner.

    If the cleaner is available for rent, customers must show two pieces valid identification before renting the machine.

    Any of the following types of ID can customers use:

  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Identification card for the military
  • Students ID
  • A credit card
  • Photo ID issued by the province/state
  • Immigration card
  • Once you have provided your ID, an associate from the customer service desk will return the rental to you and take payment. To rent the carpet cleaning machine, customers can either use their debit or credit card.

    Customers cannot rent the carpet cleaning machine using cash or checks. This is because they may be required to cover late fees or repair costs.

    Safeway Carpet Cleaning Services: How Much Do They Charge?

    Safeway rents out three different types of carpet cleaners, and each can be rented for a different price. The prices for these machines and the machine are:Pro Deep Cleaner

  • $35 for a 24-hour rent
  • A 48-hour rental is $45
  • Pro Portable Detailer & Spot Cleaner:

  • $20 for a four-hour rental
  • $25 for a 24-hour rental
  • $34 for a 48 hour rental
  • X3 Carpet Cleaner:

  • $30 for a 24-hour rental
  • 40 USD for a 48 hour rental
  • These are the prices that carpet cleaners from Safeway generally charge. Safeway prices will vary depending on where you live.

    Extra accessories may be required by customers to clean their carpet cleaners. This will incur an additional cost. Safeway can rent carpet cleaners and accessories for hard surfaces.

    The cost of these additions is usually $5 to $6 more, but prices can vary by store. Safeway also stocks cleaning solutions for carpet cleaners, which cost between $5 and $24.

    Safeway doesn’t usually ask customers to pay a damage deposit when they rent a carpet cleaning machine. Failure to return your machine in time could result in extra fees.

    Safeway Carpet Cleaner Rental In 2022 (Pricing, Models + More)

    Are There Different Types Of Carpet Cleaners Safeway Rents Out?

    Safeway carries Rug Doctor carpet cleaners for rental in all of their participating store locations.

    You can choose from three different kinds of carpet cleaning products to meet your needs. These cleaners come in the following:

  • X3 Carpet Cleaning
  • Pro Deep Cleaner
  • Pro Portable Detailer & Spot Cleaner
  • Renting any one of the mentioned models is possible by calling your Safeway prior to visiting.

    Safeway has Rug Doctor cleaning solution in stock. This is recommended by Safeway customers for cleaner carpets.

    Are There Any Additional Fees for Renting a Carpet Cleaner from Safeway?

    Customers will generally only need to pay the rent fee if they hire a Safeway carpet cleaner.

    However, there are some additional fees that customers should be aware of.

    Safeway charges customers $20-40 each day for non-return of carpet cleaners.

    Safeway could also be held responsible if the cleaner is damaged by the renter.

    Customers must also clean up the machines before returning them.

    Safeway might also charge cleaning fees if the machine gets dirty. This fee can vary depending on where the Safeway is located.

    Safeway Carpet Cleaner Rental In 2022 (Pricing, Models + More)

    Are There Other Carpet Cleaning Stores That Rent Carpet Cleaners?

    There are many other places that rent carpet cleaners, in addition to Safeway. Here are some of these stores:

  • Albertsons
  • Food Lion
  • Stop & Shop
  • Vons
  • Kroger
  • Walmart
  • These stores generally rent Rug Doctor carpet cleaning equipment, which are available at the Rug Doctor site.

    Instead of contacting their Safeway, which may be renting out machines at the moment, they can contact any one of these stores in their vicinity.

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  • Conclusion
  • Rug Doctor carpet cleansers can be rented at many Safeway shops.

    If customers would like to rent a carpet cleaner, they can do so by approaching the customer service desk and asking an associate for their machine availability.

    Safeway has three Rug Doctor models available to rent, each at varying rates.

    Cleaners can be rented out for four hour, 24-hour and 48-hour periods. Extra charges may apply to customers who wish to rent upholstery and accessories.

    .Safeway Carpet Cleaner Rental In 2022 (Pricing, Models + More)

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