Banfield Pet Hospital Prices (Wellness Plan, Grooming + More)

Banfield Pet Hospital partners with PetSmart in order to provide the finest services, products and treatment for its customers.

  • If your plan is to bring your pet to Banfield Pet Hospital, it’s worth researching what its offerings are and their prices. These are the results of my extensive research.
  • Banfield Pet Hospital Prices In 2022
  • Banfield Pet Hospital offers Wellness plans which begin at $37.95/month for dogs and $26.95/month for cats as of 2022. The pet hospital chain also offers other services such as medical grooming, declawing, neutering, and spaying at varied prices.

  • For more information on the pricing of Banfield Pet Hospital’s services, including neutering, shots, surgeries, etc., please continue reading.
  • Banfield Pet Hospital Prices (Wellness Plan, Grooming + More)

    What is the Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan?”

    The Optimum Wellness Plan is a year-long package that supports your pet’s health through a variety of medical care and regular services.

    Banfield Pet Hospital explains that they are not insurance. They charge a monthly fee for routine services, like vaccinations and exams.

  • Take into account that three versions are available for the Optimum Wellness Plan at the Hospital
  • The first is Active Care, which is for general care, and the second is Active Care Plus which offers additional dental services at Banfield Pet Hospital.

    For pets with chronic or severe conditions, the special care is known as Special Care.

    Notice that Wellness Plans offer discounts up to 20 percent on prescriptions as well as other products and services from Banfield Pet Hospital.

    What are the benefits of the Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan

    Many services are included depending on what package you have selected.

    You can start coverage as soon as your Wellness Plan is signed up. There are many Banfield Pet Hospitals throughout the US.

    Every Wellness Plan at Banfield Pet Hospital includes unlimited office visits as well as the costs of routine vaccinations being covered.

    Additionally, it is also possible to access your pet’s health records online through Banfield Pet Hospital and receive 20% off of insurance plans for your pets.

    You must agree to a 12-month contract for your Wellness Plan at Banfield Pet Hospital.

    Along with that, these Wellness Plans do not cover for accident or illness, or pre-existing conditions with your pet, and rather should be used in conjunction with regular pet insurance.

    Banfield Pet Hospital Prices (Wellness Plan, Grooming + More)

    How much do Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness plans cost?

    For a Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan, there is a one-time start-up fee of $59.95 that applies to all three options.

    Beyond that, each Wellness Plan has its own separate costs, as described below:

  • Active Care
  • At Banfield Pet Hospital, active care is the most affordable plan.

    Banfield Pet Hospital offers active care Optimum Health Plan to dogs for $37.95 a Month or $455.40 a Year.

    Cats can purchase the Active Care Wellness Plan at $26.95 per Month or $323.40 annually.

  • Active Care Plus
  • Active Care Plus is $46.95 a month, or $563.40 a year for dogs; $37.95 a month, or $455.40 yearly for cats.

  • Special Care
  • Special Care Optimum Wellness Plan, which offers ongoing care for pets with persistent conditions and/or health issues is the most costly.

    The monthly cost of the Special Care Wellness Plan for dogs is $58.95, or $707.40 per calendar year, while it costs $563.40 per calendar year for cats.

    Is Neutering At Banfield Pet Hospital Worth It?

    Banfield Pet Hospital has spaying and neutering options available at their facility. Prices range from $350 up to $400 for a spay/neuter dog.

    For cats, prices can vary depending on what service is being performed. Spaying costs $250 and $150, while neutering and neutering are $180 and $210.

    Banfield Pet Hospital Prices (Wellness Plan, Grooming + More)

    Banfield Pet Hospital: What is the Cost of Euthanasia?

    Banfield Pet Hospital charges between $50 and $100 for euthanasia of cats or dogs.

    Banfield Pet Hospital can charge extra for your dog’s euthanasia depending on their location.

    How Much Do Vaccinations Cost At Banfield Pet Hospital?

    Banfield Pet Hospital prices will vary depending on which vaccine you need and whether your pet is a cat or a dog.

