Zoom Review

Zoom Review

Zoom Review

Zoom'S Reliable And Stable Performance

Smooth streaming is possible

Zoom's video conferencing software had the highest reliability of any other apps. Zoom has, on average, the least amount of latency and highest frame rates we could get out of an internet connection Okay, so what do all those numbers mean? Latency is the main statistic you need to be aware of. Latency is the time it takes to transmit and receive audio/video data on a Zoom conference call. From the time I start speaking to end up on the call, 17 milliseconds passes before it is heard. Then, it takes 24 seconds for me to read what the other person is saying or doing.

According to tech-company-juggernaut Cisco (who owns Webex), anything less than a 250-millisecond latency is acceptable for video conferencing.1 If 250 milliseconds is still considered acceptable, then 17 milliseconds should be considered olympic. This is my favorite word. It's a nice word. The Zoom meetings are very smooth for the Reviews.org team. You will notice that some of these photos might not reflect the best image they have of themselves.

Zoom Review

Zoom Offers Other Amazing Features

Screen sharing, chat functions, virtual backgrounds, the list goes on.

Zoom has been used by Reviews.org for years and they continue to add cool features.

Do you know you can silence everyone in the call, even if you are the host? It's as easy as hitting Cmd+Ctrl+M, on Mac, or Alt+M, on PC to make the call quieter. It can help you have a better meeting by eliminating all noise.

Here are some of our other favorite Zoom features:

Screen sharing

Chat Function

Camcorder and Audio Control


Zoom Review

Zoom: Does it make sense?

The best performance is achieved, however security issues slow it down.

Zoom's limits on meeting space are higher than those of any other videoconferencing app. The features it offers, though not as impressive as others, is equally excellent. Zoom clearly wants to improve its security but it is a large target and one cannot help but wonder whether Zoom will continue being the focal point of anarchists. Zoom promised to enhance its security over the next ninety days. It might be wise to delay mentioning sensitive information such as Social Security numbers in a Zoom call.

Plan options: Zoom has three different plans. What number of Zoom hosts do you need? The Enterprise and Business Zoom plans are $19.99 per month for each user. However, the Enterprise plan needs at least 100 hosts, totaling at minimum $1,999 per monthly, and the Business plan must have at least 10 users, totaling at most $199.99 per month. The table below compares and contrasts Zoom plans.

Plan Price* Max meeting participants Cloud recording storage Learn more

Zoom provides top-quality performance to get the most of your internet. You can expect a low amount of latency on your calls, meaning there shouldn't be tons of lag between what you see and hear.

Which Zoom experience have you had? If you have any stories of Zoombombing, please share them with us (we promise to share it if we ever get the chance). Did we leave out any important points in our Zoom review that you think were missed? Comment below to let us know your questions.

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Sources Latency Troubleshooting Best Practices


Zoom Review


An enormous number of people are staying away from each other as the world tries to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. Zoom Meetings is a free video conferencing service that allows you to connect with other people. Zoom is synonymous with being able to have a meeting, even if you work remotely. Zoom can also be used for virtual funerals and happy hour gatherings. Zoom gets more attention the more users use it.

During the first half of 2020, security experts, educators, and average users criticized Zoom on several fronts, which we'll elaborate on momentarily. PCMag believes that users need to be informed about the facts and not just aware of these criticisms. Zoom is still one of the most reliable and feature-rich video calling apps. Zoom may not be the right choice for you. There are many alternatives. Below are links to detailed reviews and some examples.

We recommend that you take a few moments to familiarize yourself with Zoom's main features. Zoom is Editors' Choice. We've lowered our score to reflect recent events. Zoom has been a reliable and stable choice, especially for business meetings or personal events. Zoom offers a variety of services for government and healthcare users.


Zoom Review

Zoho Meeting

Our Zoho Meeting review. The company had previously claimed that Zoom uses end-to-end encryption, E2EE. This claim was amended to state that end-to–end encryption was only used when people use Zoom Room apps and Zoom Room. However, recording calls is an option within the app. Zoom can't use other devices to access end-to-end encrypted calls, as such you won't be able to dial into audio in a Zoom phone call.

Encryption became more complex in June 2020. Following backlash, the company changed its position and said that E2EE would not be provided to any free account holders. But it will encrypt all calls if no-cost account holders confirm their account with a phone number. The phone verification system was not to be implemented immediately. Zoom claimed that Zoom could only provide protection for users' calls from police if they paid customers. IT changed its mind but users felt it wasn't acting in their best interests by delaying E2EE deployment for all, as well as adding an extra barrier for those who aren't paying.

