Who Is Home Depot Voice Actor

Who Is Home Depot Voice Actor

Home Depot 2020: Who is the voice of Home Depot?

In summary, the current voice actor for Home Depot commercials is Josh Lucas. Josh Lucas is an actor who is known for his roles in ‘Sweet Home Alabama and ‘American Psycho’. Home Depot has been voiced by Brian Cummings, Ed Harris and others in the past.

Is Josh Lucas The Home Depot voice? Josh Lucas is the new voice for Home Depot commercials. He is an American actor and is known for his special roles in many films such as American Psycho, The Deep End, You Can Count On Me, and many others.
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What is the highest paid voice actor in Hollywood? 1. Matt Stone – Net Worth: $700 Million. With a full $100 million more than his buddy Trey, Matt Stone ranks as the richest voice actor in the world.

Who Is Home Depot Voice Actor

What Are The Steps To Applying For Voice Home Depot Commercials

Before you can be considered for voice acting on Home Depot commercials as a voice actor, you need to have previous voice-over or acting experience. This can be achieved by attending a drama school, or taking voice-over lessons and an acting course.

Once you have mastered voice-overs and voice acting, it is time to hire an agent.

If you’re interested in doing voice-over work with Home Depot, tell your agent.

Home Depot has many variables that will determine whether you are hired for voice-over work.

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    The conclusion of the article is:
  • The conclusion of the article is:
  • Josh Lucas is the Home Depot’s current voice actor. Josh Lucas is a well-known actor for his roles as Josh Lucas in the ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ and American Psycho’ films. Home Depot was previously represented by Ed Harris, Brian Cummings, and Ed Harris.

    .Who Is The Voice Of Home Depot Commercials In 2022?

    Who Is Home Depot Voice Actor

    Did you become the voice of Home Depot advertising in 2022?

    The current voice of Home Depot commercials is ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ actor Josh Lucas. Josh Lucas says he is the voice of Home Depot’s commercials, and has done so since September 2013. Past actors who have voiced Home Depot commercials include Ed Harris and Brian Cummings.

      Read on to learn more about the celebrity voices used in Home Depot commercials!
  • Read on to learn more about the celebrity voices used in Home Depot commercials!
  • Who Is Home Depot Voice Actor

    Shane Matsumoto

    Shane Matsumoto is the owner and operator of SER Soundworks in Chandler, AZ. It’s a music rehearsal, recording and post-production studio. Shane’s current work with Nickelodeon and their Birthday Club Project has him recording and editing hours of voice recordings from voice actors such as Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants, Josh and Blue from Blue’s Clues, Lincoln Loud from the Loudhouse, Ryan’s Secret Playdate, and dozens of others. Shane has worked with talent in his studio for commercial projects such as Busta Rhymes for Yahoo.com and Des Linden for Brooks Running shoes as well. Shane has taught audio and post-production courses at Grand Canyon University and the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences. He also teaches other audio classes. Even as a panelist on the Q&A of production experts at the first annual Phoenix Sci-Fi and Horror Film Festival, he was able to share his knowledge and experience. Shane edited and produced 94 episodes of Indie Music Phoenix on AZTV7. He booked, filmed, or interviewed famous musicians who were passing through the city for his show. These included Lacuna Coil and Bullet for My Valentine.

    He also makes music with his progressive industrial band, Paradigm Lost, writing an epic rock opera to release later this year. Though Shane has edited numerous commercials, occasionally he writes jingles too – his most commonly heard jingle was purchased by O’Riley’s auto parts and used by them for nearly 20-years in nearly every one of their commercials nationwide. (O-O-O-O’ Riley’s Auto Parts – Ow!) Not exactly humble, but also not without a sense of humor, Shane is known to brag about how his recordings and edits of voiceover pro Janet Ault, the mysterious AT&T voicemail lady heard in every English AT&T voicemail mailbox system worldwide, has been heard by more people in the world over the last 20-years than Miley Cyrus or Madonna. His music recording credits also include two albums for BJ Thomas, mastering for DJ Mickey Oliver, production credits on albums featuring Larry Norman, and song demo recording for the Gin Blossoms, as well as production for numerous independent acts. Shane’s work with Comedy Central on several seasons of voice talent for Crank Yankers at Porcupine Studios allowed him to record and edit Drew Carey, Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla, Sarah Silverman, David Allen Grier, Ludicris, Eminem, Jeff Goldbloom, Hank Azaria, and many others. Shane will stop producing audiobooks to devote more time to this venture. Since January of 2020 until the day hired at Such-A-Voice the following year, Shane completed narration, or record/editing, for 38 audiobook contracts and counting, including Kimber Leigh’s memoir – an Amazon best-seller. When he has a minute, he likes to hang out at the pool with his wife, two kids, and two dogs and profusely apologize to all of them for how busy he is.

    Who Is Home Depot Voice Actor

    Women Professional Voice Actor

    Robin Akin knows how to put meaning into words, and make them something to live by. She’s a voiceover actor who also has held many other artistic titles like animator, photographer, among others; and she’s got a sound that’s equal parts warm and serious, and always heartfelt and real. Robin is a native New Yorker/New Jerseyer who can quickly switch to her East Coast accent or easily hide it under friendly corporate and West Coast tone.

    As for professionalism, time is money, and Robin gets it. She has a direct and collaborative approach with a coachable attitude to bring out the specific tone for your vision. Working with Robin is both creative and deliberate.

    Robin offers a unique VO perspective with her background in animation. After many years working internationally as an animator also using motion capture for Oscar winning films like “Titanic” and “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers,” she understands what productions (and animators!) She understands what directors (and animators!) want in an actor that only provides the voice. Simply put, she speaks the language of directors.

