Can You Work At Mcdonald’S At 14? (Pay, Hours, Positions + More)

A part-time job is something you might think about if you’re still a teenager. But it’s difficult when you’re only 14 to find places that will hire you.

  • Teens often start their careers in fast-food restaurants. Perhaps you’ve wondered if you could work for McDonald’s as a 14-year old? Read on to learn more.
  • Can You Work at McDonald’s at 14? (Pay, Hours, Positions + More)

    Could You Get a Job at McDonald’s At 14 in 2022

    You can work for McDonald’s in some states of America at the age 14 if you hold a valid work permit. McDonald’s may limit the jobs and hours that can be applied for if you’re 14 years old. Based on your state, the starting pay ranges from $8 to $11.

  • Read on for details about which states allow 14 year-olds at McDonald’s. Also, learn about types of jobs and duties.
  • Are You 14 Years Old and Can Work for McDonald’s?

    Below is a list of states that allow 14-year-olds to gain employment. However, it is also worthwhile checking your local state laws as these can change frequently.

  • Alaska
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Montana
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming
  • Can You Work at McDonald’s at 14? (Pay, Hours, Positions + More)

    What type of job is available at McDonald’s for 14 year olds?

    Unfortunately, McDonald’s limits the type of job someone aged 14 can apply for to just a crew member, but it’s great entry-level working experience.

    A McDonald’s employee still has many responsibilities, and is an integral part of the team.

    What Does a Crew Member Do at McDonald’s?

    The entry-level employees at McDonald’s are called crew members. They are assigned very specific tasks, including the following:

  • Keep the restaurant clean and bathroom tidy (sweeping up, mopping up, sanitizing).
  • Help customers with questions they have at the counter or during their dine-in experience
  • Being friendly and welcoming customers to the restaurant.
  • While dining in, you can get necessary items to customers.
  • As many items are needed, stocking them throughout the store. This includes the kitchen.
  • Cooking in the kitchen is possible as long you aren’t using a grill or any other powered equipment.
  • Wash dishes or clear the tables and chairs for the next customer to use
  • You may also be assigned other tasks by your manager or shift leader
  • Can You Work at McDonald’s at 14? (Pay, Hours, Positions + More)

    McDonald’s: How Much Can a 14-year old Earn?

    A 14-year-old can make anywhere from $8 an hour to $11 an hour working at McDonald’s depending upon location.

    Additionally, there may be other special perks and bonuses to encourage more young people to apply for entry-level positions, such as holiday pay, sign-on bonuses, and more.

    Due to federal laws restricting the hours that a 14 year-old may work, there won’t be a lot of pay during the school-year.

    What Hours can a 14-year-old work at McDonald’s per week?

    McDonald’s is required to comply with federal regulations and laws. A person who has reached 14 years old cannot work for McDonald’s more than three hours a week.

    A further restriction is that 14 year-olds can not work more than 8 hours per day, even if school’s out of session.

    Also, the 14-years-old must not work for less than 18 hours during the school-year and no longer than 40 hours when school is finished.

    Can You Work at McDonald’s at 14? (Pay, Hours, Positions + More)

    What Age Can A 14-Year Old Work At McDonald’s?

    The Fair Labor Standards Act states that a fourteen-year-old can’t work after 7 am, or before 7 pm, during school years.

    Furthermore, the 14-years-old can’t work on school holidays (e.g. summer break) before 7 a.m. or later than 9 p.m.

    Child labor laws are subject to change by each state. You should therefore look at your own state for more information.

    What Are Break Requirements for a 14 Year Old Working at McDonald’s?

    A 30-minute lunch break must be taken after working 5 consecutive hours at McDonald’s when you were 14 years old.

    It doesn’t matter what job you have, any minor who works more than 5 hours per week is subject to the law’s 30-minute limit.

    McDonald’s has a policy that all customers must clock in and out by the end of their meal.

    Unfortunately, many states have removed the requirement that additional breaks be provided, even for minors. So your McDonald’s might no longer offer additional 15-minute breaks.

    Can You Work at McDonald’s at 14? (Pay, Hours, Positions + More)

    How can a 14 year old apply to a job at McDonald’s

    McDonald’s provides the option for all to apply for work through their website.

    If you do not have Internet access, then you can ask at your nearest McDonald’s for a paper version of the application.

    It’s crucial to note that, if you are a minor below the age of 18, your legal guardian or parents will need to sign or complete parts of your application.

    A 14-year old will need a work permit to work at McDonald’s.

    Not all 14-year-olds will need to get a work permit before they begin working at McDonald’s, as it varies from one state to another.

    Unfortunately, there is not a federal mandate for a work permit for minors and it’s left up to the Department of Labor on the state level.

    Also, you may be able to go to your school guidance counselor to ask if you will need a permit to work and to get one to fill out.

    You can also visit the Department of Labor website of your state to find out if it is required.

    The work permit application can be downloaded or printed from this page.

    Can You Work at McDonald’s at 14? (Pay, Hours, Positions + More)

    How do I apply for a work permit at McDonald’s?

    You will need certain information to apply for a permit of work if your minor.

    You will first need to get your parental or guardian’s consent to allow you to work for McDonald’s.

    Also, the possible McDonald’s restaurant must sign your permit.

    Additionally, your physician will need to sign and date the certificate proving you can work and that you’re in good physical health.

    Finally, to ensure that the application is approved you must also submit your birth certificate.

    If you do not have a copy, you will need to call the Vital Records Office in your state. They can mail or pick up a duplicate of your birth certificate.

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  • Conclusion
  • McDonald’s has a policy of hiring 14-year-olds for certain jobs in the United States. But, such a young person can only be employed as an entry-level employee.

    Furthermore, a minor cannot work in dangerous jobs which means you’re going to be very limited on the activities you can do in your job and cannot operate the grill.

    There are also federal laws which limit hours that a 14 year-old student can work each week or school year.

    Further, because child labor laws are different in each state, there may be additional guidelines that could apply to minors.

    If you’re over 14, you’ll want to check with the State Department of Labor for more guidance.

    Mcdonalds at 14: What position are you eligible for?

    You must be 14 years of age or older to work as a Drive-Thru Cashier at McDonald’s.

    Is Mcdonald’s the place where you can work for most hours?

    40 hours

    What is the Average Salary at Mcdonald’s Every Two Weeks?

    Furthermore, weekly pay depends upon how many hours you work and what your job title is, but the average worker could see paychecks anywhere from $200 to $500 per week.

    What is the Average Hours of a 16-year-old working at Mcdonald’S?

    13 answers. 15- to 16-year olds are allowed to work 35 hours each week while on school holidays. As maccies work on zero hour cotnracts unless you apply for a secure contract, full time is classed as 5 shifts a week. The average working day is around 30-35 hours, if you take breaks.

    .Can You Work At Mcdonald’S At 14? (Pay, Hours, Positions + More)

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