Are Dogs Allowed In Walmart In 2022? (Not So Pet Friendly…)

Walmart has a wide range of products that are affordable and can be used for every aspect of your daily life. You can also find leashes and dog food for furry family members.

Walmart is a wonderful place to shop for dog products, but do they allow pets in Walmart? Here’s what I came up with after looking at the policy.

Are Dogs Allowed In Walmart In 2022? (Not So Pet Friendly...)

Are Dogs Allowed In Walmart In 2022?

Pets such as dogs, cats, birds and rabbits are prohibited in Walmart. Walmart’s 2022 store policy says that dogs and all other pets (cats, birds, rabbits etc.) are prohibited from entering Walmart. According to the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), service animals, not including emotional support dogs, can be brought into Walmart by their owners with disabilities.

So, what are the laws and guidelines on taking dogs into Walmart with you?

Find out all you need about Walmart’s pet policy.

Are Dogs Allowed In Walmart In 2022? (Not So Pet Friendly...)

Walmart: Why aren’t dogs allowed in the store?

Walmart bans pets other than cats and dogs, mainly because of safety concerns and food hygiene.

This has to do with the Food And Drug Administration’s (FDA) food service codes, which rule that pet animals are not allowed into places where food is prepared, including grocery stores and restaurants, for fear of contamination.

According to FDA, putting an animal in a Walmart store is not sanitary.

  • Walmart will not permit dogs. For example, some customers may have allergies to dogs. Some dogs might have fleas.
  • Walmart Allows Service Dogs

    Walmart will allow service dogs in its stores, as it understands the importance of these dogs in the lives and daily activities of vulnerable persons.

    Also, service dogs tend to be better trained and more well-behaved than most people’s pets. They are generally safer than all other dogs and allowed in the shop.

    Are Dogs Allowed In Walmart In 2022? (Not So Pet Friendly...)

    What Is a Service dog?

    Walmart defines a service dog according to the ADA guidelines. This means that a canine companion is specially trained to help disabled persons. To be considered a service dog, the tasks each dog does must directly relate to their owner’s disability.

    Are All Service Dogs Allowed In Walmart?

    Yes! All service dogs are allowed in Walmart, as ruled by both the ADA and the FDA. There are some restrictions.

    Walmart employees or managers can ask for the dog’s removal if it is deemed to pose a danger to safety and health in the store.

    Are Dogs Allowed In Walmart In 2022? (Not So Pet Friendly...)

    Can Walmart Ask If Your Dog Is A Service Dog?

    Walmart employees, managers and supervisors have the right to request information from anyone who has a service dog.

    These can be used to inquire about specific functions or tasks performed by the dog. Managers, employees and other managers are prohibited from asking for proof of disability.

    Some service dogs do not wear collars.

    This is a mandatory requirement in some states, like California.

    These are the rules for bringing service dogs to Walmart.

    Walmart allows service dogs to be brought in, however they must be well-behaved. There are rules.

  • To begin with, the dog must always be under the control of its owner. This means that it cannot roam around or bark at too many people. Baxter is not allowed to be carried around with a stroller or in a wheelbarrow.
  • FDA also states that service animals are not allowed to be in the areas used for food preparation. If a manager or store at Walmart wants to make certain areas of the store pet-free, they are allowed.

    Are Dogs Allowed In Any Grocery Stores?

    FDA guidelines say that dogs cannot be brought into grocery stores in the United States, unless they are service animals.

  • However, your dog will have to be left behind at Target and Walmart. You can still take your dog to other shops.
  • Pet shops are, unsurprisingly, often pet-friendly. So are many boutiques, homeware stores, and even Apple Stores.

    You are allowed to bring your pet dog into many shops that don’t prepare or sell food. You should be aware of any signs stating “No Dog” prior to entering.

    Conclusion: Are Dogs Allowed In Walmart?

    Walmart is allowed to have dogs. Longer answer: Service dogs only are allowed in Walmart. This is because FDA and ADA regulations state that dog owners pose a health risk, safety and hygiene concern, in particular in the food preparation area.

    Take your service dog to Walmart. Be mindful that Walmart staff may question you as to what it is you require.

    .Are Dogs Allowed In Walmart In 2022? (Not So Pet Friendly…)

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