    Her VO experience is equally as impressive as her movie credits, working for clients like The Home Depot, AARP, Wyndham Hotels and more. Robin is also formally trained as a voice actor; she holds a degree from On The Mic’s six month in studio diploma program.

    Art isn’t all there is to Robin–she also goes by Coast Guard veteran, community volunteer, mother, and crazy friend who’ll help you move (the dead body on your lawn). She served as a US Coast Guard member in search and rescue and law enforcement operations while living in New York City. Elsewhere she has supported the efforts of educational nonprofits as well as those focused on disaster relief.

    Robin Akin is the voice of choice for projects large and small that have something to say. She can be warm or wicked, punchy or formal.

    Who Is Home Depot Voice Actor

    Josh Lucas And Home Depot: A Voice Over Icon

    Lucas’s association with Home Depot is perhaps one of his most notable voiceover associations. His deep, comforting, and relatable voice became the auditory symbol of the brand. These commercials are not only effective because of the voice. Lucas is able to transform every script into a conversation, allowing each listener to feel like they are part of the story. That’s the mark of a true voice actor – the power to transform words on a page into a compelling, engaging, and personal experience for the audience.

    Who Is Home Depot Voice Actor

    What changes have you noticed in the voice acting industry between 2013 and now? What is the future of this industry?

    RUDY: The diversity conversation has been slowly creeping into the world of voice acting, but the historically anonymous nature of the voice acting industry, together with very strong bias toward white males, made it seem like a fruitless cause.

    If you speak out for equality today, you won’t be fired, or marginalized. Producers, who are morally motivated, can speak up to their bosses — and that’s what it takes. Agents and managers have more room to open up discussions on casting without fear of losing the business to someone who will look the other way. Voice acting no longer has the anonymity that once allowed for these unfair practices to go unnoticed.

    Who Is Home Depot Voice Actor

    What Is Your Advice For People Moving Into This Industry, Especially Bipoc Voice-Actors? What Has Helped You Succeed?

    JOAN: Your voice is reflective of your unique self, culture, history, intellect, and emotional wellbeing. You must be unique if you want to achieve success in any area of business. Develop your sense of self-awareness and self-expression. You are the key to your success. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should sound like or who you ought to be.

    The interview was edited for clarity.

    You can enter the Voice Arts Awards by clicking here.

    Who Is Home Depot Voice Actor

    What Was Home Depot’S First Commercial?

    Home Depot has removed its first official TV commercial. However, the original commercial, which is likely to be reflective of one of its oldest advertisements, still is.

    The story is about an elderly man who lives in a trailer. His life changes when he has to share it with a young attractive woman living at the same trailer park. The movie was filmed in 1985, and was released the following year.

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    Who Is Home Depot Voice Actor

    Why The Great Voice Company?

    Since over 30 years, we have been dedicated to improving the spoken image for companies, organizations and individuals. We make recordings in all languages. We sharpen leadership communication skills. And we prepare the next generation of professional voice over talent for lucrative home-based careers behind the microphone.

    The guiding principle of our company is that people will form an impression of professionalism and competency within seconds after hearing you and those who greet and service your clients. Those communications are your enduring spoken image, the audible equivalent of a printed logo, and our job is to help you create and nurture it.

    We ensure at The Great Voice Company that all spoken communication is in line with your brand promise. This includes the voices heard when people call into your automated IVR, as well as the voices used for your advertising and training material, web videos and other materials. Your voice is extended to your front line staff, leaders and sales representatives as they engage with stakeholders and customers.
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    Who Is Home Depot Voice Actor

    Morgan Freeman – Visa

    Morgan Freeman is a must-have on any list of the best voiceovers. The Oscar-winning actor provided his captivating voice for a series Visa commercials from 2008 until 2018.

    Freeman was paid between $1 million and $2 million for being the voice of Visa and that isn’t even his only voice-over work. He has worked for other brands, such as Mountain Dew. The actor also narrates movies like War of the Worlds or March of the Penguins. Freeman’s soothing tone is a unique and comforting characteristic.

    Who Is Home Depot Voice Actor

    Mukti Garceau

    Mukti, a McGill University Opera graduate, brings to her bilingual work in Los Angeles and New York her love of voice, her knowledge, her talents, her passion, her expertise, her dedication, her enthusiasm, her commitment, her joy, her energy, her talent. Mukti produces professional recordings at her home studio for clients in Canada, the USA and internationally as well as records in several studios in Los Angeles.

    Mukti has a wide variety of voices, including French Canadian, French Euro and English. She also does voiceovers for commercials, eLearning, audio descriptions, children’s toys and books, and animation. Her vocal range comes from her many years of study, studio experience and performance, and her ongoing refinement by Los Angeles voiceover coaches and directors.

    Mukti is also a dialect supervisor and director of French Canadian and English Voice Over talent for successful recording and delivery. She has worked in several Los Angeles studios as director & dialect supervisor for commercials, video games & eLearning projects. Her most recent project was for Apple and for companies such as Persil, Bose, Clairol, Skype, Sherwin Williams, Starbucks, the video game “Destiny the Game”, Victoria’s Secret, Caterpillar, Daikin to name a few.

    Who Is Home Depot Voice Actor

    Josh Lucas Biography

    Josh Lucas, an American actor, is well-recognized for his roles in numerous films and television programs. The Maurers’ son, Joshua Lucas Easy Dent, was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, on June 20, 1971.

    His father was an emergency room doctor, and his mother was a midwife. Lucas was raised by nuclear disarmament activists who traveled frequently.

    By the age of 13, he had already lived on 30 different places, including Sullivan’s Island as well as the Isle of Palms. In addition, he has three younger siblings.

    After moving to Kopachuck Middle School, the family eventually settled in Gig Harbour, Washington, where he later earned his high school diploma in 1989.
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