Nextiva Review

Nextiva Review

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Entrance of Nextiva in Scottsdale

Type Private
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 2008 [1]



United States

Key people

Tomas Gorny (CEO) [2]
Revenue Increase $125 Million(2019) [3]

Number of employees

700 (in 2017) [1]

Nextiva Review

Nextiva Pricing and Other Options

Nextiva has four packages that are suitable for smaller businesses. They also offer ticket management and sales productivity features which would be beneficial to larger enterprises. Plans are suitable for smaller teams as well as much larger operations.

The monthly cost of a package is calculated per user and billed annually. That pricing increases for smaller teams, while larger teams see a lower per-user, per-month cost. For example, the Essential plan costs $23.95 per user per month for teams of one to four, billed annually. The Essential plan is more affordable for groups of 100 and more, at $17.95/user per month.

These plans have a decent price. Even the Essential plan has more sophisticated features including voicemail, email notifications, and both a mobile- and desktop application. Pricing tiers start at one, five, 20, and 100 seats, so business owners will want to review the pricing structure carefully. A business that just meets the required seat numbers for the next higher plan can get the best value out of a Nextiva plan.

Nextiva Review

Comparison of the Top Voip Phone Services

Our full evaluation of top VoIP services Nextiva is the Best for Most Businesses Ring. Ooma Office- The most affordable and reliable all-inf one service for smaller businesses. Ooma Office- Ideal for singlepreneurs, small-sized teams. Nextiva – A modernized and highly reliable telephone service. Nextiva goes beyond what you might expect from a VoIP provider. Nextiva gives businesses the ability to upgrade their operations by offering options such as Cospace and Cospace communications platforms, call centers, and other services. Suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises, Nextiva is a one-stop shop for communication, sales and marketing, and customer service needs.

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Nextiva Review

Nextiva is named the 'Best Phone Service for Business'

U.S. News & World Report ranked Nextiva the number one business phone service for 2020. Here's why:

Nextiva's "out-of the-box" solutions are available for both small- and large-sized companies.

Our products are suitable for mobile and office environments.

Nextiva allows your existing phone system to be moved into the cloud by using SIP Trunking. Learn more about Nextiva being rated as the 2020 best-selling business service provider. It is a comprehensive analysis. Nextiva was judged to be the best phone provider for small businesses, outperforming eight leading phone companies.

Review #1 from Get. Vo. IP. This is also why Shelby American, Inc. vouchsafes for Nextiva. Tip: Superior customer service and technical support.

1) Nextiva is one of the most reliable Vo. 1) "Nextiva's one of the best Vo. 4) "Great experience till date." 5) "I'd highly recommend this services." G2 Nextiva received the highest number of reviews. It was also rated as one of the easiest to use Vo. G2Nextiva has been rated the easiest Vo. Nextiva customer reviews verified. Please review this video:

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6) Pros:


Nextiva Review

In Against

No 24/7 telephone/email support

If you're struggling to balance your communications with both your clients and team members, a Voice over Internet Protocol (Vo. The IP app allows you to consolidate all your messages in one, cloud-based program.

Nextiva, which has been used by more 100,000 businesses, says it was designed for business owners who are not technical IT professionals. We review the plans and their features as well the usability of the software. The information can be used to help determine whether Nextiva offers the best Vo. IP solution for your business.


Nextiva Review

The Competition

Nextiva, despite its many impressive features is not your only option when you are considering Vo. IP service for your business.

Ring. Central Office has a reputation for being one of most respected options. The prices begin at $19.99 per user per calendar month, which is the same price as $29.99 in an annual plan. This includes two to twenty users. Like Nextiva, the company offers a comprehensive range of plans depending on your organization's needs, and many customers praise its user-friendly design and interface. Read our Nextiva vs Ring. Review of the central If CRM is important to your company, consider buying an Aircall plan. This allows you set up a contact center in minutes and offers a variety of support desk functions.


Nextiva Review


Nextiva is an all-in one cloud-based unified business communications platform and team collaboration tool that can be used as well as customer service software. Top…

Provider Overview Screenshots Provider Review Overview

Nextiva offers a cloud-based, all-in-one, unified business communications platform and team collaboration software.

Nextiva Vo is one of the top products. IP business phone system , Sales and Customer CRM tools, and advanced Analytics and Reporting.

Nextiva has announced a partnership to the Pac-12 in 2020 as an Official Communication Partner. This includes the 12 athletic departments at its member universities. Nextiva has partnered with "Conference of Champions" to connect business leaders and educators with its leading business communication platform.

Nextiva offers a complete overview, including pricing and plan details, as well as specific features. It also breaks down the top pros and cons of Nextiva to help you decide if it's the right fit for your business.

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Nextiva Review

Nextiva Users' Views

Both industry experts as well as users concur with our findings that Nextiva, a powerful business telephone software, is Vo. IP for businesses growing. Nextiva's rating has been given the following on the popular websites of user reviews:

Sitejabber rating: 4.69/5 based upon 87 reviews. G2 rating: 4.4/5 based 272 reviews Capterra Rating: 4.2/5 based in 172 reviews. App: 4.25 out of 5 based on 172 reviews Get. 4.6 out of 5 based on 1,714 reviews Consumer. Affairs presents an Overall Satisfaction Rating based on its collected user reviews and comments on the software. Based on 33 user reviews, Nextiva received an overall rating of 4/5.

