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Respondent to Covid-19

Safe. Touch Security Protocols – Coronavirus Pandemic. Covid-19 remains a serious concern. However, Safe Touch Security published their policy on how they will handle the situation. They take significant precautions to ensure that their customers and employees are safe.

The best home alarm companies have made their policies available to the public. This is done in order to maintain their service and sales standards, as well as their monitoring and safety standards.

To better protect their workers against Covid-19, many home security firms now allow a significant portion of their staff to work remotely. To protect privacy, many companies offer secure laptops for remote employees.

The best alarm companies have reliable monitoring centers. You can reroute calls to another facility in the case of an emergency or major epidemic.

Customers who deal face-to face with workers are usually provided additional cleaning supplies and masks. Home alarm companies also reach out to their customers before each appointment in order to provide safe working conditions for all employees.

Customers have the right to cancel their service with many companies if they are not comfortable with the staff or the visit of sales personnel at home during the pandemic.

It’s safe. It’s easy to schedule a reschedule using Touch. There are multiple ways of communicating with you.

Professional Home Security Systems

While many systems use wireless components that are installed using double-sided tape, some high-end systems use components that require professional installation. This soup-to-nuts system is typically more expensive than other DIY systems. It also offers 24/7 professional monitoring. However, you might have to sign a long-term contract and be responsible for any termination fees. Touch-screen hubs with RF, Wi-Fi and Zigbee radios are used by these systems. They can communicate and control a variety of devices, including indoor and outdoor cameras and sensors as well as smoke/CO alarms and thermostats.

A professionally monitored system will notify you when there is an intrusion or smoke alarm. An agent will then attempt to contact you through the two-way control panel, before calling your phone number. If you fail to respond, the agent will call 911 to dispatch an emergency responder to your home. The nice thing about professionally installed systems is you don’t have to lift a finger; after you’ve placed your order a technician will come to your home, set everything up for you, and show you how the system works. You may need to apply for permits to install a security system in certain areas.

For more on DIY vs. professional home security systems, see our story on ADT vs. SimpliSafe.

Safe Touch Vs Adt

DIY or professional installation

Although SafeTouch Security does not mention it explicitly on its website, they are a traditional home security provider and do not likely offer DIY installation.

People are interested in security at home and want to find a company that can install motion sensors, cameras, monitoring stations, or other equipment. SafeTouch guarantees quality installations by licensed staff.

This service comes with a promise that they will have everything installed correctly the first time.

For those more interested in a DIY alarm service, we recommend checking out Cove.

Monitor Options

If you still have a landline option in your home, ADT has good news for you. They have a monitoring solution that integrates with your phone. They can become expensive if you add additional features to your phone.

With additional costs comes more monitoring options and more comprehensive coverage. You get the protection and security you need for your home as well as your family.

ADT will provide professional monitoring of your security system, regardless of what package you select. That means you’ll get a quick response no matter what type of alarm is triggered. ADT agents will notify all the appropriate authorities immediately so that you are able to rest easy knowing your home and belongings are safe.

There are many plans available, and each plan has a different price. ADT has a range of security options, including some that can be used with landlines and others that connect to a mobile service provider.

Of course, these types of advanced plans and systems come with additional costs. This is because even if power goes out, your system will be connected to a cell provider so that it can continue working.

Additionally, cellular connections are more secure and they allow you to connect your system to a complete suite of home automation devices and components.

ADT maintains half of the US’s monitoring centers. This means that if any one is unavailable, they will redirect to another. No matter what happens, you’ll get the security and monitoring you need when you choose to go with ADT.

ADT requires you to sign a 3-year contract, just like SafeTouch. You might not like a long-term contract. This is the standard practice for many home security companies.

Safe Touch Vs Adt

Home Security System Alternatives

There are many security systems that can help protect your home, including SimpliSafe and ADT. Before you take the leap and go for a new system, though, there are a few things you should consider. Consider how long you intend to live in your house and what you are able to afford. Consider whether you will be installing and maintaining your security system yourself or hiring a professional. These factors will impact which security systems are most effective.

