Titleist Ts3 Driver Review

titleist ts3 driver review


There are two reasons why the new TS drivers are drawing rave reviews from golfers at all levels: ball speed and lower spin.

The TS3 delivers a strong ball speed, but it is robust. While the TS3 is the less forgiving of the two drivers, higher MOI and a thinner face help to keep ball speed up even when you move off the center of the face. Titleist drivers are no longer considered to be “for the better players.”

Titleist’s new drivers have a lower spin rate, which is a significant improvement. The keys to longer drives are high launch and low spinning, which is something that most golfers understand. While it might not be the fastest spin killing driver on the golf course, the TS3 has the ability to compete with and even beat all other drivers.

Titleist has designed the TS3 Driver to be adjustable in two ways. The SureFit Hosel is their most popular product, and has been used for generations. The other is the SureFit CG Weight. The 818 hybrids were the first to use this feature, and Titleist has since made some improvements with the TS Woods. Rather than asking golfers to have two weights – one Neutral and one Draw/Fade biased – they’ve created one weight which can be neutral or biased. To keep it incognito, the weight is put into a port in your head.

Finally, Titleist continues to offer a strong selection of stock shafts. Two new Project X offerings are the HZRDUS Smoke, and EvenFlow T1100. The Kuro Kage shaft and the Tensei AV Blue MCA shaft are also available. An EvenFlow T1100 shaft was recommended by Titleist as it is a comfortable, smooth feeling shaft with a solid tip.

titleist ts3 driver review

Titleist Ts3 Driver Review

Titleist Redesigned their Drivers for More Speed. The Titleist TS3 driver was my choice. It has been used in many round of golf as well as range session.

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This is what I think and feel about the club.

Titleist was fortunate to always have loyal drivers. They loved the looks, the sound, the feel and it really didn’t matter how long it was. These golfers simply loved having a Titleist driver in the bag. Unfortunately for Titleist, many of those golfers that tested drivers from other companies would pick up yardage. The main reason spin was so important to me is simple. Titleist drivers spun too much, which often led to a loss of distance. Titleist recognized that they had been a bit behind and started over 2 years ago with the TS Project. Titleist set out to be ahead of their peers in the driver marketplace. Because Titleist has the fastest drivers, even non-loyalists can check it out.

Titleist urges everyone to have a fitting driver for their new lines. Actually they’ve encouraged that with their previous clubs too, but if you really want to get the most out of your driver; get fit. They offer free Thursday fitting all around the country. You can get a good introduction to Titleist. There is also a chance you will leave with new clubs. So you know you have the correct model, loft shaft, flex, and shaft to suit your swing. Talking Stick Scottsdale, AZ. All the shafts and heads were provided by the fitter so I could swing and try to beat my current gamer. Trackman Launch Monitor was available to assist us with dividing shots and data in order to make me the best Titleist driver. As the numbers shook out, I ended up with a TS3 8.5* head with HAZRDUS Smoke 60g 6.0 shaft at 45”. This combo gave me the greatest launch and spin results.

The Titleist TS3 driver is still a popular choice for loyalists. It has a simple shape, black color scheme, and has clean lines. SureFit has two cog settings that allow for the perfect fit. The TS3 model features an adjustable weight that allows you to move the CG or change some of your flight characteristics. You will notice the biggest improvements “under-the-hood”, with lighter titanium crowns, speed chassis and hotter faces. The new T3 is faster than any previous Titleist driver, and that’s exactly what it is.

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Titleist drivers were my past reviews. While I felt that they were fit, the results of our fittings did not compare to other Titleist drivers. The Titleist has changed this year. After fitting, I was amazed at the results I got from the Titleist. I had actually found the TS3 better than I was playing. These numbers are not exaggerated. To have the driver go on the course was thrilling. For me, this is the most important element of testing. Although nets can be wonderful and numbers great, they are not really important if the test is done on a course that has water on one side and OB on another. With this club, my experience on course testing was great.

My first round, I found this amazing club! The middle was always bombed all day. It made mid-high driving speeds and was well rolled. This was a great driver, definitely the best Titleist I’ve ever seen. However, the driver started swinging yips. After three rounds, my mental state was terrible. I couldn’t swing the driver for anything, I could barely hit the driving range. It was a gift that I had to give it to a friend with whom I frequently out-drive. He kept me on track. Titleist was a winner. With this driver, he was incredible. I quickly put it back in my bag and had my swing settled down. Then it was time to go back and bomb it.

titleist ts3 driver review

Titleist Ts3 Driver Review, Photos And More: Clubtest 2020

ClubTest 2020 has tested and evaluated 28 new drivers. Below are the results for the Titleist TS3 driver.

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Prices: 499 / BUY NOW Lofts : 8.5@, 9.5@, and 10.5@. Our Take: Titleist’s SureFit CG cartridge is housed in the TS3, which allows you to adjust the center of gravity for a draw or fade. You can see why Tour players like Justin Thomas rely heavily on the TS3 with its many adjustable features.

ClubTester’s Take (0-hdcp). “You can see the ball shoot off the face. Clean look and easy to swing an easy sell for a good player.”

Robot’s Take: Provides low spin, a deeper ballflight and faster swingers with a greater range of motion.


Are The Titleist Ts3 Good Driving?

The TS3 can accelerate balls at a very high speed, but it is robust. … While the TS3 is not the #1 spin killing driver, it’s more than capable of competing with – and often beating – any other driver on the market. Two options have been added by Titleist to the TS3 driver. Oct 18, 2018.

Is Titleist Ts3 Forgiving?

Although not as easy-going, the TS3 will spin a little less well because it has a forward-facing weight. July 22, 2019,

Which Is better, Ts2 OR Ts3

The TS2 and TS3 drivers are more accommodating, with the TS2 offering the most forgiveness. However, the TS3 models offer a weight cylinder that shifts the center to create draw or fade bias. … With the shaft weight savings, the TS2 and TS3 drivers feature a 45.5-inch shaft, a half-inch longer than Titleist’s past drivers.Sep 6, 2018

How do Pros Use the Ts3 Driver

Eric Axley (9.5 degrees)Rafa Cabrera Bello (9.5 degrees)Charley Hoffman (9.5 degrees)Adam Scott (10.5 degrees)Webb Simpson (10.5 degrees)Justin Thomas (9.5 degrees)Jimmy Walker (8.5 degrees)Richy Werenski (10.5 degrees)More items…*Jun 14, 2018

.Titleist Ts3 Driver Review

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