  • Dogs
  • Vaccines for dogs cost between $21 and $38, with the cheapest vaccine being the Leptospirosis 4-Way vaccine at around $21, followed by the Rabies vaccine at around $25.

    Also, Canine Bordetella is $30 while Distemper Parvo DAPP can be purchased at $34.

    Lyme disease, which costs $38 for dogs, is the most costly vaccine.

    Banfield Pet Hospital can advise you about the vaccines that are essential for your dog’s well-being.

  • Cats
  • Prices range between $25 to $30 and the Rabies vaccine is around $25.

    Other than this, the Feline Distemper FVRCP and Feline Leukaemia Virus vaccines cost around $30.

    Just like with dogs, the vets at Banfield Pet Hospital will be able to advise you which vaccines are essential for your cat.

    Banfield Pet Hospital Prices (Wellness Plan, Grooming + More)

    How much does declaring cost at Banfield Pet Hospital

    Banfield Pet Hospital has released a statement in which they stated that the hospital does not accept the option of elective animal declawing.

    Declawing is possible at the Hospital if necessary. However, online reports show that it can cost between $150 and $500 per cat to be declawed.

    How Much Does Surgery Cost At Banfield Pet Hospital?

    Banfield Pet Hospital also offers vaccines and routine procedures including dentistry.

    Prices for these services will vary depending upon the type of surgery performed and whether or not the pet is at Banfield Pet Hospital.

    For general dental issues such prophylaxis and cleaning, prices for dogs and cats range from $300 to 400.

    The Hospital offers other services, such as supplements for diets and Heartworm treatment.

    Consider that Anaplasma or Lyme tests are available for both dogs and cats. Cats will require a snap test to determine if they have FelV, FIV, Heartworm or Lyme.

    Banfield Pet Hospital has the ability to care for smaller animals, such as hamsters.

    Banfield Pet Hospital Prices (Wellness Plan, Grooming + More)

    Banfield Pet Hospital – How Much Will Grooming Cost?

    Banfield Pet Hospital does not offer traditional grooming services but can offer medical grooming.

    This includes medicated shampoos and conditioners for bathing, as well as nail clipping.

    What Does Microchipping At Banfield Pet Hospital Cost?

    It costs around $40 to microchip your cat or pet at Banfield Pet Hospital.

    Banfield Pet Hospital Prices (Wellness Plan, Grooming + More)

    Are Banfield’s Pet Hospitals Cheaper than Regular Vets?

    Banfield Pet Hospital’s Optimum wellness plans can be a great way to save on veterinary bills. They are much lower than their retail price.

    Online shoppers claim that it’s usually more affordable to visit a private clinic than an established company like Banfield Pet Hospital.

    To find out if Banfield Pet Hospital has a lower price, you might want to look around.

    How Much Does Banfield Cost Monthly?

    Banfield Pet Hospital has a Price Estimator that can help you determine the approximate cost of your Wellness Plan.

    For an active care plan, you have to pay $37.95 per month for dogs, and $26.95 per month for cats.

    Similarly, if you are going for an active care plan plus, you will be paying $46.95 per month for dogs and $26.95 per month for cats.

    If you choose to purchase the special-care wellness plan, your monthly payment will be $58.95 / $46.95 / month for pets.

    Banfield Pet Hospital Prices (Wellness Plan, Grooming + More)

    Banfield offers payment plans

    Banfield Pet Hospital lets customers pay for their Optimum Wellness Plans either upfront or in 12 monthly installments.

    For a monthly schedule, remaining payments will be taken on either the 5th, 12th, 19th or 26th of every month.

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  • Conclusion
  • Banfield Pet Hospital offers services such as Optimum Wellness Plans to help customers afford services such as vaccines, veterinary visits, and more.

    Banfield Pet Hospital also offers additional services such as microchipping and neutering. These can be added to your existing plan for a fee that is flexible enough for you to pay when it suits your needs.

    .Banfield Pet Hospital Prices (Wellness Plan, Grooming + More)