Titleist Ts1 Driver Review

titleist ts1 driver review


To give the driver of the TS1 speed, weight reduction was a goal. The TS1 driver is 45g lighter than stock TS2. With the light, aerodynamic head and lightweight shaft, swinging the TS1 driver felt effortless. A good contact resulted in the ball traveling on a high trajectory. My shot form is usually straight or a little drawn, so my dispersion was trending slightly left due to the TS1’s draw bias. A simple swing adjustment allowed me to hit my longest drives right in the center or down the middle. Titleist’s SureFit hosel with 16 loft and lying settings is included on the TS1.

Trackman data from Club Champion was amazing. High performance numbers proved the consistency of the strikes. The clubs mid-spin design was also evident in my spin numbers. It was a pleasure to review the club’s marketing and find that actual results match.

Can The Ts1 be a good driver?

Titleist TS1 drivers are lightweight and ideal for those with slower swing speeds. It is easy to get good results because it’s so forgiving.

Is Titleist Ts1 Driver Forgiving?

You also get the standard features of Titleist TS Drivers, such as a titanium crown that is ultra thin and a Radial VFT face, which are the most powerful Titleist designs, maximising ball speed and forgiveness.

What are the main differences between Ts1 (and Ts2)?

Although the TS1 is 8 grams lighter than its sister, the TS2 has a clubhead that remains the same weight. However, it retains the emphasis on hitting forgiveness off the center. … The TS1 retains a draw bias. However, the TS1 also has the same 16-way hosel adjustable (SureFit), as the Titleist driver since 2010 when it was introduced.

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Is The Titleist Ts1-Driver Out Now?

The new Titleist TS1 drivers will be available in fitting locations June 20 and in golf shops June 27.Jun 7, 2019

.Titleist Ts1 Driver Review

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