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Armorax Diy Or Safetouch Professional Install?

Professional installation has one problem. You must live in their area, which is, as we have already mentioned, very limited. If you live outside the Florida or Georgia market… Armorax is you best choice by default.

That is one of the reasons why DIY alarms make so much sense in our mobile society. Let’s explore more.

There was a time when home security systems required professional installation . Security systems used to be complicated and require drilling holes, fishing wires and programming systems.

  • Reduce costs
  • Eliminate scheduling issues
  • You don’t need to waste time
  • You don’t need to let someone else into your house
  • Learn more about the benefits and features of the system

While some may find it more convenient to just have someone else do it…there is a lot to be said for the satisfaction and savings of installing a DIY alarm system.

And it is likely much easier than you think.

As a matter of fact, over 90% of DIY alarm customers found the system “easy to install”.

Safe Touch Vs Adt


Cellular Backup available with complete interactive home automation capabilities.

They will require a three-year monitoring contract, with monitoring rates of between $29.99-49.95.

Cellular communication is only available as a back up on their $49.95 plan.

Many complaints about auto renewals after 2 years have been posted online. Customers who are interested in cancelling their auto renewal should be fully aware of cancellation policies and how they can opt out if they do not wish to continue paying for the 2nd year.

Pricing and Equipment Interlogix works with a variety of DSC wireless security products, but they don’t publish their pricing. Basic systems will cost you more than high-rated alarm companies. You can also get financing to lower your upfront cost.

This contract will be required and may require additional paperwork depending on the terms. This means you may be committed to paying off the equipment even if you move or have cancelled the monitoring contract.

SafeTouch Customer Service Safetouch customers filed complaints with the BBB 209 multiple times in the last few years. The sheer volume of customer complaints online suggests that this is only a tiny percentage who are not satisfied with SafeTouch Customer Service.

What’S The Best Smart Lock?

You can open and close smart locks using your mobile phone. Most smartphones allow you to set up temporary and permanent access for friends and family based on certain hours and days. Features to look for include geofencing, which uses your phone’s location services to lock and unlock the door, voice activation using Siri (HomeKit), Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa voice commands, support for IFTTT, and integration with other smart home devices such as video doorbells, outdoor cameras, thermostats, smoke alarms, and connected lighting.

Safe Touch Vs Adt

Monitoring Options And Contracts

ADT requires all customers to sign a 3-year contract (besides California, where they only require a 2-year contract) that includes 24/7 monitoring. The Traditional package is $28.99 per month. The Control package costs $36.99 per monthly. The Video package is $52.99 per month.

The one really interesting advantage for ADT is that they can plug their monitoring into an existing home security system. ADT can monitor a home that has an existing system installed by another company.

With SimpliSafe, you have more flexibility. You have the option of not having monitoring at all. You can choose to pay no monitoring. Your sensors will sound a siren, alerting you to possible intruders. However, the system won’t contact authorities or the monitoring center.

  • The other option is called Interactive, which costs $24.99 per month and gives you more control and the ability to arm or disarm from your phone, get mobile alerts, get unlimited camera recording, and integrate with smart home systems such as Alexa, August Locks, and Nest.

A significant advantage of SimpliSafe is that they don’t require you to commit to a contract. SimpliSafe allows you to cancel your monitoring service anytime without any problems.

Adt Home Security

ADT has a strong standing in the field of home security. Not only do they offer an impressive host of features and standard equipment, but they have also been in the security industry for over 140 years, so they have the experience to back up their products and services.

All ADT systems come with motion sensors, entry sensors, alarms that go off at high decibels and backup batteries, as well as 24/7 monitoring. There are additional features for higher plans. At the Control level, you can access your home security system right from your phone or tablet and get access to email and text alerts. All of this and more is possible with the Video plan. It also gives you access to live feeds from outdoor and indoor security cameras.

