Best Pc Cleaner Software

Best Pc Cleaner Software

Best Pc Cleaner Software 2021

“>Best Pc Cleaner Software 2021

It ran normally smoothly the first time you bought your laptop. The performance of your PC or laptop can be seriously affected by the accumulation of files, applications, and leftovers.

It might seem obvious to eliminate all clutter when you get low storage warning. But it can also have big effects even if your spare space is ample.

Windows provides some handy tools that allow you to delete old files and programs. However for optimal results you will need to install dedicated PC cleaner software. There are many apps available, but those we’ve tested here are all relatively inexpensive while offering a comprehensive service.

A laptop with a C: drive that was almost fully stocked (80GB) and which has been in use for more than three years, was used to test the applications. The applications were tested in identical conditions. Before any tests could be conducted, we created a system image and restored it each time we installed new software.

Best Pc Cleaner Software

Get the Best PC Cleaning Software

For smooth and quick performance, dedicated maintenance software can keep your PC clean. There are many ways that Windows 10 will improve your PC’s performance.

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The best PC cleaners don’t just free up space by erasing junk files they identify and fix other performance issues to boost startup times, update software, and even improve battery life. You must choose an experienced and trusted company to clean your computer.

This alphabetical listing of the top Windows optimizers will tune your whole system.

Please note: Software inclusion here does not constitute support. Details such as prices, features, and terms are all subject to change.

Best Pc Cleaner Software

Avg Tuneup

AVG TuneUp can be used as a PC cleaner, maintenance and optimization tool. It will revive your old computer while improving the performance of any new computer. AVG tuneUp clears out every area of your desktop and browser. The program frees up gigabytes for bug, freeze, or crash prevention and makes your Windows PC run fast.

Cost: $55.99/year for 1 PC, or $69.99/year for 10 devices.


Software Uninstaller from Super-Smart detects old and inactive programs. This frees more space on the hard drive.

Software updates to keep you up-to date.

It features an automatic maintenance tool to keep your PC running at peak performance without having you lift a finger.

Deep-clean scans often take several minutes to complete, though you can keep using your computer in the meantime.

It is possible for automatic maintenance to disrupt your workflow.

AVG TuneUp has many advanced features such as the Sleep Mode technology. This makes it one of most effective computer optimizers. To prevent background programs from consuming CPU or memory, Sleep Mode will shut down. It allows you to use your computer’s resources more effectively. Free trial available.

Best Pc Cleaner Software


CCleaner is a powerful and easy-to-use program known for its sophisticated and reliable registry cleaning tool , which removes or fixes broken items in your system. Free basic cleaning of your computer and privacy protections will be provided. To access the advanced deep cleaning features and monitor system status, you will require CCleaner Professional.

Cost: CCleaner Professional CCleaner Professional CCleaner Professional a $29.95/year


Outstanding Software Uninstaller functionality for permanently removing unwanted programs

This mode allows you to make your own custom scans with Custom Clean.

Advertisement supports free versions

Additional disk defragmentation tools are available as an optional add-on.

One of the best free PC cleaners that’s fully compatible with all Windows operating systems from Windows 7 onwards, CCleaner is a flexible and effective computer cleaner that’s highly adaptable to your needs.

Best Pc Cleaner Software

Iobit Advanced Systemcare

IObit Advanced SystemCare comes with a restore and backup function as well system optimization, which makes it one the top free Windows performance boosters. It also features full performance-enhancing utilities in its premium edition.

Pro $29.99/year. Cost: No cost.


Pro features include several security enhancements.

A dashboard called Health Monitor shows you a summary of your system state.

Cons disk defragmentation

A licence covers only one PC.

These performance improvements are much less than the ones made by its competition.

This no-frills tune up tool is good at what it does, but lacks several key features found in many of the other best PC cleaners you’ll find them as upsells, additional downloads, or missing completely, even in the Pro version of the software.

Best Pc Cleaner Software

The Best PC Cleaning Software for Windows 10, 8, 7, and 2021

You may be frustrated by the slow speed and inefficiency of Windows PCs. Check out this list to find best PC cleaners that will clean your system, improve performance, speed up, maintain registry entries and more.

We kickstart the list of the best PC cleaning software with MacPaw’s CleanMyPC. It’s an all-in-1 software to optimize the performance and speed your PC. This software monitors the PC’s performance, as well as the possible factors that can impact it such ransomware or adware.

We love CleanMyPC!

CleanMyPC continues to clean out unwanted files such as broken downloads, obsolete caches and logs.

A PC cleaner can help you locate those files that are difficult to find.

You can fix problems with your PC by doing more than finding and removing the junkware.

Download the software for Windows and Mac

CleanMyPC’s Final Verdict: CleanMyPC is the perfect choice for those looking for software to help clean their Mac and Windows PCs. CleanMyPC offers the most important features necessary to facilitate the entire process.

CCleaner comes in second on our list for the best PC cleaner tools. You should install the CCleaner system cleaner, which is a well-known product for Windows 10 and earlier editions. The tool, which was created by Piriform comes in three flavors: CCleaner Professional, CCleaner Professional Bundle, and CCleaner Professional.

What is CCleaner’s Best Selling Product?

Best Pc Cleaner Software


Offers an easy to use user interface.

Software that is clean and free of ads.

A variety of additional features are available, such as uninstall manager and junk cleaner.

