Cobra F7+ Driver Review

Cobra F7+ Driver Review

cobra f7+ driver review

Sound & Feel

Here is the point where my Cobra King F7+ driver really impressed me. Modern drivers are so efficient in terms of driving performance that it is difficult for businesses to keep up with them. The most important areas in which companies need to improve these days include feel, adjustmentability, forgiveness, and flexibility. A lot of the new drivers feel great this season. Which driver does it feel the most comfortable? That’s tough to say. It’s hard to say, but I do believe that the Cobra King F7+ will be one of the top 2017 models.

Shots hit on the sweet spot of the King F7+ feel like they’re launched out of a canon. The feel is still quite smooth and the King F7+ feels responsive. Forged 8-11 Titanium E9 has medium volume sound. The “crack” sounds similar to that of King LTD. However, it is a little louder and has more percussion.

When I was at Club Champion testing, someone from the next bay said to me, “I don’t know how or what you’re hitting, but it sure sounds incredible.” This is something I have never experienced when reviewing clubs.

cobra f7+ driver review

It’s important to know

PRICE: PS279.00 YEAR: from 2016 Cobra KING F7 driver review In the KING F7 driver, Cobra has not re-invented the wheel. The need was never there.

Instead they replaced the tires and installed shiny new spokes.

Two new models for 2017 feature moveable weights. They also come in two different head styles.

A new inclusion with the driver is Cobra Connect. The Cobra Connect device is located in the back of the grip and connects to an app that provides driving statistics for players. It comes free with the new driver, and the app is also free to download.

Cobra KIND F7 Profile (left), and F7+ Profile Looks F7 This is the bigger profile with a 5% larger face. We had it in the glossy blue finish which looked superb. The product is also available as a black or orange version and in silver.

A little more round than the traditional driver, but it gave us confidence behind our ball.

F7+ A more compact profile at 455 cc that will appeal to better players. It has a matte finish.

cobra f7+ driver review

Cobra F7/F7+ Driver Review

Cobra KingF7/F7+ Review by Dominic Choma. Club Fitter. It is here that the King F7+ driver and King C7+ driver come in to play. A new 2017 model, the King F7 driver replaces King F6+ and is available at 3499.99. King F6+ was replaced by King F7+.

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The King F7 driver features a movable weight system that is very similar to the King F6 with a couple of differences. There is now an extra weight port on the King F7, located near the foot of the golf course. This adds a completely new weight setting that can be utilized to create a more draw biased ball flight than was even possible in the King F6. Given that golfers are known for their tendency to slice, this new model should prove to be an attractive option. The heaviest weight was increased to 10g from 12g, which will enhance the effects of different weight settings. There are eight settings for loft on the King F7 driver. Three settings have a higher pitch, which can be used by those who slice or hit too hard.

As for the King F7+ driver, this one differs from its predecessor more than the King F7. The King F6+ had a sliding weight track, but this has been replaced with 3 weight settings, one in each of the King F7’s front, rear and heel. King F7+ uses the same 12-gram weight of the King F7 Driver. So if both drivers have the same weight settings with the same weights, what is the difference you might be wondering?

You will find a few things that are different between the drivers. These differences will affect which player each driver will enjoy. You will notice a significant difference in their overall look and shape. The F7+ is more pronounced than the King F7 and has a deeper clubface. It also features a lower profile at the address. Because of this, the F7+ will be more popular with the lower handicapper. The King F7+ is a bit easier to use than the King 7 and will allow skilled players to have more control over the ball’s flight. Higher handicap golfers who are looking for more forgiveness and better ball flight will be attracted to the King F7’s larger size and shape. The loft settings on the King F7+ driver are another difference. F7+ offers three levels of loft adjustment, just as F7. There are 8 other settings. Lofts vary from 8-11 degrees. For players who are prone to hitting their tee shots too high, this loft provides an alternative.

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The Cluboratory at Miles of Golf Ann Arbor gave me a good idea of their performance. In each setting of weight (Back/Heel/Front), I tested each model (King F7+ and King F7+). The standard lie angle setting had my heads set at 9.5 degrees, giving me the best loft possible for my swing. For this test I used an Aldila Rogue Silver 70g Extra Stiff shaft because it fits well with my swing profile. In this test, the only variables that varied were the clubhead model as well as the weight settings. These are the results:

Setting Club speed ball Speed launch angle Spin rate Total launch dir Spin Axis

F7 Back 112,1 172.1 11.62578 297.8 319.6 -

cobra f7+ driver review

Cobra F7+ Driver Review

Cobra Golf’s 2017 lineup will be the best. To do so they will again be offering three options in the driver segment: The King LTD, the F7, and the F7+. THP was able get the F7+ driver for review to check out the changes in design and how they affect aesthetics, performance, as well as overall playability.


Last year, Cobra showed a commitment to moveable weight and its effect on performance where fine-tuning and fitting is concerned. Cobra was determined to provide more options than just a front-to-back option for the F6+. The F7+ has a new three-weight system. This is a more advanced version of last year’s F6+.

Cobra places a lot of emphasis on weight saving and manipulation within the F7 range of drivers, and the F7+ may be the most striking example. It makes sense that the F7+ has so many components, it would be a good idea to review the technology more closely to see what they are and how they affect performance.

Weight Modification

It has 3 weight ports, 1 12g and 2g. Each port allows for CG refinement and manipulation based a player’s requirements. You will see the standard front (low-launch) and back locations. But, now, you can also see the heel side location. This gives the user the ability to adjust the draw weight in both a low-launching (and spinning +) design, which are more neutrally biased and easier for fade. Before touching on the performance aspect though, a big thank you to Cobra for changing their printed terminology on the heads from the “towering” and “penetrating” we saw with the F6, and instead going with a toned down “high”, “low”, and “draw”. It’s a small thing, sure, but it makes for a cleaner package.

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Performance-wise, the weights revealed on the launch monitor how the motion around the different ports affected ball flight. Reviewer noticed that the average difference in launch angle between the front and back of the 12g weigh resulted from a 1.6deg improvement in launch angle. The spin rate also increased 323 RPM. The draw port had a 0.6% increase in launch angle, but it also showed an effect on the flight direction from left to right. Keep in mind that users will have different needs and the change amount, however the data does show the location system works. Cobra may make more weights on their site than they did for the F6’s. This could be an opportunity for these heads to become a true fitter’s dream.

Is The Cobra Driver Good?

Cobra drivers are a favorite choice for amateur and professional golfers on the links. Cobra drivers can produce outstanding ball speed, great spin, and excellent accuracy.

What Cobra driver is the best?

Cobra’s King Speedzone, one of the top golf drivers in distance, impresses by being a true all-rounder. He delivers great forgiveness and still optimizes distance.

What Are the differences between F7+ Cobra F7 and F7+ Cobra F7 Plus?

There is a big difference in how the drivers look and feel. F7+, compared to King F7 has a longer clubface. … F7+ continues to offer loft adjustability in three different levels, just as F7. The F7+ also offers 8 options. But the lofts are between 8 and 11.

Is The Cobra F7 Driver Forgiving?

The main takeaway from the performance testing was the fact that though my King F7 optimized performance did not result in the fastest distances it was extremely reliable, forgiving and reliable. The King F7 is an excellent driver choice for players who are more concerned with accuracy than distance.

.Cobra F7+ Driver Review

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