Does Walmart Do Wheel Alignments

Does Walmart Do Wheel Alignments

Is Walmart a Wheel Alignment Shop?

Walmart will no longer offer wheel alignment service after 2022. You can get your wheels aligned at tire stores such as Mr. Tire and Tire Discounters for between $50-$100.

Walmart provides a variety of automotive services. However, wheel alignments is not one. Walmart stopped offering wheel alignment services in 2021.

Wheel alignment is relatively inexpensive in these locations, typically costing between $50 and $100.

Walmart Auto Centers provide a variety of additional services to keep your vehicle in good condition. Keep reading to find out about these services!

Does Walmart Do Wheel Alignments

Can I Get Car Wheel Alignment Done At A Walmart Store?

It seems that Walmart no longer provides wheel alignment services at its Auto Care Centers. That’s a shame as the cost of a Walmart wheel balancing was pretty competitive.

If you look at the typical list of services currently offered at a Walmart Auto Care Center you’ll not see wheel alignment listed there.

Auto Care Center Services at

Walmart Auto Centers charged between $30 and $65 for the alignment of your front wheels, or $50-$95 for a complete four-wheel alignement.

Your car’s model, year, make and type will determine the exact cost.

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Does Walmart Do Wheel Alignments

How Much Does It Cost To Get An Alignment At Walmart?

Although Walmart no longer offers wheel alignment services, they have done much in the past at affordable rates. Even though there are no precise price specifications, the cost charged at Walmart appeared to be fair, thanks to their effective services.

Such wheel alignment cost at Walmart often appears within the range of $30 to $65, usually for the front wheels. Walmart also offered wheel alignments on four wheels for $50-$95.
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You should now know that there are other service centers who perform wheel alignments at different prices. Below is a comparison between the previous Walmart wheel alignment cost and other service agencies.

Please note that costs will vary depending on your car’s model, and if you only want the front wheels aligned or if you need all four. Furthermore, the different companies have their specific pricing based on their services, as some charge for wheel alignment for a year, two, or even three years.

Does Walmart Do Wheel Alignments

What is the cost of wheel alignment at Walmart?

If you’re interested in having your wheels aligned at Walmart, compare the costs with other companies.
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Below is a comparison of Walmart’s wheel alignment service with those offered by other agencies.


As you might notice, Walmart’s price is considered reasonable. However, more details might be needed about different contract options (i.e., one-time alignment, three years contract, etc.)

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Does Walmart Do Wheel Alignments

What Does Walmart Auto Care Centers Offer?

Walmart Auto Care offers a wide range of services to make your car look awesome and safe at all times. They have an excellent network of experts who will perform the best level of services on your vehicle.

Walmart offers a variety of auto services.

  • The mounting of wheels
  • Lugnut Replacement
  • Repairing flat tires (tubeless)
  • Valve stem installation
  • Wheels rotation
  • Road hazard warranty
  • Lifetime balance and rotation
  • Wheels mounting
  • The best thing about Walmart is that you can walk into a store and get these amazing done in an hour or less.

    Also, you have the advantage of getting free minor repairs and other services like an oil change when you visit any Walmart Auto Care Centers.

    Walmart does not offer wheel alignment services, as mentioned previously, but will provide the advice you need to find a mechanic who can.

    Does Walmart Do Wheel Alignments

    What is the best place to get my wheels aligned?

    Even though Walmart Auto Care Centers no longer do wheel alignment, there are plenty of other options available for you to explore.

    Below are indicative prices. The price depends on the number of wheels that need alignment and the warranty period chosen. Below are some ideas:

  • Firestone Complete Car Care: $95
  • Goodyear Car Services – $89 – $189
  • Jiffy Lube: $90-$180
  • Only Tires: $120 – $189
  • Sears Car Center: $100-$130
  • Pep Boys: $100-$190
  • Midas: $119-$169 per axle
  • Big O Tires: $79
  • Mavis Tire Price: $90
  • What do the technical terms ‘toe, camber,’ and ‘caster,’ mean when it comes to wheel alignment?

  • Caster is more difficult to understand but relates to the tire’s exact position within the wheel well. When the vehicle is in motion, rubbing can occur when a wheel is slightly farther back on an axle than another wheel.
  • Does Walmart Do Wheel Alignments

    What does wheel alignment mean?

    Wheel alignment does not mean adjusting the “wheel’s angle”; it means adjusting the car’s suspension in a way that brings the wheels and the tires into their original position. Your car will run smoother and use less gas.

    Some motorsport and off-road vehicles may require a wheel alignment that is not common. This is because unusual angles help the sports car driver handle the driving more.

    You will save fuel and reduce tire wear by performing a wheel alignment regularly.

    For more modern cars, wheel alignment might affect some of the systems, and these systems need to be reset before driving the car properly.

    Does Walmart Do Wheel Alignments

    Why Is Wheel Alignment Important?