Uncertainty also surrounds encryption keys. Zoom is the owner of many servers. Some are in China. The servers in China were able to generate encryption keys which could be used by users from other countries. This is considered a security threat. Company addressed the matter and provided detailed information about what had happened and the solutions. Users can also control where their video conference are routed. Zoom-bombing, which is the act of hijacking meetings and distributing inappropriate material to them, was another problem. The problem seems to have been most prevalent in meetings where meeting hosts weren't aware that some features were required to secure their calls. Zoom solved this problem by making the security options more visible and changing their default settings.

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In California, Zoom might face legal issues if they share data from Facebook about users without consent. Similar to the issues discussed so far, Zoom quickly recognized the problem and implemented the correct changes.


Zoom Review

Zoom for business

Customers who pay for their services get some business-oriented features like reports. The web app allows you to generate a report that includes all the attendees to any meeting. You must however enable registration to access the report. It will not be useful if it isn't. It is a bit difficult to access the participant reports because they must be downloaded as CSV files. Then, you can import them into any spreadsheet software program.

You can also view other reports right from the app. These include bar graphs that show how many meetings your organisation had, the participants and the minutes they spent using Zoom over a given time frame.

While there are many features that businesses can use, templates let them save specific settings and preferences for meetings. Localized language support is available for 10 languages other than English. Accessibility options include the ability to add closed captioning or subtitles to live videos with your own typist, or using another service.

Zoom has an Enterprise plan available for $19.99/month per host and a minimum of 50 users. Zoom allows up to 1,000 persons on one call. The plan costs just $19.99 per month for small to medium business hosts, while the minimum number is 10. The plan allows up to 300 people per call.

If your organization is large, you might consider some of Zoom's offerings beyond Zoom Meetings (which has so far been the focal point of this review). Zoom Room allows you to deploy Zoom Software with other equipment such as microphones, cameras and projectors. Zoom Room administrators receive reports from the back that include details about who participated in various calls as well as the status and usage of hardware across locations. Essentially, this is Zoom's answer to the slowly growing trend for smarter conference rooms.

A webinar is another business-focused option. This allows you to stream a live video but prevent attendees from interrupting the host. You, Workplace and Facebook can all stream your videos live. Tube

Zoom's loose definition of encryption was a source of concern early on. However, it has improved its understanding and has clarified how encryption works. We would encourage any organization that's considering using Zoom to read its PDF Security Guide For use in the health sector, Zoom Meetings offers compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), but you must sign up for a Zoom for Healthcare account, and those plans start at $200 per month per host. Zoom can also be used by government agencies. Its Zoom For Government Help service is different depending on your plan. An online form can be filled out by free users. They will receive an answer shortly. You can send an online form to subscriber of the PRO plan or you can chat live via text with a team member. Members of Zoom with Business, Education or API plans have the same options and access to phone support in eight other countries, including Australia, France (India), Japan, New Zealand. Singapore, Singapore, The UK, and the US.

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Zoom Review

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Brave, which was originally a Brave Together project in 2020 shows how tech industries are still working to perfect this central communication tool. As with the browser, Brave's goal is to attract people who appreciate Brave's privacy.

Zoom, a premier videoconferencing system allows you to sign in and the company will find out who you really are. Brave Talk is protected by an anonymous credential system.

Brave Talk does not know who you are, but you can sign up for Brave Talk. He also said that one-on-1 chats don't require you to log in. Brave has a credential system that ensures "that we do not know the identity of our users and who they are speaking to." Even though end-to-end encryption protects videoconferencing services from spying on your actual speech, this connection information could be extremely private.

As Zoom rose to power in 2020, it encountered privacy concerns from critics who wanted end to end encryption, which keeps communications secure even from intermediate parties transferring the data.


Does Zoom Really Work?

This web conferencing solution is reliable, and it provides high quality video and audio conferencing. Zoom was able to solve all our problems with web conferencing software. It's simple to use. Creating a meeting, joining a meeting, and using the tool are all intuitive and don't require training.

What Are Some of the Cons?

  1. Too Many Subscriptions and Add-Ons. Zoom, a subscription-based services that starts at a reasonable price, is Zoom.
  2. Inadequate Comment Control
  3. Zoombombing
  4. HD Video Not The Standard
  5. It is necessary to download the app.
  6. Inconsistent Cloud File Sizes.

Zoom: What are the Pros and Cons?

Pros: It's seamless to use – attendees can join by a publicly shared link from anywhere, and joining does not require downloading any software. Zoom is not perfect. … The pros of Skype are that it is easy to use, free and easily accessible.

Zoom is it safe and good?

Keep your desktop app up to date, so that any patches Zoom makes to security vulnerabilities are added to your device. If you want to be extra careful, use Zoom only on a mobile device, such as an iPad or an Android phone, because these versions go through review in the app stores.Apr 13, 2020

.Zoom Review

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