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These are some of my observations after looking at user reviews.


Nextiva Review


Nextiva Pricing And Options

">Nextiva Reviews

Voip. Review believes that Nextiva has attempted to increase its overall score on by posting fake reviews or other inauthentic comments. Unpublished Nextiva reviews we have confirmed to be fraudulent. Consider this when you research Vo. It is important to know the IP provider. We will ensure the authenticity of user reviews.

Nextiva has made business phone service more efficient. Nextiva's telephone service offers superb technical support, high-quality service, and you will be able to keep both your arms and legs. Nextiva is a top-rated business phone service that delivers powerful communication capabilities with ease and simplicity.

Nextiva Office offers Connect and Nextiva Office basic phone plans. You have many options. Both plans offer multiple scaling options. Your monthly flat rate rises as your calling capability increases (for example, from 1,000 minutes per month to unlimited). There are no setup fees and contracts, except if you choose one. IP providers, Nextiva offers a discount to encourage you to sign a contract).

No matter what plan you choose, Nextiva will load your plan with useful features. Connect 100, which costs $8.95 per monthly, offers 10 virtual extensions. You also get follow me, cell phone integration, advanced voicemail and many other features. Nextiva has many customer support options. This includes US-based assistance.

Nextiva also offers efax and SIP trunking service.

Register for a Vo. Just a few easy steps. (Step 5) What number of phones do your have?

You're looking for a quote for?


Nextiva Review


Read Our MetroFax Review Unfortunately, there's no way to cancel your Nextiva v. FAX account directly via the web interface. It is best to email or call the company in order to cancel an Nextiva v.FAX account.

HelloFax costs $9.99 per month, and includes 300 pages for faxes. Ring is recommended to heavy faxers. Central Fax , which gives you 1,500 pages for $22.99 per month. That's a lot of money, but it's also a very low per-page cost. Metrofax's 1,000 page plan, which costs $12.95 per monthly, is even better.

We found SRFax to be the most affordable paid fax service. You can send and receive 25 pages for only $3.29/month.

If you want to send faxes for free, you should consider Fax. Zero . This service lets you send up five faxes per days, each with up to three pages and a cover. Fax.Plus offers a send-only option, but with finite page limits that aren't reset every other month. You will need to pay for these services once your page allocation is exhausted.


Nextiva Review

Nextiva Vfax Available On The Web

Nextiva vFAX's website interface is fine. However, we experienced slow loading pages occasionally. Hello. Fax and Metro.fax offer more intuitive interfaces. On the other hand, e. Fax , Metro. Fax and my. Fax feel decades behind.

Navigation is made easy by using left-hand menus: Dashboard (Search), Send, View and Settings). Dashboard gives you a view of all your information as well as your activities. It also unnecessarily duplicates much of the menu functionality. However, we do like the prominently displayed Support section.

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Nextiva VFAX's Search function only displays a list of all faxes. You can order them by sender, date or user. The Search function was supposed to allow us to search the content of our Faxes. But there isn’t even a Search Bar. The View tab allows you to preview any attachments you've received. The service's settings are spread across several sections, but you get lots of customization options. The ability to send SMS confirmations of faxes is a rare feature.

Nextiva vFAX makes it more difficult to send a fax than other services. Other fax providers pack all of their fax-sending software into one window. vFAX took us through five screens before our test fax could be sent. The fact that vFAX can allow you to add additional email orfax recipients is something we really like. Ring also shares a tool to help you schedule fax delivery for up to 90 days into the future. Central Fax. Nextiva vFAX lets you attach up to 10 documents or 5MB per fax whichever comes first. That's a significantly lower threshold than the competition offers. Good morning. There is a maximum file size limit of 40MB for Fax. vFAX supports many file types such as GIF, JPEG and Microsoft Office.

If you prefer, you may use vFAX along with your current email client. You can send a Fax by entering your complete fax number including the country code, followed The last time Nextivafax's email to fax integration was tested, the test fax did not include any attachments. This feature worked flawlessly this time.

Faxes you receive with vFAX generate an email alert, but you have to follow a link to view the content of the fax on Nextiva vFAX's site. It's not common because you can set vFAX to send your preferred email attachment formats.


Nextiva – Is it a Good Company?

Nextiva takes the No. 1 slot in our rating of the Best Business Phone Systems of 2021. The cloud-hosted communication systems can work with many VoIP phone brands. Its app is available for iPhone, Android and Windows devices. You can make calls and send messages as well as use other Nextiva features.

Nextiva: What does it do?

Nextiva is an integrated communications company which helps businesses grow quicker. This company enables people to work smarter through its VoIP phone service, video conference, text messaging, CRM software, and business VoIP phone.

Nextiva lets you use any device with it.

Nextiva Services can be accessed on any device. Nextiva's App allows you to work together and manage your Nextiva services with the same flexibility as your desk phone.

Nextiva can be privately owned

Nextiva, Inc., which is privately owned, provides cloud-based voice and internet protocol communication services. Scottsdale, Arizona is where the company's headquarters are located.

.Nextiva Review

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