Best Symantec Antivirus

Best Symantec Antivirus


Tuning the performance of scheduled scans can be accomplished on the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) within the Antivirus/Antispyware policy via Scheduled Scan > Advanced Scanning Options > Tuning. Tuning the performance of on-demand scans can be done in the Antivirus/Antispyware policy, under Administrator Defined Scans > Administrator On-Demand Scan Settings > Advanced Scanning Options > Tuning.

Symantec Endpoint Protection uses the Scan Tuning feature to monitor file Input (IO) and Outputs (IO). Symantec Endpoint Protection doing the bulk of the file IO then the scan will go on as normal. Symantec Endpoint Protection can throttle the scan if Symantec Endpoint Protection is doing a significant amount of IO. Symantec Endpoint Protection can throttle a scan to reduce IO. However, it will still scan at a slower rate.

The tuning options for Windows are as follows:

Symantec Endpoint Protection offers the best scan performance – It scans at its fastest. It is possible to throttle the scan speed without any restrictions.

Symantec Endpoint Protection offers balanced performance. This means that Symantec Endpoint Protection won’t throttle other processes doing a lot IO. Symantec Endpoint Protection doesn’t throttle scans if any other processes are doing a little but not a lot.

Symantec Endpoint Protection grants preference to Symantec Endpoint Protection for the best application performance. Symantec Endpoint Protection will stop other processes from doing IO until they are reduced.

Symantec Endpoint Protection scan tuning doesn’t change the scan priority. Instead, it uses the most efficient way to monitor file IO described above.

The tuning options on macOS behave differently.

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Symantec Endpoint Protection – Best Scan Performance will use up to 4 cores (40% CPU).

Symantec Endpoint Protection provides balanced performance. It will use up to 2 cores (200% CPU).

Symantec Antivirus: Which is Best?

Symantec is a fast and reliable Virus/Threat Protection tool for small- to medium-sized workgroups. Symantec is fast and runs easily in the background. It doesn’t load the system resources and provides easy-to-use central management capability.

Symantec is still good

Overall: Excellent overall experience. This suite offer continued protection from malware, viruses, and intrusion prevention. They also provide firewall features for both servers and end-users. However, there are cons. There is still room for improvement.

Which Is Better Norton Or Symantec?

Symantec Endpoint has Symantec Internet Security, but Norton Internet Security does not have the same functional differences. This is because you are able to control it. … Finally, Symantec Endpoint includes a greater level of phone support than Norton Internet Security.

Which Is Better Mcafee Or Symantec?

McAfee is a smaller, but still powerful player in security markets. Symantec has the market share due to its popular anti-virus software. McAfee’s role is to catch up with Symantec in the area of data-loss prevention.

.Best Symantec Antivirus