Costco Wedding Cakes: A Comprehensive Guide (2023)

When planning your special day, selecting the perfect wedding cake is of utmost importance. Costco, renowned for its high-quality offerings at affordable prices, offers a tempting array of wedding cakes to suit every taste and budget. This guide provides a detailed overview of Costco’s wedding cake offerings, including flavors, designs, and pricing information.

Costco Wedding Cake Options

Tiered Cakes:

Costco offers a variety of tiered wedding cakes, ranging from elegant two-tiered options to majestic three and four-tiered designs. These cakes feature intricate piping, fondant details, and a choice of classic or modern styles.

Sheet Cakes:

For larger weddings or receptions with a more budget-friendly option, sheet cakes from Costco serve as a practical choice. These cakes come in various sizes and can be customized with a frosting design or piped message.

Costco Cake Flavors and Fillings

Costco offers a wide range of cake flavors and fillings to satisfy all preferences.

Cake Flavors:

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Funfetti
  • Red velvet
  • Carrot
  • Lemon
  • Berry


  • Vanilla buttercream
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Raspberry filling
  • Strawberry filling
  • Lemon curd

Costco Custom Cakes

For couples seeking a truly unique wedding cake, Costco offers custom cake options. You can collaborate with the bakery team to design a cake that perfectly aligns with your vision, incorporating specific flavors, fillings, and decorative elements.

Costco Wedding Cake Prices

Costco’s wedding cakes are known for their exceptional quality at competitive prices. The cost varies depending on the cake’s size, design, and complexity.

  • Tiered cakes: Starting from $200
  • Sheet cakes: Starting from $50

How to Order a Costco Wedding Cake

Ordering a wedding cake from Costco is a simple and convenient process.

  • Visit your local Costco bakery.
  • Consult with the bakery team to discuss your cake preferences.
  • Place your order at least two weeks in advance to ensure availability.
  • Finalize the design and payment details with the bakery team.


Costco’s wedding cakes offer a delectable blend of quality, affordability, and customization. Whether you desire an elegant tiered cake, a practical sheet cake, or a bespoke creation, Costco has the perfect option to make your wedding day truly memorable.

Does Costco Make Wedding Cakes & Custom Cakes In 2022?

  • No matter what occasion or event you are planning, a wedding cake is essential!
  • Costco has wedding cakes, and you may be curious if Costco also makes custom cakes. Here is what I discovered!
  • Does Costco Make Wedding Cakes & Custom Cakes In 2022?

    Costco Will Make Wedding Cakes and Custom Cakes in 2022

    Costco makes custom cakes, which will be available only to Costco members starting in 2022. Costco offers a variety of cake options, such as wedding cakes and birthday cakes. It costs $19, takes 24 to 48 hours to make and is ready for delivery.

  • To learn more about customizations, ordering, and wait time, keep on reading!
  • Costco is able to customize which types of cakes

    Costco cake designs are not limited in size and flavor. However, Costco is able to customize cakes with different templates or custom icing. Costco can also customize cakes with:

  • Wedding cakes
  • Baby shower cakes
  • Birthday cakes
  • Graduation cakes
  • Retirement cakes
  • Get well soon cakes
  • Team cakes & sport cake
  • Once you have selected the cake you want, you will be able to customize any other elements such as the flavor of the icing, design, flavors and filling, along with custom text.

    Costco does not allow customers to order multi-tiered cakes.

    Does Costco Make Wedding Cakes & Custom Cakes In 2022?

    Costco Custom Cakes: How Much?

    Costco has a one-size cake sheet that is $19, which includes the choice of a selection of cake templates (or empty), and custom text or inscriptions.

    Costco sells smaller 10-inch round cakes at $12.99 per piece.

    What is the Size of Costco Cakes

    Costco sheet cakes are 12 in wide by 16 in long and 9 1/2 lbs in weight.

    This sheet cake can be easily cut into pieces of 2-inch size, giving 48 portions.

    Does Costco Make Wedding Cakes & Custom Cakes In 2022?

    What Are Custom Costco Cakes Like?

    Costco cakes, despite their high price tag, are highly rated and have an avid following among Costco members. Costco cake customers agree that they have just the right amount sweetness and are not too sweet or sickly.

