Does Mcdonald’S Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay? (Guide)

Does McDonald’s Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay? (Guide)

McDonald’s has a variety of payment options for its customers. Customers can place their orders quickly online, in-store or via the app. But what about Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Pay?

  • You may be wondering if McDonald’s will accept Samsung Pay or Google Pay. I’ll answer all your questions!
  • Does McDonald’s Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay In 2022?

    As of 2022, McDonald’s accepts both Samsung Pay and Google Pay in-store. But, neither Samsung nor Google Pay are supported by the McDonald’s App. McDonald’s is also willing to accept devices that can be used with either Samsung Pay or Google Pay.

  • Have more questions regarding using Samsung Pay at McDonald’s and Google Pay? Continue reading to learn more!
  • Does McDonald’s Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay? (Guide)

    Google Pay at McDonald’s: How does it work?

    Google Pay, which works the same as credit and debit cards, is simple to use at McDonald’s.

    All you have to do now is order from the restaurant, and then bring up Google Pay on your smartphone.

    Additionally, you should mention to the cashier that Google Pay is being used for payment at the drive thru.

    You can also place your mobile phone over the reader machine at McDonald’s and wait for the transaction.

    If the transaction closes, you’ll hear your phone make a “ping” sound. Your card reader will then indicate the approval of the transaction.

    How Does Samsung Pay Work at McDonald’s?

    Samsung Pay is the same as Google Pay at McDonald’s. However, it’s worth noting that Samsung Pay can only be used by those with a Samsung phone.

    That said, order your food as you usually would, and then if you’re using the drive-thru, tell the worker that you’re using Samsung Pay.

    For registration, an employee at McDonald’s will scan your card and place it over the top.

    You can also pay in-store by opening your Samsung Pay app, and then hovering it above the card reader.

    Your transaction will be complete when you hear the ringing or beeping sound on your device.

    Does McDonald’s Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay? (Guide)

    Google Pay on the McDonald’s App: Can you use it?

    Google Pay cannot be used through McDonald’s Mobile Order & Pay as it currently only accepts Apple Pay.

    Samsung Pay for McDonald’s:

    McDonald’s will not be accepting Samsung Pay via the McDonald’s App. Apple Pay using an iOS device only is available as a digital wallet.

    Does McDonald’s Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay? (Guide)

    Are You Safe to Use Google Pay and Samsung Pay at McDonald’s?

    That’s because you can pay with your digital wallet at McDonald’s using Google Pay/Samsung Pay.

    Further, you have to enter a code or PIN to access your Google Pay or Samsung Pay account, so it’s additional authentication that you don’t have with credit or debit cards.

  • Additionally, you don’t need to swipe credit cards due to the possibility of card theft. If you aren’t a fan, using Samsung Pay/Google Pay can be a big win as you won’t be swiping any items!
  • You can also use the contactless reader to protect your information.

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  • Conclusion
  • Thankfully, McDonald’s does accept both Google Pay and Samsung Pay, although you can only use these payment methods in-store or through the drive-thru.

    Unfortunately, Google Pay or Samsung Pay can’t be accepted via the McDonald’s mobile order & pay app. It only supports Apple Pay.

    It’s also very easy to use Samsung Pay or Google Pay at McDonald’s.

    Open the Payment App, hold the phone above the reader and wait for the transaction.

    Plus, Google Pay or Samsung Pay can be more convenient than traditional credit and debit cards.

    Samsung Pay at Mcdonald’S: Can you pay with it?

    Can I Use Samsung Pay At Mcdonald’S? Softcard, a joint venture between McDonald’s and McDonald’s, began accepting Android NFC mobile payment as a pilot program in 2013 at 14,000 McDonald’s locations throughout the country.

    Google Pay works on Mcdonald’s app.

    Do you accept Apple Pay or Google Pay at McDonald’s? To ensure that we offer the best payment experience possible for customers, we accept both Google and Apple Pay.

    Google Pay @ Mcdonalds: What can I do?

    Pay online and in apps with the simple press of a button. Just choose Google Pay at checkout, then confirm your purchase and you’re good to go. Works with any credit or debit card.

    What types of payments will Mcdonald’S accept from you?

    Visa, MasterCards, American Express, Discover and American Express can all be registered. A U.S. bank must issue the payment card. Apple Pay can be used within McDonald’s App if the card has been linked to an iOS device.

    .Does Mcdonald’S Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay? (Guide)

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