Safe Touch Vs Adt

Products, packages, and options

SimpliSafe offers two options for you to select your system. You can decide to build it yourself by picking exactly what sensors, monitors, detectors, and alarms you need. Or, if you’re not exactly sure what you want, they offer packages that include unique options based on typical customers’ needs.

Every SimpliSafe system starts with a Wireless keypad, which is what you use to control the system and a Base Station, which connects each component and communicates with the monitoring centers.

SimpliSafe provides the following services to help you build your system.

Burglary detectors

  • Entry sensors to protect doors and windows.
  • Motion sensors to detect human movement when you are away.
  • SimpliCam allows you to monitor your smartphone and receive alerts whenever motion is detected.
  • Glassbreak sensor which can differentiate the sound of broken glass from the sound of a broken plate.
  • You can use the panic button to dispatch police immediately if you’re at home and there is a break in.

Hazard sensors

  • Smoke detectors with deafening sirens.
  • Sensor for carbon monoxide
  • A temperature sensor that alerts you when your home falls below 41 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Water sensors detect and warn you of leaks before they become major.

Optional extras

  • Additional keypad for multiple entrances and exits to your house
  • Use Keyfob before you enter to disable your alarm.
  • You can also place sirens outside or inside.
  • Extra yard signs to scare off intruders.

Similar to SimpliSafe, ADT offers packages that include all the basics like a keypad, motion detectors, door and window sensors, glass break sensors, keyfob with a panic button, and more.

ADT offers three packages, the Traditional, Control, and Video.

The Traditional package includes the following:

  • ADT Go Family Locator App, which features crash detection and family location monitoring, so you always know their location and that they are safe.
  • Cellular Connection which allows you to connect your system to the monitoring center via a cellular signal rather than through your landline.
  • Fire, Carbon Monoxide & Flood Monitoring sensors that send an immediate alert to you and the monitoring center.
  • 24 hour monitoring to respond quickly to emergency situations around the clock
  • You get a 6-month money-back guarantee that covers installation costs and monitor cost if you cancel before the end of six months.

The Control package contains everything from the Traditional package plus more:

  • Home Automation. With the ADT Pulse app, you can control lights, locks, thermostats, and more right from your phone.
  • When any sensors in your system are activated, you can receive email and text alerts.
  • You can remotely arm/disarm the alarm via a mobile app.

The Video package includes everything in the Traditional and Control packages plus you can view live video from your security cameras on your phone. You can also playback clips of the moments that your sensors are alerted.

How do Ring and Adt compare?

Ring and ADT are vastly different companies, but they do have some similarities. These include:

  • Good quality security equipment. They offer quality security equipment that is durable and reliable. ADT’s base package and Ring Alarm each come with a basic push-button keypad. But if you get an upgraded package from ADT, you’ll get a touchscreen pad, which has a higher level of encryption and feels much fancier to use.
  • More advanced options. You have two options with ADT/Ring Alarm: go simple with door and window sensors, and one motion detector, or get more advanced with additional security features like a video doorbell and indoor/outdoor cameras, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, flood sensors, and more.
  • Smart home features. Ring and ADT allow you to add smart home functions to your security system. Both offer smart lighting. ADT offers some unique smart home features, which Ring does not offer. These include keyless garage doors and door controls. But Ring is compatible with equipment from some other brands’ smart home products, so you may be able to integrate those functions in a more piecemeal fashion, by buying some items that aren’t made by Ring.
  • Easy-to-use app. Both Ring and ADT have the same apps which allow remote control of security system features. They can also control smart home features you can choose to add to you your system.
  • Alexa integration. You can connect your Amazon Alexa to both ADT Ring and Ring so that you can use your voice to control certain features of your security system.

