How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

A Walmart associate will either print or email you a receipt after you’ve completed your transaction.

  • You have a lot of information on every receipt, but do you know how to properly read one from Walmart? Let us tell you all about Walmart receipts.
  • How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

    How To Read A Walmart Receipt In 2022?

    The most predominant feature on any Walmart receipt is the purchased product names, their unique serial numbers, and price with any discounts applied. You will find the receipt number at the bottom of the receipt. A, B, P, R, & S represent sales tax compliance. N, X, & O stand for tax status. Walmart’s online receipt search tool allows you to duplicate receipts.

  • If you’d like to find out the true meaning behind Walmart’s codes, abbreviations, or how to duplicate a receipt, read on!
  • What do the numbers on Walmart receipts mean?

  • Walmart receipts often contain confusing and long numeral codes. Let’s take a look at what the codes actually mean.
  • Below are the codes and the meanings.

  • The first line on your receipt will show the store name, along with the zip code.
  • ST# which states the store number
  • The OP# signifies the cashier
  • #TE represents the cash register number
  • TR# stands for transaction number
  • You can now move on to the more obvious numbers. The 12-digit serial number is listed in the middle section of each receipt. It’s unique to each purchase.

    The prices for each product are shown on the right-hand side. The total cost of the products is listed below.

    If you have used a card to pay, it will say ‘U.S. debit/credit’.

    The purpose of this information is to allow you and the cashier to clearly identify the card used in an event where you request a return. Along the same line, you’ll find the receipt’s reference (REF) number provided by the merchant.

    An abbreviation of “Approved”, indicating the bank’s authorization to the transaction, is referred to as APPR. If you used a chip card, you may see an ‘AID’ code, which is used to address the application of a card.

    Further down, you’ll see the ‘TC’ number which makes up the transaction codes.

    The C# is the receipt’s number. This is an essential number that must be printed. Below the barcode is the specific date and hour of purchase.

    How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

    How can I find out what item appears on a Walmart receipt?

    Walmart lists the product names purchased during a transaction. These are often abbreviated product names. For example, “Org” can be translated to organic.

    An item can also be identified by the unique serial number listed in the middle of the receipt. Serial codes are usually imprinted onto high-value products such as televisions, consoles or tablets.

    You can search by entering this number to view the product’s name alphabetically and other details.

    Alternativly you could scan the QR Code on your receipt through the Walmart + App. A picture should be included with every receipt.

    Is it possible to see the meaning of A, B, P and R on a Walmart receipt?

    The receipt will have letters such R, F, and B. They are related to compliance with sales taxes, which may vary between states. Here are some examples:

  • A = Tax 1 Only
  • B = Tax 2 Only
  • P = Tax 1 & 4
  • R = Tax 1 & 6
  • S = Tax 1 & 7
  • A tax rate refers to the item you have purchased.

  • Tax 1 stands for general merchandise
  • Rate 2 for food is Tax
  • Prepared food rates are subject to tax 4
  • Tax 6 is the wine rate
  • Beverage rate: 7 percent tax
  • How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

    Does Walmart have a return policy on receipts?

    Walmart has its return policy listed on the back of most receipts. Returns can be made within 90 days, starting from the date printed on the front of your receipt underneath the barcode.

    Be assured that if your store does not have the required return policy, you can request one online. You can find all the details on Contact Walmart Customer Care.

    What Do N, X & O Stand For On A Walmart Receipt

    The price for an item is followed by an O. These letters are used to indicate each product’s tax status.

  • The item N is not taxable
  • X indicates that the product is taxable
  • O listed products are nontaxable sale items
  • How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

    What happens if you lose your receipt?

    If customers wish to receive a complete refund, they will need the receipt. However, they’re incredibly easy to lose.

    Luckily, Walmart can help recover receipts by looking them up online. You’ll need to know the zip code or city and state of the store you purchased, the date of receipt, and the total amount paid.

    Walmart recommends that customers use financial statements to prove the purchase date as well as amount.

    Next, provide the card type used at purchase and its last 4-digits. Once you’ve gathered the necessary information, access the receipt lookup facility online.

    How to Use the Receipt Search Tool Online

    Associate may print Walmart receipts if it’s right after the original one. To create a duplicate receipt, however, associates can print Walmart receipts again if it is printed within one hour of the first.

    First choose which store printed your receipt. Second, enter the date of purchase. Input your card type (pick debit to all debit cards) along with the last four digits your unique card numbers. Click ‘Lookup receipt’ to enter the amount of the transaction.

    Once your receipt is confirmed, you can print and download it from the following page. You might need to contact Walmart customer services if you paid with cash, a check, or a gift card.

    For more information, please see the other guides to Walmart Great Value Products, who can inspect your receipt at exit, and Walmart’s return policy that does not require a receipt.

  • Conclusion: How To Read A Walmart Receipt
  • Walmart receipts allow customers to easily identify name, prices, and serial numbers. A, B. P. R. & Q signify compliance to sales tax. N. X & O refers to the item’s tax status. Look below the barcode for the receipt number. Locate the policy of return on the back. Make duplicates of recipes by using the Lookup Tool.

    What Does the Letter Mean on a Walmart Receipt

    The letters after the receipt price: X = Taxable item. N – Non-taxable. T – Taxable item available for purchase. O – non-taxable sale item.

    What Does F And T Mean On A Receipt?

    1. A: Each item in your receipt will have a different code.
    2. Not taxed, SNAP is eligible
    3. Eligible for SNAP, Taxed
    4. Taxable, but not SNAP eligibility

    .How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

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