Does Walmart Accept American Express Gift Cards?

Walmart America, America’s leading departmental retailer stocks an extensive range of gift-worthy items. It can be tricky to find the perfect present for someone.

  • American Express gift card are a wonderful way to say thank you to your family, friends and colleagues. Are American Express gift cards accepted by Walmart? It’s true!
  • Does Walmart Accept American Express Gift Cards?

    Will Walmart accept American Express Gift Cards in 2022

    As of 2022, Walmart will accept American Express gift card in-store and online. The American Express gift cards can be scanned or swiped in-store, or the card number (15-digits) and the 4 digit security code (at the self-checkout aisle).

  • Read on to learn how your American Express Gift Card at Walmart works, the types that are available to purchase and Walmart’s limitations for gift cards.
  • Is it possible to buy American Express gift cards from Walmart using American Express?

    Walmart cashiers will scan and swipe your American Express card to pay for merchandise in-store.

    Self-checkout customers can scan barcodes or swipe gift cards themselves. For gas purchases at Walmart stations you can use an American Express Gift Card. However, inside the station payment is required. gift cards can be used to purchase merchandise. To pay, enter your name, card number (15 digits) and security code (4 digits) at the check out.

    Does Walmart Accept American Express Gift Cards?

    Are American Express gift cards available online at Walmart? does accept American Express Payment Methods, such as business gift cards or personal gift certificates.

    Your transaction will decline if there are not sufficient funds for the American Express gift cards. Check your balance before you buy.

    Walmart sells American Express gift card?

  • Walmart sells American Express plastic gift cards online as well. Gift cards can be pre-loaded for as low $25, $50 and $100. Or, they can also be bought online at a price of $200, $150, $100, 100, or $200. Also, customers can choose to load the gift cards.
  • American Express Gold Sparkle eGift cards with a balance from $25 to $200 are sent directly to the recipients’ inbox.

    Walmart charges a $1.00 one-time fee for American Express gift cards. A $6.88 charge is made for $200; $5.44 each $100; $3.94 per $50; and $3.44 each $25.

    Does Walmart Accept American Express Gift Cards?

    Can You Exchange American Express Gift Cards For Cash At Walmart?

    No, you can not exchange your American Express gift card for cash at Walmart. These gift cards can not be used at ATMs. Walmart associates cannot give money back to customers who pay using an American Express Gift Card.

    But, cashback can be obtained from gift cards with certain hacks. See my entire guide on how to cashback Walmart gift cards.

    Walmart Has Restrictions on American Express Gift Cards

    Walmart’s payment policy states that customers may only purchase 5 gift vouchers and one card (debit or credit) to split their payments.

    American Express gift cards cannot be used to purchase another gift card or eGift card at Walmart. You cannot also separate the costs of an American Express gift certificate and PayPal, or cash.

    Does Walmart Accept American Express Gift Cards?

    What stores will accept American Express gift certificates?

  • American Express gift vouchers can be used in any American Express-accepting retailer. This means customers can use their Amex gift cards at retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Lowes, Home Depot, and more!
  • Our other posts will explain whether Walmart sells grocery cards, and if Walmart takes Amex.

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