Safe Touch Vs Adt

The lowest monthly fees


  • Professional installation
  • 24/7 live support
  • Extensive equipment and service offerings
  • Requires a 36-month contract
  • Low customer service rating
  • Monthly cost is higher

For more than 140 years, ADT has been a leader in home security. Whether you’re looking for a simple wireless system for self monitoring or a full service setup with round the clock support, ADT can help. They built their business on customized systems, high quality equipment, professional installation and 24/7 monitoring services.

ADT systems are fully customizable with high quality electronics at competitive prices. In addition to touch screen security panels, motion sensors and 720p HD cameras with 2-way audio and night vision, the offerings include an extensive list of environmental and safety monitors like smoke detectors, water leak detectors, gas sensors, panic buttons and more.

The extensive list of connectivity features include Amazon Echo and Google Assistant compatibility, as well as smart home compatibility with ten different digital security products. In our list of Best Home Security Companies 2021, ADT earned the Best Professional Monitoring pick.


ADT provides professional monitoring via call centers who have been trained to respond quickly to emergencies. ADT can either be hardwired to your house or wirelessly connected using cellular services. Once an alert has been received, emergency personnel are sent to your home and notifications are sent to you and numbers on your contact list.

Ring home security is designed to be monitored by the homeowner. Renters and homeowners can also have professional 24/7 monitoring. Professional monitoring can be chosen to dispatch emergency personnel as soon as an alarm is raised. Notifications are also sent to the subscriber and their list of contacts.

Safe Touch Vs Adt

What About A Video Doorbell?

Video doorbells are typically wired with two low-voltage wires. They are easy to set up and require little effort. However, there are also battery-powered options that can be installed in minutes. Others can be used with smart devices like sirens, door locks, and IFTTT.

Look for a model that offers a high resolution (1080p), a wide-angle lens (140 to 180 degrees), a night vision range up to 25 feet, and affordable cloud storage for recorded video. It can be helpful to view what occurred just prior or after someone approaches your front door. For that, you’ll need a doorbell that uses pre-buffering to record the action taking place before motion is detected or the doorbell is pressed.


Frontpoint is a relative newcomer to the home security business having been operating for only ten years (compared to over 30 years for Dynamark and ADT). What sets Frontpoint apart from competitors is their DIY attitude; meaning, instead of sending technicians out to professionally install your system, they give you the tools and instructions to set it up yourself. The company claims this process is easy and efficient, taking around 30 minutes.

Safe Touch Vs Adt

Disadvantages Of Using Adt

  • Contract penalties
  • The more costly traditional plans will be available
  • Low customer service ratings

Safetouch Security’S Smart Technology

SafeTouch Security offers smart home technology but only to customers who have purchased their Advantage or Pro plans. The basic package does not include smart home products.

With smart technology from SafeTouch, you will get a smart camera, smart thermostat, and a smart doorbell camera.

Safe Touch Vs Adt


  • Comprehensive coverage with six monitoring centers across the US.
  • Full home automation is possible with wireless plans
  • Control your gadgets with voice control through Amazon Alexa.
  • Mobile app available to control your home security when you’re not there.
  • You have many monitoring options to choose from, which will allow you to make the right choice for your home.

Safetouch Security Contract Length

SafeTouch features a 36-month minimum contract requirement, which is average compared with other home security companies.

Customers do have the option to pay a month-by-month contract after their contract ends, but unless they specify this as their preference, SafeTouch will roll them into an additional two-year contract.

As long as SafeTouch customers are active, the company offers parts and services warranties.

SafeTouch Home Security is available for return within thirty days for full satisfaction.

Safe Touch Vs Adt

Interactive Features

  • Alert for Power Outage – If there’s a loss of power the system will send you an alert

Upgrade to the GC3 for a minimal fee of $49.95. This gives you more capabilities, a 7-inch touchscreen and additional features.

Security Cameras

SafeTouch home security has several cameras you can use to protect your home. You can select an indoor camera, which offers high-resolution and covers all the important areas within your house.