Receives lesser updates.

Slow scan speed.

No free version exists.

An additional tool that can clean Windows computers is the AVG BleachBit. This cost $49.99/year Open-source software is the best thing about this program. The software is free of ads and can be used on Linux.

You can easily delete cookies, caches, temporary and junk files from the computer. It also offers several advanced features for a thorough cleanup.

Open source app.

Easy to use user-interface.

Best Pc Cleaner Software

11 Top PC Cleaner and Optimization Software for Windows 10, 8, 7, [Free & Paid]

Do you want to go straight to the point? Out Top Picks for the Best PC Cleaner & Optimizer for Windows 10 & other versions are Advanced System Optimizer Advanced PC Cleanup If your Windows computer suffers from slow boot times , frequent system crashes, or other common PC errors , download a PC cleaning & optimization tool right away. Using these performance-enhancing programs, you can significantly improve speed and boost overall productivity .

This list includes cleaning junk files and cookies as well as fixing invalid registry entry errors, clearing duplicate content, stopping background processes from using memory, and more. This list includes both paid and non-paid PC cleaning software.

There is a lot of PC optimization software available on the market. Many claim that they will improve performance but some do not live up. So we tested over 30 PC optimization software and found the most effective tools for speeding up and maintaining your computer’s performance.

The Top 3 Choices for Advanced System Optimizer

It can be used for multiple purposes, including optimization.

Corrects errors and cleans registry

Game Optimizer.

Highest Quality Advanced PC Cleanup

Complete SEO Suite

Gets Rid of Malware & Virus

Best Pc Cleaner Software

Get a Free Lifetime Version (Limited Features).

Advanced PC Cleanup allows you to clear out duplicate files and recover disk space. The program also acts as a startup manager, allowing you to modify the apps that are launched at the start of your computer. It will uninstall outdated programs, and can also remove them from your system.

The Pro edition allows you to scan your registry and clean out unwanted files. You can also remove identity traces from browser history. It provides protection against viruses, trojans and spyware, making it the top Windows 10 optimization software.

You can detect malware, junk, temp and other undesirable files on your computer.

Manager for speed-up

Free version available.

No-hassle guarantee for up to 60 days

None were identified during testing.

Final Verdict. Advanced PC Cleanup. Advanced PC Cleanup is, like its name, a Windows Optimizer. It can remove junk files from your computer, fix errors in registry, and bulk uninstall any unwanted apps. The free PC Cleaner includes a Startup Manager that will improve your overall boot speed.

Best Pc Cleaner Software

The Best PC Cleaner Software

Free PC cleaner helps you optimize your PC and clean all junk file, which has been piling up in your hard drive. This program ensures that your computer stays clean and makes use of every resource properly. You can optimize the hard drive space and clean out temporary files. Clear browser cookies and cache. Remove any background programs and RAM. Here is the list of best PC cleaners and Free PC cleaners as well.

Best PC Cleaner Software [Free & Paid] Norton Utilities Norton Utilities PC Cleaner Software Another antivirus company introduces PC cleaner software and this one is paid software. It is common for our computers to slow down after we use certain software or play some games. The Norton Utilities PC Cleaner Software will allow you to run your system smoothly and without installing any additional programs.

This computer cleaner software is able to clean out your hard disk and remove the RAM. It is able to identify and delete programs that are slowing down the startup process. It will remove browsing history from your computer and capture and discard any document you keep.

Try Norton PC Tune UP iolo System Mechanic

Paid PC cleaner also includes a trial version. It will remove temporary junk files from your computer and start programs that can slow it down. It will wipe out log files and browsing history, which is not important.

Bloatware is also a part of the PC cleaner. Bloatware slows down your computer and consumes too much space. All of these tools will totally make your PC run smoother and faster for sure.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

This is a free program that cleans your PC. You just need to install the program on your PC. It will then take care of everything else. The powerful optimization tool can clear out junk files to ensure your computer runs efficiently.

This PC cleaner software makes sure that your laptop won’t overheat and use the power optimization tool to use less energy and extend the battery life. All functions will be performed in one click. It also protects your system from malicious browser extensions and malware.

AusLogics BoostSpeed

Which is The Best Pc Cleaner?

Advanced SystemCare.Defencebyte.Ashampoo(r) WinOptimizer 19.Microsoft Total PC Cleaner.Norton Utilities Premium.AVG PC TuneUp.Razer Cortex.CleanMyPC.More items…*Dec 10, 2021

How do you choose the best computer cleaning programs?

  1. Iolo System Mechanic. Get a quicker, more optimized PC using the top PC optimizer.
  2. Restoro. A simplified PC optimizer with utility repairs.
  3. IObit Advanced SystemCare Free. For novice users, a hands-off approach that optimizes.
  4. Piriform CCleaner
  5. AshampooWinOptimizer 2019.
  6. Razer Cortex.Nov 24, 2021

What is the Best Software to Speed up Your Computer?

IObit. Advanced SystemCare.Ashampoo. WinOptimizer.Iolo. Piriform.System Mechanic. CCleaner.Glary. Utilities.Nov 18, 2021

What Software Cleans Your Computer

The number one tool to clean your computer is CCleaner. This tool protects your privacy, makes your computer more secure and faster! Get CCleaner Professional for Free!

.Best Pc Cleaner Software

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