    Proper wheel alignment is essential for several reasons:

  • Improves safety: Proper wheel alignment ensures that your car handles safely and predictably on the road. Misaligned wheels can cause the car to pull to one side, making it difficult to control and increasing the risk of accidents.
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  • Increases fuel efficiency: Correct wheel alignment reduces rolling resistance, which means that the car doesn’t have to work as hard to move forward. This can improve fuel efficiency and save you money on gas.
  • Tire life is extended: Uneven tire wear can be caused by misaligned tires, leading to tire replacements that are premature. Wheel alignment is important to ensure that tires are worn evenly. This extends their life and saves you money.
  • Improves handling and ride comfort: When the wheels are properly aligned, the car handles and steers more smoothly, providing a comfortable ride for you and your passengers.
  • Prevents premature wear on other parts: Misaligned wheels can put additional stress on other parts of the car, such as the suspension and steering systems. This can lead to premature wear and potentially costly repairs.
  • Optimizes performance. Proper alignment of the wheels can ensure your vehicle performs optimally, providing you with maximum handling, control, stability and stability.
  • Does Walmart Do Wheel Alignments

    What Services Do Walmart’S Auto Care Centers Offer?

    Apart from wheel alignment, Walmart Auto Care Centers offer a wide range of competitively priced services, including free TPMS relearn and 50-mile re-torque services.

  • Wheel mounting
  • Repairing flat tires (tubeless)
  • Oil changes
  • General maintenance services
  • Road hazard warranty
  • Valve system installation
  • Balance and rotation throughout life
  • Lugnut Replacement
  • Note: Before visiting your nearest Walmart Auto Care Center for any of these services, be sure to contact them and ask for the availability of the service you want to get. Remember, not all Walmart Auto Centers offer the same services.

    Does Walmart Do Wheel Alignments

    Can I Do My Tire Alignment At Pep Boys?

    You can indeed get alignment at Pep Boys. Pep Boys is a national chain of automotive service centers that offers a wide range of services, including tire alignment. Pep Boys employs certified and trained technicians that use the latest alignment equipment for accurate tire alignments.

    Pep Boys provides two different types of alignment service: two-wheel and four-wheel. Two-wheel tire alignments focus on the front tires, whereas four-wheel alignements adjust all four to achieve optimal performance. Pep Boys also offers lifetime wheel alignment packages that include unlimited alignments for the life of the vehicle, as long as the package remains on the vehicle.

    Costs for tire alignments at Pep Boys vary depending on what type of alignment is required, as well as the make, model, and additional services needed. The price of a two-wheel basic alignment is usually around $80. A four-wheel alignement starts around $120.

    It is recommended to schedule an appointment for a tire alignment at Pep Boys in advance to ensure that there is availability and to receive an estimate for the cost of the service.

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    Does Walmart Do Wheel Alignments

    How Much Does Walmart Tire Alignment Cost?

    The cost of a tire alignment at Walmart can vary depending on several factors, such as the location of the Walmart Auto Care Center, the type of vehicle, and the extent of the alignment work needed. The starting price of a Walmart basic tire alignment is about $60.

    The cost of tire alignment can increase if you need additional services, like a camber adjustment or steering component damage. Prices may also vary depending on any promotions and discounts available during different seasons.

    For an exact estimate on the price of tire alignments at Walmart, you can contact your nearest Walmart Auto Care Center. You can also visit their site to see their current pricing.

    Does Walmart Do Wheel Alignments

    Wheel Alignment Process At Walmart

    When you bring your vehicle to a Walmart Auto Care Center for a wheel alignment, the process typically involves the following steps:
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    First, the technician will inspect all suspension and steering parts to make sure they’re in good shape.

    The technician uses specialized equipment in order to compare the wheel angle to manufacturer specifications.

    The technician adjusts the angles of camber, toe and caster if the measurements do not meet the specifications.

    After the alignment is completed, the technician may take your vehicle for a test drive to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

    The technician will perform a final inspection and provide you with a printout detailing the adjustments made to your vehicle’s alignment.

    Does Walmart Do Wheel Alignments

    Are Tire Balances And Alignments The Same?

    Both services foster smoother rides and seamless tire rolls. However, they are far from identical!

    Tire/wheel balancing corrects the wheels’ uneven distribution weight and spreads it out more uniformly. Tires that are not balanced properly can cause vibrations, uneven wear and suspension damage. On the other hand, wheel alignments adjust the suspension (a system connecting the car to its tires).

    In short: Balance services correct the tires’ weight imbalance, while alignments adjust the tire’s proper angles against the suspension system to ensure appropriate road contact.

    In normal cases, standard alignments will require about 1 to 1.5 hours (60 to 90 minutes), whether for four-wheel or two-wheel vehicles.

    However, there are still exceptions. Suppose your automobile suffers too many tears, cracks, and damage on the track rod, steering bushing, suspension system, etc. ; the process will take much longer, then, since mechanics must replace some car components.