    Costco cake flavors include vanilla with vanilla buttercream and chocolate with coco buttercream.

    Customers have the option to request custom fillings that include chocolate, vanilla, or raspberry jam.

    What is the Costco Cake Order Process?

    Once in a Costco Warehouse, customers can visit the store’s bakery section to order their custom cakes.

    Costco suggests that you come in 2 days before your cake pick-up date to avoid disappointment.

    Costco customers are allowed to complete the Custom Cake Order Form and choose their favorite flavor, filling, cake design and color.

    Costco unfortunately does not provide an online option for custom cakes or wedding cakes.

    Does Costco Make Wedding Cakes & Custom Cakes In 2022?

    Costco sells photo cakes

    Costco doesn’t make any custom photo cakes as of 2022. Customers can, however, order photo cakes from other stores, including Dairy Queen and Walmart.

    Do Other Shops Sell Custom Cakes or Wedding Cakes?

    Although Costco does not offer a dedicated wedding cakes service, there are multiple other grocery chains that do offer such a service or similar. These are:

  • Publix
  • Albertsons
  • Sam’s Club
  • Walmart (for the complete guide, click here)
  • Publix also offers a Tier-Based System, in which stacked cakes increase their price. You will pay more for a fancy cake. The standard price for wedding cakes starts at $175.

    Albertson’s offers a large variety of cake types, ranging from size, shape, and even cake consistency. The prices they charge are determined by these variations, however all of their prices remain very economical.

    Albertson’s does not offer a dedicated wedding cake service, but most Albertson’s baking teams would be ready and up for the task. Albertson’s hires competent bakers who are able to work outside of the box.

    Sam’s Club sells a range of different cake shapes and sizes, and also has licensed cakes themes.

    A dedicated style guide is also available. You will be able to find exactly the cake type you want, which makes them a very reliable option.

    Costco sells Ice if you plan a party. Additionally, if you need some food for your party, you can also see whether or not Costco delivers pizza.

    Does Costco Make Wedding Cakes & Custom Cakes In 2022?

    Conclusion: Costco can make wedding cakes or custom cakes.

    Costco can make custom cakes. You have the choice to add your own messages and create unique cakes.

    Customers can request a customized wedding message to be added to their order. However, Costco doesn’t offer a special wedding cake service.

    Costco: What cakes are available?

    Only two flavours are available. You can either order what Costco refers to as a white cake–a.k.a. vanilla–or a chocolate cake. The vanilla-flavored cake is made from a layer of sheet cake, filled with vanilla cheesecake and iced with white frosting.

    Can Costco Put A Picture On A Cake?

    Costco offers the option to order an edible picture of your invite or graphic, and then place it on a Costco birthday cake.

    Are Costco Sheet cakes required to be refrigerated?

    Buttercream or Ganache-topped cakes can be kept for up to 3-4 weeks if they are stored in the refrigerator. The cake with custard or cream, cream cheese, fresh fruit or cream will keep for no more than a day. Refrigerate your cream cheese frosting for about 1-2 days. Then let it come to room temperature.

    .Does Costco Make Wedding Cakes & Custom Cakes In 2022?

    2023 Costco Wedding Cake Designs and Prices: Top Tiered Selections
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    Cake Design Description Price
    Three-Tiered Elegance A stunning three-tiered wedding cake with intricate floral designs $199.99
    Custom Tiered Creation Personalized tiered cake with your choice of flavors and fillings $249.99
    Modern Minimalist Cake Simple yet elegant cake design perfect for contemporary weddings $179.99
    Classic White Wedding Cake Timeless white cake adorned with delicate details $189.99
    Floral Fantasy Cake Vibrant floral arrangements cascading down a multi-tiered masterpiece $219.99
    Rustic Charm Cake Rustic-themed cake featuring earthy tones and natural elements $169.99
    Romantic Rose Cake Romantic cake embellished with cascading sugar roses $199.99
    Starry Night Sky Cake Unique cake design capturing the beauty of a starry night sky $209.99
    Elegant Lace Cake Graceful lace patterns adorning each tier for a touch of sophistication $179.99

    Prices may vary based on customization options and location.

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