Does Walmart Have Atms In 2022? [Fees + Withdrawal Limits]

Walmart is proud to offer a broad range of services for their customers, who are everyday people and seek to simplify daily living.

  • You might be curious if Walmart allows access to ATM machines and if there are limits. Below is all I was able to discover!
  • Does Walmart Have ATMs In 2022? [Fees + Withdrawal Limits]

    Does Walmart Have ATMs In 2022?

    Yes, Most Walmart stores provide customers with access to an ATM within their stores in 2022. The ATMs are located at the back of the store close to customer service. Depending on the Walmart location, the fee to use the ATM can range between $1-$4 per withdrawal.

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  • How Many ATM Machines Are Available at Walmart?

    Most Walmart stores give access to an ATM machine, towards the front of the premises. The ATM allows customers to withdraw their cash money prior to starting shopping.

    You can call Walmart to check if the ATM is available in their stores.

    Walmart Money Cards permit access to ATMs with no fees

    Walmart Money Cards can be used at any ATM located in Walmart Stores, as well as at a handful of ATMs that are not within Walmart’s premises.

    Walmart will charge you no fees for using the ATM machine in your Walmart store.

    The current maximum withdraw value for the money card is approximately $3,000; the spend limit is around $10,000. This amount also limits the number of transactions that the money card can accept at once.

    Does Walmart Have ATMs In 2022? [Fees + Withdrawal Limits]

    Do Walmart ATMs Have A Withdrawal Limit?

    Although Walmart ATMs have a $3,000 limit for money card withdrawals, it is not clear what limits they place on other debit or credit cards.

    Withdrawal limits can vary from machine to machine, so it is best to call your local Walmart to inquire as to what limits they have.

    Walmart ATMs: What denominations do they offer?

    Yet again, this can vary greatly from case to case. ATM machines are restricted in capacity. Therefore, they only hold certain amounts of currency denominations.

    There may be a set of bills that are given depending on what amount you withdraw. To find out what notes you will be receiving, contact your local Walmart.

    For alternative locations to withdraw money, also see my guide on ATMs at Walgreens. Additionally, you can also see my guide on if Walmart has Coinstar kiosks in their stores.

    Does Walmart Have ATMs In 2022? [Fees + Withdrawal Limits]

    Conclusion: Walmart Has ATMs

    Yes. Walmart stores allow customers to use ATM machines. Some machines might require payment and some may be subject to withdrawal restrictions. You can check with your local store for more information.

    .Does Walmart Have Atms In 2022? [Fees + Withdrawal Limits]

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