Eero Mesh Wifi Review

eero mesh wifi review


– Low performance

– Does not include speaker or microphone

– Expensive security options

The latest Eero mesh kits are made around smaller, more affordable devices. However, it does not have the microphone and speaker that you will find on the Orbi Voice Nest Wifi. Editor’s note: Our reviews are updated regularly to ensure pricing information and current prices. This Eero review of the mesh kit has no changes from February 2020.

The Eero router, which is the successor to the top-rated mesh Wi Fi system on the market (the Eero), has been eagerly anticipated. However, the result was mixed. This router doesn’t have the same range or performance as its predecessor, but it does come with Secure+ protection which costs $100 more per year. The three-pack price is still a great deal for mesh networking.

Eero was acquired by Amazon in 2017. It has had a busy year. Eero has created a small mesh network kit which should provide enough coverage for most households. It also has dropped the price of its devices to $249 per three-pack. (Image credit: Eero). The Eero device, which is white, compact, and has rounded corners makes it one of the most popular networking products. It is a tiny device measuring 3.9 inches by 2.4 inches and is much smaller than Google’s Nest Wifi products. The device is easy to conceal (such as on a bookshelf), but not so much that you can leave it out on your coffee table.

router VPN provides the most secure way to keep your Wi Fi at home.

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eero mesh wifi review

Eero Home Wifi System 2 Review: Beacons Make This System Even Easier To Install

Although it is one of the best home networking options, it may not be the fastest.

The second-generation Eero Home WiFi System is even easier to set up than the first, thanks to wireless access points called Beacons that plug straight into AC outlets. You get more power thanks to the new Qualcomm mesh WiFi router chipset. Eero claims that the kit, which costs $399, is appropriate for three to four bedrooms. I also agree with him. The router was capable of delivering triple-digit throughput in each room, giving me more bandwidth than I need to simultaneously stream HD video from multiple sources.

You’ll notice that, while Eero 2 is faster than the original, the Eero 2 was still my fastest mesh router. I tested it in one spot in my home with a MacBook Pro. Interestingly, that location was my home theater, a spot that most wireless devices have difficulty penetrating because of the thickness of its walls and ceiling and the presence of acoustic caulk sandwiched between its multiple layers of drywall.

The Eero 2 was second in home theatre when the client had an HP Envy with Windows 10. Eero 2 came in the middle for most other areas. The Eero 2 was faster than the original product in every location with both a Windows and a Mac laptop client except one: the bedroom, where the clients are in the same room as the router and separated by nine feet of air.

The light olive green bar is a representation of the Eero 2’s performance. Netgear’s router-plus-satellite Orbi wasn’t always the fastest, but it was always much faster than the Eero 2.

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Eero is not new to the Beacon concept, although it is retro-compatible with Eero 1G routers. We first saw it with Ubiquiti Labs’ Amplifi HD, and Netgear has a new Orbi model with a plug-in satellite, too (I have one in my review queue now). Eero’s compact and elegant model has an unique feature that is very thoughtful: an integrated nightlight.

Are Eero Wifi Systems Worth It?

Eero routers are definitely worthwhile as they offer great coverage, customisation, support, integration, and affordability. November 5, 2021

What Wifi Mesh is Best?

  1. Nest WiFi. Best mesh router.
  2. Netgear Orbi WiFi6 (RBK852) is the best Wi-Fi 6-mesh router.
  3. TP-Link Deco X20. Best value mesh Wi-Fi system.
  4. Linksys Velop AX4200. Accessible Wi-Fi 6 is affordable for larger homes
  5. Eero Pro 6.
  6. Netgear Orbi RBK752.
  7. Asus ZenWiFi XT8
  8. TP-Link Deco M9 Plus.

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