You can also choose wireless outdoor cameras that provide up to 40 feet detection. SafeTouch’s outdoor cameras include night vision, and can be viewed by up to 10 people simultaneously.

You can also get an HD doorbell camera that gives you a wide-angle view so you can see exactly what’s going on outside your front door.

Safe Touch Vs Adt

Are Simplisafe or Adt easily hacked?

Any security system that uses a wireless connection has a higher degree of vulnerability to cyber attack compared to a wired system. You can protect your wireless network with five actions:

  • Use secure passwords
  • Enable encryption
  • Update firmware
  • Double checking security settings
  • Disabling features you don’t use

What are the main differences between Safetouch and Adt?

  • Location: SafeTouch is only available in Georgia and Florida. ADT, however, is accessible throughout all of the United States.
  • Sensors: You’ll get various sensors for your home security through both SafeTouch and ADT. SafeTouch provides smart garage locks and smart doors, while ADT offers water and smoke sensors that protect against flooding or fire.
  • Experience: If you’re looking for a company solidly entrenched in the world of home security, ADT is the way to go. They’ve been in business for over 140 years, while SafeTouch has been around for a few decades.

Safe Touch Vs Adt

Can I Buy Adt Signs?

You can, however.

Signs can be sold by ADT. You can also use an existing ADT account to purchase signs. Amazon sells spare signs. Although we do not recommend that you buy security signs for companies you don’t use, we strongly suggest having some sort of system. A burglar with experience will know if there is no system.

Safe Touch Vs Adt

Safe Touch Vs Adt

How Long Will It Really Take For Safetouch Security To Respond To An Intrusion?

While almost every provider claims to have the fastest reaction time in the business, it is important to be able recognize the differences between these kinds of statements.

The SafeTouch Security system may use a delay of 30-60 seconds at your main entrance in order to allow you to arm the alarm. SafeTouch can also be placed on "Instant" mode in the event everybody is home. Typically the siren will go off right after whatever delay if your system is not disarmed.

SafeTouch's monitoring center response times are typically calculated starting from when an alert has been received and ending at the point that a dispatcher calls the homeowner to verify it. This period definitely should turn out to be inside a 60 seconds. Whenever nobody picks up from the residence, normally the SafeTouch security operator will seek to contact someone on the emergency contact list …and they then dispatch the authorities.

SafeTouch reviews can be negative, pointing out that they have slower than normal response times. However, most of the top home security providers can perform a great job as long as everything is working correctly.

SafeTouch customer support suggests that you have your alarm system tested every week, or minimum monthly to make sure it is working correctly.

The normal police response time in the United States is about 7 minutes. This can change depending on where your house is located, how serious the emergency situation is and whether you have audio or perhaps video verification through SafeTouch cameras or the SafeTouch Security App. Also, consider the demand and availability of neighbouring emergency assistance at the time the call was made.

Safe Touch Vs Adt

What's the Safe Touch Alarm Co. Covid-19 Response

Safe. Touch Security Protocols – Coronavirus Pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic remains a major concern. However, Safe Touch Security published their policy on how they will handle the situation. They take significant precautions to ensure that their customers and employees are safe.

Home alarm companies that are the best in their field have begun to make their policies public. This is done in order to maintain their service and sales standards, as well as their monitoring and safety standards.

To better protect their workers against Covid-19, many home security firms now allow a significant portion of their staff to work remotely. To protect privacy, many companies offer secure laptops for remote employees.

Reliable monitoring centers are a hallmark of the top alarm companies. You can reroute calls to another facility in the case of an emergency or major epidemic.

Customers who deal face-to face with workers are usually provided additional cleaning supplies and masks. Additionally, home alarm firms reach out before every appointment to ensure that they provide a safe environment for their workers.

Many companies offer customers the option to cancel if they feel uncomfortable with service or sales staff visiting their home during the pandemic.

It's safe. It's easy to schedule a reschedule using Touch. There are multiple ways of communicating with you.


Safe Touch Vs Adt

Safetouch App- 49.95

Cellular Backup Add-on with Interactive Home Automation and Full Cellular Backup

They will require a three-year monitoring contract, with monitoring rates of between $29.99-49.95.

Their $49.95 plan does not include cellular communications.

There are a great number of online complaints in regards to their 2 year auto renewal clause…so prospective customers want to be sure that they understand the terms and cancellation requirements if they don't want to be committed to another 2 years.

Pricing and Equipment Interlogix, DSC, and other wireless security component manufacturers use their equipment. They do not reveal pricing. Our top-rated alarm provider will charge more for basic systems than they do for the best. But, financing is available to offset these initial costs.

Remember that you will need another contract for this, and depending on what the terms are it may take even longer to complete than the monitoring agreement. You may have to pay the equipment regardless of whether you cancel or move.

SafeTouch Customer Service Safetouch has received complaints from the BBB 209 a number of times over the years. Because of the large number of online complaints this shows that only a few customers are dissatisfied with SafeTouch Customer Service.


Safe Touch Vs Adt

What security systems can renters get from Safetouch?

While they don't publish any clear policies for renters or homeowners, many home security companies who offer professional design and installation require that you own your home. For those cases when you are renting a home, they will want you to make contact with them to discuss the details. If you are approved, you may be expected to supply proof regarding property owner authorization.

Many apartment homeowners choose to go with a top DIY wireless alarm company like Frontpoint Security Protect America Security Simpli. Safe Home Security Click on these links for in-depth home security reviews.


Safe Touch Vs Adt

Can I Buy Adt Signs?

But that does not mean that you shouldn't.

ADT can sell signs. You can also use an existing ADT account to purchase signs. Amazon sells spare signs. We do not advise you to use security signs in a location you are not currently using. Even if the signs say so, an experienced burglar can see through them and tell that no system exists.


Safe Touch Vs Adt

Do I need a Burglar Alarm Permit to Install a Safetouch Security System

You don't have to get a permit if your system isn’t being professionally monitored. However, permit would be required for several municipalities because SafeTouch Security systems will be monitored remotely in order to provide emergency assistance.

This normally requires a minimal payment and common registration with your sheriff's or local police agency. The person will need to present the SafeTouch Security monitor station number, as well as the address of their home.


Safe Touch Vs Adt

Does a Landline Really Need to Be Used for Secure Touch Security Monitoring?

Sécure Optional Touch Monitoring Safe. Touch Security monitoring is not dependent on a landline.

The best way to monitor a Safe is through cellular monitoring. Touch alarm system. The monitoring station cannot be stopped by cutting phone wires or cables.

Some Safe. Touch security reviews may object to higher costs associated with cellular monitoring, many Safe. Owners of Touch Alarms may be able to offset some of these costs by getting rid off their entire landline.


Safe Touch Vs Adt

Adt Vs. Safetouch: Which Security System Is Best For Me?

ADT or SafeTouch can be used to protect your home. Now, what do we need to do?

This really depends on your individual needs, budget, location, and in some cases, even where it is.

ADT offers extra security and peace of mind. They are a reputable company that many people rely on to keep safe. While SafeTouch also provides efficient and reliable home security services, it's important to note that they are currently only available to folks who live in Florida or Georgia.


Safe Touch Vs Adt

What is the Best Home Security Program for You?

Use our Package Finder to find the right package based on your home security needs!


The Safe. Touch offers professional 24/7 monitoring to their clients and an extensive range of security equipment including control panels, smart locks and security cameras. Each company offers professional installations and requires a contract. ADT is safe. ADT, however, is widely available. Touch can only be used in Florida and Georgia. You can compare these security service providers to find the one that is best for you.

.Safe Touch Vs Adt

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